Ball Stretchers Infographic

Ball stretchers are among the most exciting niche sex toys. Niche sex toys are those toys that appeal to specific type of users. These users go beyond typical adult toys and seek devices that can fulfill very specific fantasies. The example of such toys include urethral toys or BDSM devices. Ball stretchers are among niche toys that many people use. The main purpose of ball stretchers and ball weights is to stretch the scrotum to achieve low-hanging balls. If you want to learn more about ball stretching devices, it is handy to have a ball stretchers infographic guide.

A Quick Ball Stretchers Infographic Guide

Ball stretchers and ball weights are special adult toys that have a specific use. They pull the scrotum down and, in time, allow the wearer to get lower testicles. Lower testicles or low-hanging balls can look very effective and arousing. There are many people who wish to get these impressive low hangers. Also, low testicles often improve the orgasm, especially while wearing ball stretching devices. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many people who like to use ball weights and other ball stretching devices for lowering their testicles.

There are many different ball weights you can use. Metal ball weights, leather ball weights, parachute ball weights – these are just some of the ball stretching devices ideal for achieving low hangers. Keep in mind that there are so many different ball stretchers so you may start with simpler ones and work your way up from there. Some ball stretchers are gentle and ideal for teasing while others are more intense and great for those who want effective results with ball stretching. There are even extreme ball stretchers for those who are into painful pleasures and CBT (Cock and Ball Torture).

Here is a quick ball stretchers infographic that will help you understand ball stretching devices:

ball stretchers infographic


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