Does an Apadravya Piercing Get in the Way During Masturbation?

Does an Apadravya Piercing Get in the Way During MasturbationOne of the most common questions people ask about genital piercings is the way these piercings may affect masturbation. While most genital piercings are there to enhance sexual pleasure it is undeniable that there are some changes to the area after piercing. There are many men wondering how their penis piercing will affect masturbation. Does an Apadravya piercing get in the way during masturbation? How about other penis piercings?

The short answer is that there might be some adjustment needed to your masturbation regime but you will probably be able to pleasure yourself in even better ways once you get used to your piercing.

How a Piercing Affects Your Penis

Your piercing should not affect your penis in a negative way. All the changes you experience should be positive or at least neutral. This is why it is so important to choose your penis piercing carefully and to get the best placement possible. Remember, the goal is to enhance the sensations and to make your sex life better, not to ruin the enjoyment. So this is why it’s so important to get a good piercer with plenty of experience who will help you choose the best penis piercing for your needs and your anatomy.

If you do get a piercing that is appropriate for your anatomy, it should enhance the sensations and make you enjoy sex and masturbation more. In the worst case, it should not make the experience less enjoyable. In that sense, you should not be afraid that Apadravya or another penis piercing will make you enjoy sexual pleasure less or that the jewelry will get in the way during masturbation. This is why it’s so vital to choose a good piercer who will know how to pick the right placement and the right length for your jewelry.

Be ready for some changes, though. A piercing will change the way your penis responds and you might need to re-learn how to pleasure yourself and how to experience all those sensations. This learning curve should be fun, though. Have fun experimenting and learning new ways to experience pleasure.

So, Does an Apadravya Piercing Get in the Way During Masturbation?

If the length of your Apadravya barbell is appropriate (which means that it doesn’t stick up and down much), chances are that you will not have any problems during masturbation. Of course, this depends on the way you masturbate, but most men don’t find it troublesome. The penis itself will be more sensitive in different ways, but once your piercing is healed you should not suffer any pain or discomfort. Of course, it is best if you don’t go too rough, at least in the beginning, but this is basically all you need to do.

However, be ready for some changes. You will probably need to adjust your masturbation technique a little. You will probably need to learn to move your hand in a slightly different way so it doesn’t rub on your jewelry much, and you might need to hold your penis differently. So yes, some things will probably change and you need to be ready for that. This doesn’t mean that your Apadravya (or Ampallang, or another penis piercing) will prevent you from enjoying masturbation or sex.

On the contrary: these piercings are there to enhance the pleasure and make your experience some new sensations so you will enjoy them to the fullest. In order to get there, though, you will probably need to make some slight adjustments so you need to be ready for them.

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