Beginners’ Deep Sounding with Flexible Toys

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set

~ David 

I Inserted, without any negative effects, an 8-mm diameter straight vibrating catheter about 20 cm up my urethra such that I could feel it with my fingers at the perineum. 

It is always impressive to hear people who achieve excellent results with urethral toys. It is not clear from your message whether you are a beginner user or not, but your results are indeed impressive. This is a great opening to discussing beginners’ deep sounding with flexible toys. This is one of the ways that many people start experimenting with deep urethral play.

Catheters and Other Flexible Toys

While there are some sturdy catheters made of hard materials, many catheters are soft and flexible. This is ideal for beginners because they are less intimidating and provide more comfort. Also, some people find that it’s easier to start experimenting with deep urethral stimulation if you use flexible toys.

Beginner’s deep sounding with flexible toys can include catheters or any other type of a softer urethral toy. While most of the best urethral toys are metal ones, it is important to say that there are many high-quality ones made of flexible materials. Silicone, for example, is an ideal material for urethral toys. These toys are fantastic for those who want to start experimenting with deep urethral play because they feel more comfortable.

With some lube and patience, you can try to insert one of these flexible toys past the base of your penis. It is important that the toys are long enough. Generally speaking, 8 inches (20cm) is a great depth and very impressive for a beginner.

Of course, one should not force the toy that deep if it doesn’t feel comfortable. Make sure to always go slowly and be patient. Sometimes, a urethral toy will simply slide in while other times you need to move it inch by inch until you reach your goal. Just remember to be gentle and not to force the toy inside. Remember, just because a toy is softer and flexible than the metal ones don’t mean that it can’t hurt you if you force it too hard! Keep this in mind to stay safe while experimenting with deep sounding. 

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set

Invasion Silicone Urethral Trainer Set is a great sounding kit for those who wish to try long urethral toys for the first time. One great advantage of this set is that the toys are made of silicone, which means that they are flexible and very comfortable.

While these toys are not catheters, they are great for experimentation. These trainers are ideal for those who wish to start playing with longer urethral toys but want to begin with something softer and non-intimidating.

Silicone is a great material for this purpose because it is very flexible and it can model itself to the user’s body. This way, it provides perfect comfort. With such a comfortable material, you can use very long toys without much discomfort even as a beginner.

This urethral training set includes three beautiful sounding toys for your pleasure. The toys are of graduated sizes so you can build your way up. All of the toys are around 8 inches in length, which means that they can go very deep. The thinnest one has a diameter of 5mm to 6mm so it is ideal for beginners. The medium one has a diameter from 7mm to 8mm and you should move to it once you get used to the first one. The biggest trainer in the kit has a diameter from 9mm to 10mm and it’s ideal for those who have already mastered the first two sizes.

In Conclusion

If you feel comfortable, however, you may start with bigger sounds in the kit or even with the biggest one. Just make sure to go slowly and to use plenty of lube. It is very important to stay safe during urethral play and to minimize all the risks.

Once you master these amazing silicone toys you can move to the more powerful metal ones. There are many excellent metal urethral sounds and penis plugs that can reach very deep into the urethra and provide amazing sensations.

Happy sounding!

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