How to Choose the Best Gauge for PA Piercing?

best gauge for PA piercingWhen it comes to genital piercings, choosing the right gauge is important. Of course, getting the best gauge is important regardless of the type of a piercing but this issues becomes even more crucial in the case of genital piercings. This is why it’s so important to know what is the best gauge for PA piercing. It is crucial for choosing the safest piercing and for ordering the right size of Prince Albert jewelry.

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Hi my name is Ben

I just got a pa 2weeks ago I forgot to ask for a 10 gauge so she just gave me a 14 gauge should I asked to be re-pierced?

Choosing the Best Gauge for PA Piercing

It is important to get the best gauge for PA piercing in order to avoid troubles with your Prince Albert piercing. However, it is not always possible to actively choose your piercing gauge since this is something that your piercer decides for you.

Generally speaking, the choice of gauge is something you should leave to your piercer. This person will examine you to determine the best placement for your piercing and also the appropriate gauge. Your piercer will sometimes take your wishes into account but only if they do not endanger your health. In other words, there are some gauges that may not be safe or appropriate for your piercing. A good, reliable piercer should tell you that and suggest a different gauge.

Generally speaking, your PA gauge and jewelry size will depend on your erect size, the exact placement and some other factors. You need a consultation with a piercer who has a plenty of experience doing genital piercings to know what size of a Prince Albert piercing is he best for you.

This is why it’s so important to only visit reliable, professional piercers who are familiar with the type of piercing you are requesting. Keep in mind that PA piercings are not like the most common piercings (earlobe, nostril, navel, etc.) These are genital piercings and you need a professional who has a lot of experience with these types of piercings. These piercers know the best gauge for PA piercing and will choose it based on your anatomy, placement and other factors. Using a general piercer or, worse, an amateur, is definitely not a good way to go.

 Standard PA Gauges

While PA gauges depend on the anatomy and many other factors, it is important to know that there are some standard gauges. These sizes are the ones that most people get so they are very common.

The most popular sizes for Prince Albert piercings and consequently for PA Rings and PA Barbells, are 12 gauge and 10 gauge. Most men who receive a Prince Albert piercing get one of those two gauges. The 12 gauge is smaller so it bleeds less but 10 gauge is generally good for genital piercings because the jewelry isn’t too thin to cut into the tissue. Also, 10 gauge is great for those who wish to stretch their Prince Albert piercing.

When it comes to 14 gauge, this does sound to be too small for a PA piercing. Of course, it all depends on your individual case but this is something your piercer should be able to tell. This is why it’s so important to choose the right genital piercer: this person will know the best gauge that will suit you perfectly. This is not something you can request; it all depends on your individual anatomy and other factors.

What to Do in Case of a Bad Gauge?

If you feel you didn’t get the best gauge for PA piercing, there are several things to do. One is to come back to the piercing studio and request an explanation on why they gave you a 14 gauge piercing. However, it would be even better to seek a more professional studio with piercers who have a lot of experience performing PA piercings.

While 14 gauge does sound like too small, it might be good for you. However, the only way to tell is to consult a reliable piercer. Also, if you notice any pain, redness or jewelry cutting into your tissue, make sure to seek help from a professional. It may even be for the best to take the jewelry off and retire your piercing so it can heal properly. The good news is that it may be possible to save your piercing if you act quickly and visit a reliable professional. They may be able to fit you with a proper gauge of jewelry so you can keep your PA piercing without any problems. However, keep in mind that it is important to act quickly – that is the only way to tell if everything is alright with your piercing.

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