Are There Sex Toys Meant to Go Up the Urethra?

sex toys meant to go up the urethra

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There are many different types of sex toys out there that can stimulate various sweet spots. With so many adult toys on the market, you can say that there are ones for each erogenous zone. Some of these zones are often neglected but it doesn’t mean that it’s not fun to stimulate them.

One of these often neglected zones is the urethra. Many people don’t even realize that it is possible to stimulate your urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure. So, are there sex toys meant to go up the urethra?

Are There Sex Toys Meant to Go Up the Urethra: Overview

The short answer is: yes, there are sex toys meant to go up the urethra. While urethra is not the most popular body part to stimulate, there are many people who enjoy urethral stimulation. Both men and women can stimulate their urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure and arousal. Also, urethral play is a great activity for couples who enjoy this sort of a thing.

Since urethral stimulation is more popular than one might think, it is not surprising that there are special sex toys meant to go up the urethra. Just like any other erogenous zone, urethra has toys to stimulate it. These toys are the so-called urethral toys or urethral sounds. They are designed specially for urethral stimulation.

It is very important to understand that urethral toys are the only sex toys for urethral stimulation. While there are many different types of adult toys out there, most of them are not good for urethral stimulation. No matter how thin or small they look, they are not good for this purpose. Even worse are random objects and household items. You should never use them for urethral play. These are very dangerous and can hurt your urethra badly.

Also, it is important to understand that sex toys meant to go up the urethra don’t really go “up” but “down”: the urethral opening is the end of the urethra and its beginning is the bladder. In this sense, urethral toys go down the urethra. The deeper you go, the further down you get. Deep urethral stimulation uses special long, often curved, urethral toys. This is something that only users with plenty of experience should try. If you are a beginner, make sure to only use shorter urethral toys and not to engage in deep urethral stimulation.

Why Using Urethral Toys?

If you wish to try urethral stimulation it is important to use only proper urethral toys. There are many different types of urethral toys for urethral stimulation and they come in many different shapes, sizes and models. Urethral toys are surprisingly diverse and varied so it’s easy to find the ones that suit you perfectly.

Urethral play might not be a mainstream activity but if you like the idea of this type of stimulation, don’t worry about finding proper toys. There are, in fact, many sex toys meant to go up the urethra. These special urethral toys are there just for this purpose. Instead of using ordinary sex toys or random objects, use special urethral toys. There are many different types of these toys and the most popular ones are urethral sounds, penis plugs and urethral stretchers.

If you want to try urethral play it is absolutely vital to use only special toys that are made for urethral stimulation. No other adult toy or object is safe for your urethra. Since urethral stimulation is an activity that brings certain risks, it is absolutely crucial to do everything you can to keep yourself safe and to minimize these risks of injuries during urethral stimulation. This is the only way to have enjoyable urethral play experience.

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