Body Jewelry by The Chain Gang is one of the leading suppliers of Body Piercing Jewelry in the world and we have been now for many years.

After being in the Jewelry business for several years prior, we opened our doors into the Body Jewelry Business exclusively in 1992 and proceeded to take on the competition locally and then worldwide.

The reason that we have been able to do this and to do it successfully is due to the extreme high quality jewelry standards that we set on both our body piercing jewelry and ourselves. We use only the finest metals available, even our 14K Gold is totally nickel free, (yes even the white gold). 316LVM Surgical Stainless Steel, and Grade-23 Titanium also, there just is no finer materials available.

We are based in Florida, and always have been although we do have extensions in several other major cities. Our work force is in the double digits at all times so that we are able to provide you with the best possible service that we can.

We pride ourselves first on our Jewelry Quality, and then on our Customer Service Quality, however, we know that neither would be possible with out you, our fantastic customers.

We do not import one single piece of Jewelry. Although, we do not make it all ourselves, we only purchase in the US. One caveat is that our Body Jewelry Tools are purchased from a US distributor, but are originally made in Pakistan, and to be honest through all of our endless searching we have not found any of superior quality for you.

Over 50% of our team is licensed or former practicing Body Piercers, therefore, we are well aware of the needs that you may have and have much better insight into what is needed when making the body jewelry than someone that is not familiar with the piercings themselves. Much of our Jewelry is even handcrafted.

Due to our High quality standards, we are the only body jewelry company that offers you a guarantee like ours. Basically, if you are not satisfied, then send it back. Naturally, there are some limitations, such as it does still have to be in its heat-sealed bag, due to the health risks, but that is about it. Check our guarantee page for further details on returning any item.

Our name is not because we have prisoners working for us, but because our business for many years prior to becoming the very first licensed Piercing Studio in Polk County Florida, was selling retail jewelry. Like “chains” and charms, hence the name www.TheChainGang.com.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about us and we hope that you are able to experience the Quality pieces that we produce as well, so that we may get to know you better.