Apadravya Jewelry: Straight or Curved Barbells?


I have my Apadravya done. I need to order a new barbell. Should it be a straight barbell or curved.?


Apadravya JewelryApadravya piercing is one of the most popular male genital piercings. It is also among the most exciting piercings, because it can enhance the pleasure for both the wearer and his partners during sex. It is therefore not surprising that this piercing type is so popular.

If your question about Apadravya jewelry, it is a bit unclear what you’re asking about: the initial jewelry or regular jewelry for your piercing? This is not so much of an issue when it comes to the type of the jewelry you need but it is important when it comes to the length of your jewelry.

The Best Jewelry for Apadravya Piercing

If you wish to get proper jewelry for your new Apadravya piercing, it is important to know what kind of jewelry to order. Genital piercings require specific jewelry types and styles: any jewelry used on your genitals has to be smooth and comfortable for you and your partners! For this reason, it is very important to choose the right jewelry type for your genital piercing.

It is important to know that the typical jewelry for Apadravya is the straight barbell. So, the quick and easy answer to your question is: you should order a straight barbell and not a curved one.

Of course, this assumes that you have a typical Apadravya done without any specific modifications that would alter the direction of the piercing hole or make it curved. In case there was something special done to you, it is vital to talk to your piercer to see what kind of jewelry they recommend or what kind of jewelry is used for your initial piercing.

Even so, straight barbells remain typical jewelry used for Apadravya piercing so chances are that this is what you need to order. When ordering your straight barbells, make sure to know your exact gauge: this is important so you can order jewelry of the right size.

Also, it is important to know the length of the straight barbell you need. Keep in mind that the initial jewelry, the one you get after the piercing was performed, is longer than the regular jewelry because it has to account for swelling. This jewelry should be inserted by your piercer during the procedure so this is probably not what you are asking about.

Therefore, chances are that you are wondering about the regular Apadravya jewelry, the one you wear after the swelling is gone. In this case, you should order a regular straight barbell, unless there is something specific your piercer mentioned during the procedure. Some things will depend on you anatomy, but most men can accommodate regular straight barbells in their Apadravya piercing. Just make sure to order the correct gauge so you can have jewelry of the correct size that will fit your piercing perfectly.

Speaking of jewelry for Apadravya, straight barbells are a standard but some people choose to use other jewelry pieces, too. Since Apadravya is essentially two piercings in one (Prince Albert and Reverse Prince Albert) you can wear jewelry in separate parts of the piercing. For example, many men choose to wear Captive Bead Rings in their PA piercing. These are some options you can try if you like or s you want to try something new. That being said, straight barbells are a standard jewelry style for Apadravya piercings so you should order them and not curved barbells. Curved barbells are great for many piercings but Apadravya piercing is made to accommodate straight barbells perfectly.

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