Benefits of Ear Piercing – Early Ear Piercing Helps Avoid Keloids

A recent study published online reveals that early ear piercing reduces the risk of keloids.  The study says that delaying ear piecing until pre-teen or teen years can aggravate the chances of developing keloids.

Keloids are uncontrolled growth of fibrous tissue after an injury or scar on any area of the body. Keloids can occur on ears, scalp, top of the foot and even the chest, especially after first piercings. The findings of the study based on a survey of 27 females and 5 males showed that people who had their ears pierced at the age of 11 or older were more likely to develop keloids than those who took to ear piercing before that.

The study reinforcing the benefits of ear piercing was conducted by a dermatologist, Dr. Loretta Davis of the Medical College, Georgia.

Ear Piercing – Does Age Matter?

It sure does! Now, benefits and piercing in one sentence may surprise many (especially parents with kids turning sixteen) but if the study is to be believed then early ear piercing is definitely beneficial. And if you’re in U.S you may be feeling lucky to have found a study to back you up in the face of parental refusal.  Still, you can’t get an ear piercing that early in U.S or Europe (the legal limit is 16 and not 14, in case you wanted to skip that). Though the study can still be helpful while convincing your parents for ear piercing after you are 16.

In some cultures, piercing especially ear and nose are as common as a hair cut in childhood or pre-teen years. The study which is culture specific may endorse ear piercing but don’t get carried away.  Go for ear piercing at the right age from the right piercing professional and with the right kind of body jewelry (preferably nickel free jewelry).

Following these will avoid keloids too 🙂

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