What to Do About Ashley Piercing Swelling?

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Ashley Piercing SwellingWell, I got my Ashley lip done on Thursday and it’s still swollen please tell me what I need to do.

Ashley piercing is a relatively rare lip piercing that is actually a variation of a more popular vertical labret piercing. As a lip piercing, it is important to know that it is prone to swelling. However, if your Ashley piercing swelling is giving you concerns, it is important to act quickly to make sure that there is nothing wrong going on.

Ashley Piercing Swelling Concerns

Ashley piercing swelling is not such a rare occurrence. While this is not a common piercing, there are many people who choose to get it. As a lip piercing, it is important to understand that Ashley is prone to swelling. Most of the lip piercings are, to a certain degree. This is particularly common in the hours after getting your piercing or in the following day or two.

With an Ashley piercing, things can get a bit more complicated than with a regular lip piercing. Since Ashley piercing goes vertically through a lot of lip tissue, you can expect more swelling. One of the most characteristic things about an Ashley piercing is that one bead of the jewelry sits on top of the lip while the other end is inside of the mouth. It means that an Ashley piercing is both a facial and an oral piercing.

This is not a concern in itself, but it makes the aftercare a bit more complex. It is yet another reason for Ashley piercing swelling situation that you might be having. Keep in mind that these piercings are very sensitive, particularly after getting the procedure done.

In short, some Ashley piercing swelling is normal and you should expect it. However, there are also situations in which this is not okay. Swelling can be a serious warning sign, especially if it lasts very long after getting your piercing done.

When to Act?

Since swelling can be a normal thing with all lip piercings and particularly Ashley, you may wonder when to get concerned. What is a normal swelling and what is a warning sign? How to tell them apart?

Sadly, there is no easy way to tell. The easiest warning sign to notice is if the swelling is getting worse. While lip piercing swelling can last for some time, it should get better and better as the time passes. If this doesn’t happen you should act quickly because it is a sign that something might be wrong with your piercing.

Swelling that lasts too long without going down is yet another warning sign. However, this one is not so clear because a lot depends on your anatomy and individual piercing.  For some people, swelling disappears after a day or two while it lasts much longer for the others.

If your Ashley piercing swelling doesn’t want to go away, make sure to act quickly. It is better to be wrong about a warning sign than to wait too long in case of an infection or another piercing problem.

It is best to contact your doctor immediately. This is the only way to make sure that you don’t have an infection going on. Talk to your doctor before your piercer because a medical professional is the only one who can give you antibiotics or another medicament that can help you.

In case your doctor cannot find anything wrong, talk to your piercer. They can recommend an aftercare regime that can help you. Cleaning your piercing a few times per day with a saline solution is a must. However, keep in mind that this is often not enough to stop the swelling so it is best to talk to your doctor to rule out infections and other problems.

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