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Anal Piercing JewelrySome people are intrigued by the idea of anal piercings. However, it should be noted that what is sometimes considered an anal piercing is, in fact, a piercing done on a different, nearby place. As such, certain piercings done on the area near the anus may resemble an anal piercing while being something else.

In fact, most of the genital piercings you can find around the anal area are other types of piercings and not an anal piercing itself. That being said, it is possible to perform an anal piercing, but it is rare. Also, it may be a very difficult piercing to maintain and care for. Keep this in mind when you choose an anal piercing for yourself.

What is an Anal Piercing?

Before you learn more about anal piercings, it will be useful to review what an anal piercing actually means. Keep in mind that a true anal piercing (the one done one the anus) is very rare. In reality, many piercings done near the area are not really anal piercings but belong to a different piercing type.

As such, true anal piercings are very rare. They are also tricky to maintain so it is not surprising that many people and piercers avoid them. It is not an absolute obstacle if you wish to get a true anal piercing but you need to make sure that this piercing is indeed what you really want to have.

In reality, most piercings done near the anus are actually Guiche piercings. A Guiche piercing is done on the perineum, sometimes very low and near the anus. In many ways a Guiche piercing is something between a regular and a surface piercing so it might be prone to migration, rejection and other problems. That being said, it brings a lot of pleasure to many people and while it is not among the most popular genital piercings it is sure more popular than a “true” anal piercing.

If you wish to get pierced around this area make sure that you actually want an anal piercing and not a simpler and more popular Guiche piercing done on the perineum. Knowing exactly what you want can save you a lot of trouble.

A True Anal Piercing

Despite the above mentioned issues, there is, in fact, a “true” anal piercing. It is done on the anal sphincter itself, and it is a very rare piercing form. That being said, there are some men and women who have successfully received and maintained this piercing.

An anal piercing, even a “true” one, is not fully anal – it is actually done on the membrane around the anal sphincter. It is not really possible to pierce too deep into the anal opening, but this form of an anal piercing has been done at different depths. Some anal piercings only touch upon the sphincter and are almost completely located on the outside. Others are done more deeply, but still affect only the sphincter itself. This is something to keep in mind when deciding on the location of your piercing.

If you do wish to get an anal piercing, keep in mind that it is rare for a reason. This is a very painful, sensitive spot, so it will likely pose some challenges during healing. Not to mention that defecation is a problem on itself, since your new piercing will constantly get dirty and will need to be cleaned thoroughly and carefully.

Despite all these problems, many people who have an anal piercing claim that it is very enjoyable and pleasurable. As such, it may be viewed as a functional piercing performed for the purpose of sexual pleasure. Keep in mind, however, that these results are highly subjective and that the pleasure and other benefits may not work for you. As such, do not rely on an anal piercing to provide this pleasure – you may end up being disappointed.

Also, if anal pleasure is your main goal, you may wish to rethink the alternative methods of reaching this pleasure. Remember, anal piercings are sensitive and often cause problems so even if you receive some stimulation and pleasure with their help, it is still too risky. Using erotic toys such as butt plugs and other anal toys that can be worn for long periods of time may be a better idea to receive enhanced pleasure.

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