Ashley Piercing Pain Rate

Ashley Piercing Pain RateAshley piercing is a relatively rare lip piercing that looks very attractive. It is a rare variation of a much more popular vertical labret piercing.

As many other vertical lip piercings, Ashley piercing goes through a lot of tissue. This can mean a painful procedure. This is why so many people wonder about Ashley piercing pain rate and how bad it actually is.

How big is Ashley Piercing Pain Rate?

Ashley piercing is an inverse vertical labret: it is a rare placement and a variation of a vertical labret piercing. Ashley piercing goes through the lower lip. One end of the jewelry sits on top of the lower lip while the other end is inside of the mouth. A regular vertical labret piercing has both ends of the jewelry on the outside. The specific placement makes Ashley piercing both a facial and an oral piercing.

One of the first things you will notice about an Ashley piercing is that it goes through a lot of tissue. It goes through the lip vertically and also at an angle so it includes both the front and back part of the lip.

This is one of the reasons why Ashley piercing pain rate is a common question. A piercing that goes through all of this tissue sure looks very painful! The truth is that yes, Ashley piercing can be somewhat painful. It is definitely not one of the painless piercings and it is definitely not the least painful of all lip piercings. At the same time, it is not as bad as some other, more complex piercings. As with any other piercing, a lot depends on your individual sense of pain. A lot will depend on how skillful your piercer is, so choose wisely!

The exact Ashley piercing pain rate depends on individual assessment. On a scale from 1 to 5, many people rate Ashley piercing at around 3, which is in the middle. The consensus is that this is a piercing you will definitely feel but with a skillful piercer it won’t be as bad and it will be over quickly. The bottom line is: Ashley piercing pain rate is not a reason to avoid this piercing. If you really want to have and Ashley piercing you can go for it. 

Why Choose Ashley Piercing?

One of the main reasons that people choose Ashley piercing is that it looks so good. This is why there are those users who are willing to go through this procedure despite Ashley piercing pain rate. Keep in mind that the pain is not the main reason that this is a rare piercing. In fact, pain is rarely a factor when it comes to choosing a piercing. While many people think that pain level is the main reason to choose or refuse a specific piercing, it is typically about some other factors.

The main reason people choose a certain piercing is its aesthetic value or functionality. For example, many genital piercings are very painful and Ashley piercing pain rate doesn’t even compare to that. However, these genital piercings are popular because they can enhance sex and pleasure for the wearer or their partners.

Similarly, many lip piercings are popular because of their beauty. These piercings look very attractive, especially if you couple them with a stylish labret or another elegant jewelry piece such as gold lip rings. Ashley piercing is no exception: this is one of the most striking lip piercings you can choose. It looks amazing, especially if you choose elegant jewelry to go with it, such as gold or diamond labret. The last choice is ideal for those who want to feel extra luxurious! 

Why is Ashley Piercing So Rare?

So, why is Ashley piercing so rare? It has nothing to do with pain or, to be fair, it is mainly not about the pain. While Ashley piercing pain rate may discourage some people, it is important to say that the rarity mainly comes from the fact that it is not easy to find a good placement. Ashley piercing goes through a lot of tissue so it can be uncomfortable or it may cause some injuries if the piercer doesn’t position it properly. This is definitely not an easy place to pierce.

In order to avoid these problems it is important to seek a piercer with plenty of experience. Find someone who knows how to perform Ashley piercings properly. This will ensure your safety and full satisfaction. Even better, it will help you with the pain. A piercer with experience knows how to perform a piercing quickly and with minimum discomfort. This is the best way to minimize Ashley piercing pain rate. Again, this is a somewhat painful piercing but chances are that it is not as bad as you may fear.

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