A Ball Stretching Weight that Distributes the Pressure

Is there a ball stretching weight that distributes the pressure over a wide area of the testicle?

~ Hugh

There are many different ball stretchers you can use for your needs. A typical ball stretching weight is a cylinder that pulls on your scrotum. Some of those cylinders are thin and resemble rings, while others are thicker and can affect a wider area. There are also special types of ball stretchers that provide different sensations. It all depends on your individual needs.

A Ball Stretching Weight that Distributes the Pressure

If you are looking for a ball stretching weight that distributes the pressure over a wider area, it is best to get a thicker (taller) ball stretcher. This is the opposite of a ball stretcher that resembles a ring or an oval. Instead, you need something thicker and taller. Such a stretcher will distribute its weight and pressure over a wider area.

These stretchers can be massive and heavy, but some are not as intense as they look. It all depends on what you are looking for. However, keep in mind that these stretchers require some hang. You don’t have to have fully stretched balls but there has to be some hang between the balls and the base of your penis in order to be able to attach these stretchers. Keep this in mind when deciding on the best ball stretching weight for your needs.

An alternative would be a special ball stretcher that is made for specific sensations or painful pleasures. Those stretchers focus on the sensations they produce, and many of them work on the entire area of the scrotum. However, keep in mind that those are typically made for those who are into pain and other extreme sensations. If you are not into so much intensity, it is possible to use these weights on their lowest settings and it may work. You may try one of those if you want to see whether they work for you or not. If you are looking for absolute comfort, it is better to stick to standard ball stretchers.

Some Products to Try

Here are some products to try if you are looking for a ball stretcher weight that can distribute the pressure over a wider area:

Tall stretchers. These stretchers are taller and thicker, so they hug your testicles and distribute weight over a wider area. Just make sure you have enough hang to attach the ball weight around your scrotum: Bullet Ball Stretcher Weight, Hinged Ball Stretcher Weight, Donut Ball Stretcher Weight, Heavy Donut Ball Weight Stretcher,

Leather stretchers. Many of the leather stretchers are very tall. While not as powerful as metal stretchers, these can provide sensations for a wider area of the scrotum. They may be a good alternative to metal ball stretchers: Leather Ball Stretcher with D-Ring, Leather Ball Stretching Kit, Leather Ball Stretcher with Cock Ring, Ball Stretcher with Snaps.

Extreme stretchers. These stretchers are ideal for those who are into BDSM and painful pleasures. However, it is possible to use them to distribute pressure over a wide area of the testicles. Use them on lower settings if you are not into much pain. Again, these are extreme toys and you need to use them carefully: Oblong Locking Ball Stretcher, Cock and Ball Shackle, Mike’s Spikes.

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