What is the Best Hafada Placement to Avoid Pain?

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I had multiple hafada piercings using 6 and 8 gauge CBR’s. I can’t attest to the painlessness that others mention, but I had no swelling and no intense bleeding. I am very happy with the result and the relatively quick healing time. Placement is important.

There are many genital piercings that are not particularly painful. While some genital piercings are among the most painful piercings you can get, it is also true that there are many genital piercings that do not hurt at all. This is great news for those who want to have a genital piercing but without too much pain. In this sense, Hafada piercings are a great choice. However, it is important to choose a good placement. This is why many people wonder about the best Hafada placement you can get.

The Beauty of Hafada Piercings

Guiche PiercingHafada piercing is very stylish so there are many reasons to get it. This is a surface piercing on the scrotum so it is not particularly extreme or painful. Hafada is a perfect choice for those who wish to get a genital piercing but don’t want to bother with something that is too intense or extreme.

Another great thing about a Hafada piercing is that you can get more than one. There are many men who have a full row of hafada piercings going from top to the bottom of the scrotum to create a so-called Hafada ladder. This is a great way to make your piercings even more effective.

In the case of multiple Hafada piercing the placement may not be so important because the whole length of the scrotum receives piercings. However, it becomes more crucial if you just want to have one Hafada on your scrotum. How to pick the best spot?

“The best spot” in this sense can mean many things. Some men see it as “the least painful spot”. While Hafada piercings are generally not painful there are still some places that are more painful than the others. Some men see the best Hafada placement as the one that is the most visible and provides the least discomfort for the wearer. As you can see, there is no one way to go.

Choosing the Best Hafada Placement

If you want to choose the best Hafada placement you will need to talk to your piercer. This is the only way to find the spot that will work for you. Keep in mind that what is painless for one person might be painful for the other. Not all people have testicles that are sensitive in the same way and not all spots on the scrotum are equally painful for all people.

This is the main reason why it’s so important to find a reliable piercer with plenty of experience. The experience your piercer has should be experience with Hafada piercings and not general piercing experience. Such a piercer has plenty of knowledge with this piercing type so they can examine you and recommend the best Hafada placement for you.

While Hafada piercings are not particularly complex nor painful they are still piercings so it is important to find the optimal spot. This can’t be done by chance: you need to hear your piercer’s opinion. The piercer will examine you and find the optimal spot for your Hafada piercing.

Keep in mind that the best Hafada placement doesn’t only depend on the pain level. There are many other factors to take into account, such as your anatomy, comfort level, jewelry types, size (gauge) of the piercing, and more. Again, only a good consultation with your piercer can help you discover the best Hafada placement for you.

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