Are Septum Piercings Safe?

Are Septum Piercings SafeMany people interested in facial piercings want to strike a good balance between aesthetics and boldness. It is undeniable that facial piercings are among the boldest piercing you can get because they are so visible. Some facial piercing, however, are more socially acceptable than the others.

For example, a discreet nose piercing or an eyebrow piercing are not considered particularly shocking nor extreme. On the other hand, there are the more unusual and extreme facial piercings, such as cheek piercing or nasallang.

In this sense, septum piercings come as a good balance between being too safe and too extreme. These piercings are definitely bold and more noticeable than nostril piercings but still not too extreme. It is therefore not surprising that so many people choose to get a septum piercing. However, it is also important not to compromise your health with a piercing. Many people wonder are septum piercings safe and how extreme they actually are.

Are Septum Piercings Safe and Good?

There is a great news for those asking about safety and health aspects of septum piercings. Are septum piercings safe? The short answer is: yes, they are safe. In fact, a septum piercing may seem extreme or complex but it is actually a relatively simple piercing to perform. It is not particularly painful, either. It is actually one of the least painful piercings you can get.

The reason behind this relative simplicity is that septum piercings go through a thin piece of tissue in front of the nose cartilage. The cartilage itself is not pierced so it makes for a much less complex piercing. The tissue in front of the cartilage is soft and thin so it’s easy to pierce it without much trouble or pain.

On the other hand, the position of the septum piercing and often bold jewelry that some people choose to wear make this piercing appear more complex than it actually is. This is a good news for those who want to have an attractive piercing that will draw the attention but do not want to have a complex or an overly painful piercing.

In short, septum piercings are relatively easy and they simply seem as more complex than they actually are. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not take a care of them during the healing time or that anyone can perform such a piercing.

How to Stay Safe with a Septum Piercing

While septum piercings are relatively simple and easy, this doesn’t mean that you can be irresponsible with them. A septum piercing is still a piercing, which means that it does bring certain risks. This is particularly true for the piercing procedure: it has to be something that a professional performs. You should never allowed to be pierced by someone who is not a professional piercer. In order to prevent injuries, infections and other issues it is important to find a reliable piercing studio and a piercer with experience.

Most of the troubles with a septum piercing (or another piercing type) come from people not being responsible with their piercing. Once you get your new piercing you need to perform adequate aftercare. Clean your septum piercing twice per day with a saline solution. Make sure that the jewelry doesn’t get snagged on clothes and other items. Other than that, leave your new piercing alone to heal properly.

Remember: just because septum piercings are relatively simple and do not go through thick tissue doesn’t mean that you can pierce yourself, have a friend pierce you or forget about the aftercare during the healing time. All these things are a huge no-no when it comes to all piercings and septum piercing is no different. However, with a bit of care and responsible behavior you can have a healthy, beautiful septum piercing you can show to the world.

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