Belly Button Jewelry – To Dangle or Not to Dangle

Belly button jewelry may be the most popular of all the body jewelry women wear today. Women of all ages enjoy the new clothing styles that show off their belly button from short tops to hip hugger jeans, so why not add a bit of mystery, or enhance the beauty of your midriff with a stunning belly button ring?

There are all kinds of naval rings that are sure to get the attention you desire and deserve, however, you must first consider what type of belly button jewelry you want to wear and even the risks involved with certain styles.

The dangling navel rings are some of the most popular; however, you need to be careful as the rings can catch on your clothing, which can cause them to be pulled along with your skin. This can cause damage not only to your piercing but to your skin as well.

You should also ensure that you are caring for your navel piercing properly as you do not want to get an infection, which can occur, from wearing cheap body jewelry, tight clothing, or not cleaning properly.

When you first have your belly button pierced, you should stick with small rings and nothing that dangles. This will help your piercing heal as well as allow you to get use to wearing belly button jewelry. Once you have mastered the ring, you can then step up to the dangling rings if you desire.

Many women prefer to wear small curved barbells the majority of the time such as the 14k gem set button curved barbell or the 14k gold double medium princess curved barbell and then wear their dangling belly button jewelry when the are out and about. During the day, when clothing can be restrictive such as work or school the small curved barbells will be the best bet as they are not as apt to get caught on clothing. However, you will still need to watch it to ensure the gem is not caught on the fabric of your jeans or shirt.

When the attire warrants it you can wear dangling belly button jewelry without much worry, however, you will still need to be careful. The fancy and adorable dangling navel jewelry will be stunning as you walk into a room, but if you sit down and your shirt happens to hit the body jewelry, it may be caught in a thread and then you can be in big trouble. Just like wearing dangling earrings, you have to watch that the earrings are not caught on your hair, etc…, the same goes for your belly button jewelry. Just a bit of caution is necessary.

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  1. A friend of mine complained about this recently. He like flashy elaborate things to peek out from under his shirt. He wears his jeans low on the hips, but the bottom of a button-up shirt can get caught on the jewelry. He’s decided to keep the real flashy stuff for shirtless occasions in the summer. Otherwise he just sports a little curved barbell with a colored gem.

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