Ampallang and Pleasure

Ampallang and PleasureAmpallang is among the most popular male genital piercings in the world. While it is not as common as Prince Albert (PA) piercing, it is common enough. There are many men who choose this piercing. Its popularity is similar to that of the Apadravya piercing. Ampallang and Apadravya are somewhat similar: both are piercings through the penis glans. While Apadravya goes vertically through the glans, Ampallang passes horizontally through the glans.

Since Ampallang is a famous functional piercing it can be used to enhance experience during sexual intercourse. Many people wonder about Ampallang and pleasure: what kind of sensations can you expect with this piercing? Is it worth to get Ampallang for pleasure?

Ampallang and Pleasure: The Basics

Ampallang is one of the famous functional piercings. It means that many men report increased sexual pleasure with this piercing. Ampallang is not pleasurable only for the owner of the piercing but also for his partners. Many people claim that having sex with an owner of an Ampallang is very pleasurable.

This is particularly true for anal sex. While there are some people who find it too intense or uncomfortable, many claim that Ampallang enhances sexual pleasure and bring sensations to a completely new level. In this sense, this is one of the most successful functional genital piercings you can get.

Why is Ampallang so pleasurable? One of the best things for the owner of this piercing is that the jewelry rubs nicely against the internal tissue of the penis glans. The whole glans is a very sensitive area and the piercing exposes certain spots that cannot be massaged in other ways. This is particularly true for Ampallang variations that go through the urethra. Since urethra is very sensitive the piercing allows for it to be stimulated.

The Role of Jewelry

The jewelry you use for your Ampallang piercing is important for pleasure. Ampallang and pleasure are connected through the genital jewelry. The jewelry you wear in your Ampallang piercing contributes a lot to the pleasure because it is the one that rubs nicely inside your penis glans and massages all those sensitive spots.

Because of this, it is important to choose the best jewelry for your Ampallang piercing. Your jewelry should also be smooth and safe enough so you can use it without a problem. Remember, genital jewelry needs to adhere to certain standards so it is safe to be used on such sensitive body spots as penis or other parts of genitalia.

In addition to this, good jewelry choices are those that maximize pleasure for both the wearer and his partners. Your Ampallang jewelry should be smooth so it doesn’t hurt you or your partners. At the same time, it should be sturdy enough to press all these sensitive spots. The wearer of the jewelry usually feels pleasure when the body of the jewelry massages the penis on the inside. His partners, on the other hand, enjoy the beads of the jewelry the most. This is why wearing jewelry with larger beads often enhances pleasure for the man’s partners.

If you wish to enjoy your Ampallang piercing to the fullest it is important to choose the right jewelry. While there are not many different jewelry types that suit genital piercings there is still enough variety. Experiment with different bead sizes or consider stretching your piercing. This will allow you to wear thicker jewelry which may make the experience more intense during sexual intercourse or masturbation.

In Conculsion

There are many ways to experience pleasure with your Ampallang piercing. Make sure to choose the best jewelry and don’t forget to take a good care of your piercing. Remember, this is a piercing on a very sensitive body part so you need to do everything you need to keep it safe and healthy.

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