Are Vibrating Urethral Sounds Good for Beginners?

Vibrating Urethral SoundsAs a beginner at urethral sounding, there are many things you need to learn and overcome. You have to choose the right urethral toys and to develop your own technique. You need to learn how to stay safe and to see what kind of stimulation works for you best. This is why simple, short and smooth urethral toys are recommended for beginners. However, not all newbies want to start small. What about vibrating urethral sounds? Are they good for beginners?

Vibrating Urethral Sounds Bring Something Extra

Vibrating urethral sounds are specially designed to enhance the feeling of urethral stimulation. If you like urethral play and want something extra, these vibrating toys are ideal for you. They will bring deep, powerful sensations all over your urethral walls and deeper, all the way to your bladder in some cases.

It is not surprising that there are so many people who prefer these toys over all others. Vibrating urethral sounds are particularly great for those who want intensity and super-strong sensations. A great thing about these toys is that, due to the vibrating power, the toy itself doesn’t really have to be huge or thick to be extra intense and powerful. It means that even people who are into extreme urethral toys or BDSM and painful pleasures can enjoy vibrating urethral sounds to the fullest.

However, does this mean that these sounds are good for beginners? It is okay to use them if you are only starting to experiment with urethral play?

Are These Toys Good for Beginners?

There are many beginner users who want to know more about vibrating urethral sounds and other vibrating urethral toys. Many newbies want to use these toys as soon as possible. However, is this a good idea?

The truth is, there is no one answer to this question. As with everything else concerning urethral play and other sexual activities, a lot will depend on the person in question. What kind of stimulation you like? How skillful are you with new toys? Can you handle new, intense sensations well?

If you think you are up for the challenge, you can try vibrating urethral sounds even as a beginner. There is no rule that says you cannot do so. A good thing about vibrating urethral sounds compared to other more complex urethral toys is that they are relatively thin. It means that you don’t have to train your urethra to accept these toys. So, it all depends on whether you like the feeling or not. Some beginner users will find vibrating sound overwhelming while others will think they are just right. If you are a beginner user who wants to try vibrating urethral toys, there is nothing stopping you.

However, make sure to be careful. It is best to have at least some experience with non-vibrating urethral toys beforehand. Or at least try the vibrating toy first but without engaging the vibrating function. Also, make sure to use plenty of lube. Remember, it is important to do everything you can to ensure safety during urethral play.

Vibrating Urethral Sounds: Recommended Products

Here are some of our best vibrating urethral sounds for your pleasure:

Beginner’s vibrating urethral sounds. These products are good for beginners who wish to try vibrating urethral toys for the first time: Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator, Beginners Ribbed Urethral Vibrator, Vibrating Urethral Stepper, The “Firecracker” Male Urethral Vibrator, The Vibrating Urethral Sound – Male Vibrator, Cadence Vibrating Silicone Sound, Olive Shaped Male Vibrator, Small Vibrating Sound – Male Vibrator.

Intermediate vibrating sounds. These are best for users who do have some experience but newbies who like a challenge may want to try them, too: Smooth Vibrating Urethral Sound,  Dark Rod Vibrating Beaded Silicone Sound, Big Boy Vibrator, Unicorn Horn Vibrator, Beaded Ball Vibrator, The “Roman Candle” Urethral Male Vibrator.

Extra-long urethral vibrators. These are ideal for users with more experience who wish to go truly deep: Extra Long Male Urethral Vibrator / Vibrating Sound, Balls of Joy Vibrating Sound, Titanium Tip Extra Long Vibrator, Ridged Vibrating Sound.

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