Bad Smell from Nose Piercing Site: What to Do?

Bad Smell from Nose Piercing SiteThere are many problems that may occur with a piercing. This is particularly true for new piercing in healing, but even the old, well-established piercings can suffer from certain issues. The most common problems piercings face are infections and forming of the nasty scars. While this is not always the case, it is important to be aware of the possibility that something may go wrong during the healing time. Nose piercings are generally known to be safe and non-problematic but they can also suffer from the common issues and problems that can happen with all piercings.

Bad Smell from Nose Piercing Site: What Does it Mean?

Bad smell from nose piercing site (or any piercing, particularly new ones) is generally a sign that an infection is underway. This often happens if dirt, bacteria and other harmful things are trapped inside the piercing hole. The body’s natural reaction is to fight the infection and create pus, which can often have a foul smell. Sometimes, pus and bad smell form only when infection is well underway. At other times, the bad smell is the first warning sign that something bad is going on.

It is very important to be responsible and to monitor your piercing carefully for any sign of a trouble.  A bad smell from nose piercing site may mean that there is an underlying problem such as infection. But it might also be sweat, skin irritation or another issue. This is why it’s important to clean your new piercing properly and to monitor it for any change. This is the only way to catch the infection or another issue early.

What to Do if I Notice a Problem?

Many people are good at monitoring their piercings but they are unsure what to do if they notice a problem. First of all: don’t panic. Chances are that a problem can be treated quickly if you notice it on time. Nose piercings, particularly nostril piercings, are not extreme enough to cause structural problems. So you just need to keep it clean and as sterile as possible.

If you notice an infection forming or if there is a bad smell from nose piercing site, make sure to clean your piercing twice per day with a saline solution. Do this even if your piercing is healed and well-established. Make sure to monitor your piercing to see if cleaning is making a positive progress and if the bad smell is gone.

If the problem persists, make sure to consult your doctor. Go to your doctor first and not your piercer because the doctor is the only one who can prescribe medicines such as antibiotics to cure the infection. However, you may also consult your piercer to see what they have to say, but only as long as you also talk to your doctor.

In case you catch an infection early, chances are that you will be able to heal it without retiring your piercing. This is why it’s important to act quickly. If the infection is well underway and if it lasts for longer, it may cause more trouble. Sometimes, retiring a piercing is the only thing you can do in this situation. Still, if you do it promptly chances are that you will be able to pierce your nose again once the wound heals properly.

Sometimes, There is Just a Bad Smell

Keep in mind that bad smell from nose piercing site is not necessarily a sign of a trouble or an underlying problem. Sometimes, piercings simply smell less than perfect, and it’s particularly true if the area around the piercing sweats a lot.

If you are sure that there is no underlying problem going on, there are some things you can do to prevent this issue. First, make sure to clean your piercing regularly, even if it’s fully healed. This will remove the dirt and sweat around the piercing. Second, remove the jewelry from time to time for brief periods of time to air the piercing. This should be done quickly. Never leave your piercing without jewelry inserted for long periods of time or else the hole will start to shrink! However, airing your piercing from time to time and cleaning it regularly should prevent the bad smell from occurring.

Another potential source of the bad smell is improper jewelry that is too tight or made of unsafe materials. It is always important to wear jewelry that is comfortable and that allows your piercing to breathe. Make sure to use only high-quality, safe jewelry that is well-crafted and made of good materials. This is the best way to avoid problems such as bad smell coming from your piercing.

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