Are Men with Penis Piercings Attractive?

Male genital piercings are more popular than you may think. Out of all genital piercings, penis piercings are the most common option. There are thousands of men who enjoy their penis piercings.

Some people wonder about penis piercings and attractiveness. Are men with penis piercings attractive? The truth is that there is no one, definitive answer to that question.

Penis Piercings and Attractiveness

Penis piercings are more popular than general population thinks but they are still a somewhat unknown territory. Even among piercing lovers there are many of those who simply don’t know enough about genital piercings. It is therefore not surprising that there is a bit of a mystery surrounding penis piercings.

The truth is, there are some people who like them and some people who don’t. As such, you will find people who like men with penis piercings and those who don’t. This is a bit different than liking piercings on other body parts, since a pierced penis can affect the partner, too. This is usually a great thing but not all people are into that.

A great thing about genital piercings is that they benefit not only the wearer but also their partners. In this way, a man’s partner can enjoy his penis piercing a lot. Since most penis piercings are functional, they can enhance sex life and improve the sensations for both partners. This is why many people like when their partner has a pierced penis. This is something both partners can enjoy. For these people, a man with a pierced penis is definitely attractive.

On the other hand, there are many people who simply don’t like genital piercings. This is sometimes based on prejudices but sometimes it’s due to practical issues. Since piercings and jewelry affect the sex life, this is something that concerns both partners. Just like there are people who appreciate a guy with a pierced penis there will also be people who won’t like it. Maybe some of them dislike the feeling of jewelry during sex or perhaps there is another reason. The truth is that people have their own preferences so not everyone will like the same things.

So, are Men with Penis Piercings Attractive?

PA Piercing JewelryThe short answer is: yes, to some people. There are many of those who adore penis piercings and other genital piercings. Some people have an experience with men who have penis piercings and they like the feeling of having sex with such a person. These people know what men with penis piercings are what they like.

Others don’t have the first-hand experience but are intrigued by the idea of genital piercings. Many of these people would like to experiment and try what sex with a pierced man feels like. Both men and women can be attracted to the idea of having sex with someone who has a penis piercing. To these people, men with penis piercings are attractive.

Also, there are people who are simply turned on by the idea of a pierced penis. Since this is a somewhat forbidden subject, it can have a strong allure and mystery. The forbidden and the unknown, the idea of placing jewelry through such a sensitive body part – all of this can seem very attractive and arousing to some people.

Finally, there are some people who simply like the look of a pierced penis. There are many attractive types of penis piercings, from Prince Albert (PA) piercing, to Apadravya and Ampallang, Dolphin, Reverse PA and many more. With a skilled piercer and beautiful penis jewelry, these piercings can truly look like a work of art. It’s no wonder that there are so many people who find it attractive.

What about the Lack of Attraction?

Attraction is a complex thing and cannot be pinpointed to details such as penis piercings. At the same time, keep in mind that this is something that potentially affects your partner, too. Genital piercings are not your usual piercings. With usual piercings, they are fully yours and only your body is affected. In this situation, a piercing affects your partner, too, if you choose to have sex.

In this sense, it is not unheard of that someone’s partner doesn’t like penis piercings. Just like there are many people who enjoy the feeling of sex with a partner who has penis piercings, there are many people who do not like the feeling. Some have the experience and know that this is simply not something they enjoy. Others don’t have a personal experience but feel that this is just not something they want to try. This is okay. There are some people who simply don’t like penis piercings and genital piercings at all.

There are also people who reject the idea of genital piercings. They may be disgusted or shocked by the idea. It is not surprising that these people don’t like men with penis piercings. However, the difference in attitudes is so huge in this situation that men with piercings would probably not like to be with these people at all. So, there is no much of a conflict.

Finally, keep in mind that some people are simply scared. Penis piercings may look very intimidating, especially to people without any experience. Some piercings and jewelry do cause pain to the man’s partners. As such, it is not surprising that there are many people who are reluctant to try sex with a man who has a penis piercing. However, it doesn’t really mean that they don’t find the man himself attractive.

What Should Men with Penis Piercings Do?

Are Men with Penis Piercings AttractiveDoes it mean that a person with a pierced penis becomes automatically more attractive to these people? In many cases, yes. While a pierced penis will not make a man attractive to some people, those who really like genital piercings will sure like it. However, attraction is rarely based on such details alone. If you are a guy with a pierced penis rest assured that there will be people who find you and your piercings attractive. Some might be attracted solely based on your penis piercings, yes. However, there will also be many people who need more than just a sexy genital piercing to find someone attractive.

On the other hand, there may be people who will like you despite your penis piercings. If someone is attracted to you but doesn’t like your piercings, it’s your turn to decide what to do. You may realize that piercings are not the most important and agree to take your jewelry out during sex, for example. Or you may decide that you really prefer to have sex with your jewelry on, so you will need to seek another partner. As with many other things, communication is very important in any relationship or even a casual hook up.

Obviously, there will also be people who dislike genital piercings with a passion. Chances are that these people will not find you attractive because of your penis piercings. This is okay, too. There will always be people who are simply not interested, and that is okay.

 Penis Piercings are a Big Deal

The bottom line is that penis piercings are a big deal to some people. For many owners of these piercings, it is a great deal for themselves. This is something that does affect your sex life and your choice of partners to an extent. You need to understand this when you decide to get a penis piercing or another genital piercing. Chances are that you will be more than satisfied and that you will find plenty of people who are attracted to you and who like your penis piercings. If, at any point, you decide that these piercings are not for you, it’s possible to retire them.

So, do not think these are permanent decisions – while retiring a piercing is not always easy, most people can do it without much problem. That not to say that you should go get a penis piercing without thinking about it. This is a big decision, after all. You need to be informed about all the aspects surrounding genital piercings before you make a decision. Part of this understands that your penis piercing will probably affect your relationships, at least a little. Most of the time, this is a positive change so chances are that you and your partners will enjoy your penis piercings to the fullest. If the reaction is less than positive remember that there are many people who find men with penis piercings incredibly attractive.

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