Ashley Lip Piercing Healing

Ashley piercing is a striking lip piercing done on the lower lip. A rare variant of a vertical labret, this piercing goes through a lot of tissue. This can pose a problem for Ashley lip piercing healing. If you want to get this piercing, you have to be prepared for rigorous aftercare and a somewhat long healing time.

How Long is Ashley Lip Piercing Healing Time?

Ashley lip piercing is a rare piercing, and one of the reasons is its relatively long healing time. However, keep in mind that there are still many facial and oral piercings that take even longer to heal. If you really want to get an Ashely piercing, healing time itself is not the biggest problem against this piercing.

So, what is Ashley lip piercing healing time? Typically, Ashley piercing will heal in 8 to 10 weeks. This is very similar to healing time of the vertical labret piercing.

The reason that these piercings take longer to heal than many other lip piercings is that they go through a lot of tissue. Ashley piercing goes vertically through the lower lip, which is a somewhat thick piece of tissue. This is longer and thicker than a typical facial piercing or even a typical lip piercing.

Since Ashley has a longer healing time, there is room for mistakes. It can get infected, it can make your lip swollen, it can hurt and cause other issues. To avoid these problems or to minimize them, make sure to follow aftercare instructions carefully. This is the best way to ensure satisfaction with your piercing.

Also, keep in mind that your piercing may seem healed after a shorter while than 8 weeks. While some Ashley piercings can heal in such a short time, most will not. However, they may appear to be healed. If this happens to you, keep doing aftercare instructions. Remember: your piercing is likely not healed and you need to continue with aftercare. Stopping at this point will endanger your piercing and open it up to infections.

How to Shorten the Healing Time?

It is not really possible to significantly shorten Ashley lip piercing healing time. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of your piercing healing properly. Here are some tips to keep your Ashley lip piercing healthy and problem-free:

  • Proper aftercare. As noted above, proper aftercare is the number one thing you can do for your piercing in healing. Clean it at least a few times per day with a saline solution. Since part of your piercing goes inside of the mouth, make sure to clean it after every meal. This will keep your piercing clean and will minimize risks of infections and other problems.
  • Change jewelry when swelling is gone. It is typical for Ashley lip piercing to swell. This is normal and generally is not a reason for a concern. However, it means that your piercer will likely insert a longer barbell as your initial jewelry, to account for swelling. Once your swelling is gone, you will need a shorter barbell. However, your piercing will still be very new, and it is not advisable to change jewelry by yourself. Go to your piercer so they can change jewelry for you. This is an important step that will help your piercing heal faster and without a problem.
  • Watch for warning signs. Many problems, such as infections and other issues, can be avoided if you observe your piercing carefully. Make sure to look at your piercing and notice any redness, new swelling, discharge, pain, or anything that may count as a warning sign. The sooner you notice these issues, the sooner you will be able to address them. This can help saving your piercing in the long run. Piercings are vulnerable during the healing stage so make sure to take good care of them until they are healed.
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