Is it Bad to Use Jewelry That’s a Smaller Gauge than the Needle?

All piercing jewelry you use should be the same size as the gauge of your piercing hole. This is the basic rule when it comes to piercing jewelry. However, we can’t always get the jewelry of the appropriate size. What to do in these situations? Is it bad to use jewelry that’s a smaller gauge than the needle?

Piercings and Jewelry Sizes

Jewelry That’s a Smaller Gauge than the NeedleGenerally speaking, it is always important to use only jewelry that is that same size (gauge) as your piercing hole. It means that it has to be of the same gauge as the piercing needle, because a needle of a certain gauge creates a piercing hole of the same gauge. If you take a regular care of your piercing it will stay this gauge constantly, which means that you should always get the jewelry of the same gauge.

There are two exceptions to this rule. The main one is stretching. Once you stretch your piercing to a larger gauge, your piercing hole enlarges so you need to wear larger jewelry. The other exception is shrinkage. If you take your jewelry out for too long, your piercing hole will start to shrink, so you may end up with a smaller gauge than the one you were pierced with.

In order to prevent injuries and other problems, it is important to remember your gauge. If you didn’t stretch your piercing it should be the same gauge you were pierced with. If not, it is important to always keep track on your current gauge. This is the only way to get appropriate piercing jewelry for yourself.

However, not all things are ideal. Sometimes, we get into a situation in which we don’t have all of our jewelry. Or perhaps you received a jewelry piece as a gift and it is a bit smaller than your piercing gauge. What to do in this situation?

When to Use Jewelry That’s a Smaller Gauge than the Needle

While it is always best to use jewelry that is the same size as the gauge of your piercing, it is important to note that you may try to use a bit smaller jewelry if there is an emergency or if this is all you’ve got. Jewelry that’s a smaller gauge than the needle (and your piercing) is not so much of a problem as jewelry that is bigger, because it cannot overstretch you or cause injuries.

However, keep in mind that you should do this only in special circumstances. Also, remember that there might be some consequences of your actions. If you use jewelry that’s a smaller gauge than the needle and your piercing, you are risking that the jewelry simply falls out of your piercing. To prevent this, make sure to use jewelry you can close properly and that cannot fall off. Captive Bead Rings and other rings are good for this purpose, if your type of the piercing can accommodate them.

Another common problem you may have if you use jewelry that’s a smaller gauge than the needle is shrinkage. It is very difficult to maintain the same size of your piercing hole if you don’t put jewelry of the same size inside of the hole. If you use smaller jewelry, chances are that your piercing will shrink to the gauge of the jewelry. This is important to remember because it is very dangerous to try to insert bigger jewelry afterwards.

In Conclusion

Remember, if your piercing hole shrinks, it will have a new size (gauge) and you won’t be able to wear your old jewelry in it safely. This is a danger of wearing jewelry that is smaller than your piercing so be very careful if you want to do so.

Also, keep in mind that all of this refers to old piercings that are healed and completely healthy. You should never wear smaller jewelry right after getting pierced because it can mess up with the healing process badly. This is why it is important to listen to your piercer and to refrain from changing your initial jewelry too soon.

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