More Advice on Choosing a Piercing Studio

Piercing StudioFor the very obvious reasons, you want to get pierced by professionals, and professionals only. A piercing studio has to be licensed and operating legally. If you are unsure, you should check online and make every effort to find out about this information. Do it even if your friends recommend a place for you. It’s always important to check.

Licensed studios have to adhere to certain rules and regulations, and they hire professionals who are knowledgeable about piercings. This is why you should always go to licensed places only. Don’t be lazy: just because there is a piercing studio one block away from your home doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a reputable place to go.

Important Things to Take Into Account

Take your time to research piercing studios in your area. If there are none, or if the only available studios are shady ones, look further. It’s better to spend a bit more on gas to travel to a reputable studio than to risk health complications by getting pierced in someone’s garage.

One good rule of thumb is: if a place looks dirty and you wouldn’t eat out there, you should not get pierced there.

Ask about their policy on piercing minors and the age requirements for piercings. This is a valuable information, even if you are not a minor. A good, legal studio wouldn’t risk its reputation by violating regulations and age requirements. Familiarize yourself with the exact age rules and regulations in your area and then ask around studios about their policies on piercing minors. Ignore any studio that does not follow age requirements or a studio which is known for bypassing the laws. You don’t want to get pierced in there.

Research for a studio online. What are independent testimonials and customer opinions? Is there any info on the studio you are interested in? What is studio’s online presence? Do they have a website? While a pretty website doesn’t necessarily mean that a studio is good, it will give you some ideas on what to expect. It’s more than just knowing that a studio has a money to invest into a web designer. Look at the info they offer and pay close attention to photos they publish.

A good piercing studio will present photographs of piercings they’ve performed, so take a look at them. Do these piercings look good? Are they placed correctly? How do they look when they are freshly pierced and how do they look when healed? Every good piercing studio should have a portfolio showcasing their work, so start from there.

Visit a studio before you decide to get pierced there. Look around and try to see if the place gives you a good or a bad vibe. Is the staff helpful and knowledgeable? Is the studio clean? What measures they perform to ensure safety for their clients?

One of the best ways to tell if a place is completely unreliable is to ask if they use piercing guns. A studio that uses piercing guns is a studio you don’t want to be pierced in. Piercing guns are bad in so many ways. In fact, they are so bad they are illegal in some states. Most of them can’t be properly sterilized and they pose a serious risk to your health. Stay away from any studio that uses a piercing gun.

Before you decide to get pierced at a particular place, think twice. Never rush into it. Give yourself some time to fully decide what is best for you. It’s better to wait a few days to make a good decision than to act on an impulse and make a mistake you’ll regret.

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