Titanium Double Gem Set Curved Barbells


Internally Threaded Titanium Double Gem Set Curved Barbell are a great way to add color to your piercings, and also to lighten up the weight of the jewelry. These are all internally threaded except for the 18 gauge so inserting your new Jewelry will be a breeze.

Titanium is also great if you have any of the metal allergies or have any problem at all wearing other metals as they are hypoallergenic and very inert. There are 12 beautiful gem colors to choose from.

Titanium Ball Nostril Piercing Jewelry


Titanium Ball Nostril Screws are available in literally a rainbow of colors. You can also chose between the popular Nose Bones, the Standard Nostril Screws, or if you want to bend it yourself a Fishtail. The ball is 3/32″ in size.

Gem Set Star Flesh Tunnels(s)

The Gem Set Star Flesh Tunnels are 316LVM Surgical Steel with a Sterling Silver front to set the clear gem into. These are really nice pieces and would look great in your ear piercings.

Industrial Cross Barbell

The Industrial Cross Barbell is a stylish barbell that would look great in your Industrial ear piercing. It has a Sterling Silver Cross attached to a Surgical Steel Barbell.

Surgical Steel Fixed Bead Rings


Surgical Steel Fixed Bead Rings are wonderful if you have problems getting your beads to stay on your rings. The beads are fixed to one side of the ring so that you will not lose them. They are made from 316LVM Surgical Steel.

To change a Fixed Bead Ring all that you have to do is hold the ring on each side of the bead, pull it apart just a little then (still holding it the same way), twist the ring, in other words, turn your right hand clockwise, and your left hand counter clockwise. That will make it more like a spiral so that you can very easily insert it or take it out. It really is very easy, just make sure to not actually hold or put pressure on the bead itself, just the ring. Also if … read more

14k Gold Solid Plug(s)

These 14k Gold Solid Plugs would look excellent in you Ear Piercing. These will cost you a little more because they are solid gold but well worth the cost. The 14K Gold we use is; Solid 14K Nickel Free Gold. We use Palladium instead of Nickel in the Gold to help insure you of a healthy piercing. The Gold is available in either; 14K Yellow Gold or 14K White Gold, and all of our Gold is 100% Solid.

Mysterium Saw Blade Snap in Bead Ring


The Mysterium Saw Blade Snap in Bead Ring will make you piercing look sharp and incredibly easy to deal with. The beads are spring loaded so they are not hard to get in an out of the ring. They just pop in place. This piece has a Surgical Steel core with a PVD coating to give the ring the black coloring which is permanent. This is a very tough looking ring to add to your jewelry collection.

Mysterium Sun Segment Ring(s)

The Mysterium Sun Segment Ring is a very cool looking piece of body jewelry, that is made with a implant grade Surgical Steel Core with a Permanent PVD coating over top to it the black appearance. This is a very permanent application, the black will not just wear off.

Prong Set Gem Plug(s)


Prong Set Gem Plugs will draw a lot of attention to your lobe Piercings. The are not just your ordinary plugs because the gem is set in a prong setting instead of the bezel settings commonly seen anywhere. These are available in many Gauges to accommodate just about everyone’s piercings. Made from 316LVM Surgical Steel for quality and in the prong setting, the gem will really sparkle. Gem colors available are either clear or black only.

14k Gold Graduating Gem Dangle Fixed Bead Ring


The 14k Gold Graduating Prong Set Gem Dangle Fixed Bead Ring is a very sexy piece that will add a lot of sparkle to your piercings. The gems go from the largest to the smallest and it can be made in either 14k White or Yellow Nickel Free Gold. You can customize this piece to either be set for a horizontal piercing or a vertical piercing, that choice is up to you. This piece would be a must have for any girls piercing jewelry collection.