Anal Toys Safety Tips

Anal Toys Anal toys can be very fun and arousing. They are sensual, powerful and provide a great massage to your sweet spots. You can use them for some solo time or with a partner. However, whatever you do, it is important to stay safe. Anal toys can bring great pleasure but should also be used with caution. This is particularly true for metal toys, since they are very sturdy and can be heavy.

As you will see, a lot of it will depend on your choice of an anal toy, so choose wisely! Always take your experience level into account! Another thing to keep in mind is to always listen to your body: there are some warning signs you should never ignore while using anal toys.

Basic Anal Toys Safety Tips

Here are some basic instructions to follow in order to stay safe when using anal toys:

  • Know your toys. Perhaps the first rule to ensure safety is to know the anal toys you wish to use. There are many different types of anal toys on the market: many designs, materials, shapes and sizes. In order to use them safely you need to know what each of them can do, so take your time to learn. Know the difference between butt plugs, anal probes, P-spot stimulators, anal beads, milking stick, cock lock intruder and other anal toys. Learn how to use each safely. Being informed is the first step to prevent problems.
  • Choose a small anal toy. Beginner users are strongly advised to go with small butt plugs and other anal toys. While experienced users can accommodate very large toys, your first anal devices should be small enough not to cause discomfort. This is particularly important if you wish to ensure safety and prevent injuries. Start small and move up once your body is used to the feeling.
  • Anal toys with flared base are the best. While the toy should be small, it has to have a big enough base. In order to ensure safety, choose a butt plug with a wide, flared base. Keep in mind that anal toys can get easily lost inside the body and in case that happens, the only way to retrieve them is a visit to your doctor. In order to prevent this, use only butt plugs and other anal toys with a wide base. Some experienced users can go with toys without a flared base but this is always a dangerous move. In order to stay safe stick to butt toys with wide enough base.
  • Go with a tapered toy. Anal toys with a tapered top are the most comfortable. They are easy to insert without problems, which also makes them safer than the other types of anal toys. More experienced users can choose toys with a bulbous tip or any other design, but beginners are strongly advised to stick to anal toys with a gentle tip.
  • Use plenty of lube. This one goes without saying. The only way to ensure safety with anal toys is to use plenty of lube. And not just any lube – anal lubricants work the best, since they are specially made for anal use. Also, keep in mind to lube everything and not just the toy. Apply lube to your anus and fingers (if you intend to insert them). It is also important to re-apply lube if needed during use.
  • Go slowly and gently. In order to prevent injuries, it is important to go slowly. While you may get lost in the heat of the moment, it is vital to perform insertion as carefully as possible. Some people like rough anal play, but beginners are advised to start gently. Listen to your body and never go too roughly. Don’t forget to add more lube if it ever becomes uncomfortable.
  • Know warning signs. One of the most important things is to know warning signs. Any pain, prolonged discomfort and strong burning sensations are a sign that you should stop. If you experience any of these problems, stop immediately. If you notice bleeding it’s a serious sign that you’re going too rough. Take the toy out and wait for the problem to stop. If it persists, consult your doctor.
  • Keep your toys clean. It is vital to keep your anal toys clean and sanitized. Never insert anything into your anus if it’s not cleaned properly. Similarly, do not insert a previously used anal toy unless it’s cleaned. Sharing anal toys is dangerous and should be avoided. Never take a toy out of the anus only to put it into another orifice or insert it into another person. Keep your anal toys clean at all times. Also, make sure to clean your toys after each use. Store them properly an clean them before you use them again.
  • Know when to stop. It is important to know when it’s enough. Anal stimulation can be very arousing, but it can also be uncomfortable and even painful. Know your limits and stop immediately if you experience soreness, discomfort or pain. It’s better to stop and continue later than to hurt yourself.
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