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The Best Scrotal Piercing

While penis piercings are the most common male genital piercings, they are not the only ones. In fact, a nice scrotal piercing is often very rewarding for the wearer. There are many scrotal piercings you can get and they make for a very striking visual sight. The best thing about scrotal piercings is that most of them do not go deep through the tissue. It means that they are not intense nor complex to get, so even those who are not into extreme piercings can get them without a problem.

What is a Scrotal Piercing?

A scrotal piercing is any body piercing done on the scrotum. While the majority of male genital piercings are done on the penis (typically on the penis head), a scrotal piercing is positioned on the scrotum.

These piercings are very striking and attractive. Unlike … read more

Prince Albert Piercing

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Prince Albert piercing, also known as PA piercing, is the most popular male genital piercing in the world, and the most common genital piercing in general. It produces a very striking effect: the jewelry enters though the pee hole and exits on the underside of the penis. Prince Albert piercing is also a functional piercing, which means that it can enhance sexual pleasure for both the wearer and his partners.

PA piercing is great because it offers numerous benefits, and it is not particularly difficult to perform. In fact, it is one of the easiest genital piercings to get. This is one of the reasons why PA piercings … read more

Male Genital Piercing

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male genital piercing

There are many different types of male genital piercings. Any piercing done on male genitalia (or, often, around it), counts as a male genital piercing. Most of these piercings are done one the penis, but there are also genital piercings on the scrotum, perineum and other parts of the genitalia.

Male genital piercings are done for two reasons: looks and pleasure. Many of these piercings look very striking, so they produce a very stylish sight. However, many of these piercings are also functional. It means that they can enhance sexual pleasure for the wearer of his sexual partners (often, to both).

In order to … read more

What is a Proper Size for a PA Piercing?

In order to enjoy your PA (Prince Albert) piercing properly, it has to be of an appropriate size. Since a PA piercing is a penis piercing, it is clear how sensitive it can become. It is crucial to protect this sensitive area at all costs. Choosing bad jewelry, including jewelry that is of incorrect size, can hurt the penis and cause a lot of trouble. Not to mention that incorrect sizing can prevent the person and his sexual partners from enjoying his PA piercing properly. For all these reasons, it is important to get a proper size for a PA piercing.

A Proper Size for a PA Piercing

What is a proper size for a PA piercing? Just like with any other piercing, there are important recommendations in this regard. However, there are also some room for difference that accounts … read more

How to Piss with Apadravya?

piss with Apadravya

Apadravya is one of the most exciting male genital piercings. It goes vertically through the penis head and it can bring a lot of pleasure to the wearer and his partners during sex. It is not surprising that Apadravya is one of the most popular penis piercings. However, just like with many other male genital piercings, it may pose certain challenges during urination. How to piss with Apadravya?

Is it Difficult to Piss with Apadravya?

One of the first questions many men ask about penis piercings is whether they will be able to urinate while standing up after getting the piercing done. First of all, it is important to understand that this is not an issue of all male genital piercings, and not even all penis piercings. Only those piercings that go through urethra will cause this problem. Since … read more

Does a Ball Stretcher Work Permanently?

wearing ball weights all day

Ball stretchers are excellent sex toys for those who want to get those impressive low-hanging balls. For many men, the feeling of ball stretching is pleasurable and erotic in itself. Many men report that their orgasms are much more intense and mind-blowing when wearing a ball weight. It is clear that ball stretchers are not just useful for stretching alone: there are many other exciting things you can achieve with them. However, it is undeniable that many people use these ball weights for the purpose of stretching. One of the most important questions these people ask is: does a ball stretcher work permanently?

Can You Get Permanent Ball Stretching?

Does a ball stretcher work permanently? Is it possible to get permanent results with ball weights? These are very important questions that people ask. However, answers are not as simple as … read more

Scrotum Stretching Using Rubber Stretch Rings

Scrotum Stretching Using Rubber Stretch RingsThere are many different ways to perform ball stretching. There are also many different ball stretching devices you can use. Many people prefer metal stretchers because of the effective results. However, these are not the only types of stretchers you can use. You can also enjoy scrotum stretching using rubber stretch rings. 

What Are Rubber Stretch Rings?

Rubber stretch rings are special flexible rings you can wrap around your testicles for the purpose of ball stretching. These rings will provide pressure to specific spots on the scrotum and can result in a stretching sensation. While these are not as powerful nor effective as metal or even leather ball stretchers, they can truly enhance the sensations and provide a feeling of ball stretching.

Many men prefer to use these flexible rings instead of sturdy ball stretchers. One advantage to these … read more

The Newest Sex Toys for Your Pleasure

Newest Sex ToysThere are many sex toys in our store made for your pleasure. We are constantly updating our catalogue to give you the best adult toys. Some of our toys are great for users of all persuasions, while other are great for niche enthusiasts, such as those who are into urethral stimulation, ball stretching, or BDSM.

Our Newest Sex Toys

Here are the newest sex toys made for your pleasure:

Ultra Ribbed Urethral Sound Stick

Ultra Ribbed Urethral Sound Stick is a toy specially designed for those who appreciate ribbed toys. This is a large penis plug so it is not just for beginners. It is long enough to reach deep and provide maximum pleasure. At the same time, it is comfortable to insert so even some beginners may try it out.

This amazing penis plug has a series of powerful … read more

A Ball Stretching Weight that Distributes the Pressure

Is there a ball stretching weight that distributes the pressure over a wide area of the testicle?

~ Hugh

There are many different ball stretchers you can use for your needs. A typical ball stretching weight is a cylinder that pulls on your scrotum. Some of those cylinders are thin and resemble rings, while others are thicker and can affect a wider area. There are also special types of ball stretchers that provide different sensations. It all depends on your individual needs.

A Ball Stretching Weight that Distributes the Pressure

If you are looking for a ball stretching weight that distributes the pressure over a wider area, it is best to get a thicker (taller) ball stretcher. This is the opposite of a ball stretcher that resembles a ring or an oval. Instead, you need something thicker and taller. Such … read more

How Strong is Apadravya Piercing Pain?

Apadravya Piercing PainApadravya, a vertical penis piercing, is one of the most powerful and enjoyable male genital piercings in the world. It can bring so much pleasure to the wearer and his partners. This is why it’s not surprising that there are so many men with this piercing. So, what about Apadravya piercing pain? Is it really so bad as it looks?

Apadravya Piercing Pain: The Facts

Many people wonder about Apadravya piercing pain, and there is no point in denying: this is a painful piercing. While it is not the most painful male genital piercing you can get, it is painful. You need to understand this before you decide to go through the procedure.

Apadravya is a long piercing, because it goes through the entire head of the penis, from top to bottom. That is a lot of tissue. Many … read more