The Best Toys to Enlarge Ureathra

The Best Toys to Enlarge UreathraThose who want to enjoy urethral play know that it is not so easy to just start using urethral toys. While some beginner toys are ideal for beginners, those who are serious about urethral stimulation often needs larger and thicker toys. This is particularly true if you want to try deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. In order to be able to accommodate bigger toys such as long urethral sounds, it is necessary to enlarge ureathra first.

How to Enlarge Ureathra

It may sound painful or too complex, but it is actually not that hard to enlarge your ureathra. As long as you don’t force any toy down your penis and as long as you go slowly, you should be fine. There isn’t any specific rule on how to stretch your ureatrha. Basically, all you need to do is … read more

Is Chastity Play Comfortable?

Is Chastity Play ComfortableMany people who want to try male chastity wonder about possible pain and discomfort. While there are those who want to use chastity as part of their bondage routine, there are also many of those who want to explore penis cages in different ways. There are many people who do not like pain or discomfort so they wonder about penis cages. Is chastity play comfortable? Is it possible to engage in it without pain?

Is Chastity Play Comfortable: A Quick Answer

Is chastity play comfortable? A quick answer is: yes, chastity play can be perfectly comfortable. A good chastity lock is there to prevent the man from reaching specific erogenous zones but it is not necessarily made to cause pain or discomfort. It is wrong to assume that male chastity is about pain or torture. Quite the contrary: many chastity … read more

Is Organic Jewelry for Ears Only?

Organic JewelryThere are many types of organic body jewelry pieces you can use. This all natural body jewelry looks amazing and can add a special touch to your style. Most of the organic jewelry pieces, such as wooden plugs or glass headhunters, are specially designed for stretched earlobe piercings.

These jewelry pieces have a large gauge and they look amazing in your stretched lobes. However, it is important to know that organic jewelry is not just for ear piercings. In fact, it can go great in many different piercing types and on many different body parts.

Organic Jewelry for Other Body Parts

Good news! You can use your organic jewelry, such as twists, headhunters, plugs and others, for piercings that are not on your ears. Generally speaking, these organic jewelry pieces are idea for stretched piercings, so you can use them … read more

Bladder Sounding: How Deep to Go?

~ Hondo

What sound technique do you use to enter the bladder? I have a 12” sound, about how deep do you slide a sound in to reach the bladder, and how do you know when you have entered the bladder?

Bladder SoundingDeep urethral sounding is an extreme technique ideal for users with plenty of experience. This is not something you want to attempt as a newbie or even as a casual fan of urethral play. Deep forms of urethral sounding, such as prostate or, more extreme, bladder sounding, are very intense and not ideal for everyone.

Those who want to know more about it need to understand that many times, going into the bladder is just not something you want to do – unless you truly know what you are doing. Even for users with plenty experience with urethral soundsread more

Can You Really Stick a Finger in a Penis?

Stick a Finger in a PenisThere are many different ways to stimulate your penis and many different ways to experience pleasure. Urethral play and urethral stimulation are some of the more interesting and exciting ways to do so. It basically involves inserting sounding devices into your urethra, that is, your pee hole. A beginner’s way to experience urethral play is to stick a finger in a penis. Is this really possible to do? Is it safe?

Can You Stick a Finger in a Penis?

Yes, you can stick a finger in a penis. This can be your finger and your own penis or someone else’s. While it sounds strange to many people, this form of sexual stimulation is very popular among those who like urethral play. It involves inserting objects into the urethra for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

While the pee hole may look … read more

Genital Beading for Gay Men

~ James

I am gay and my partners enjoy sex with my beading. A great turn on. Highly recommended.

Genital Beading for Gay MenRecently, there was a question regarding genital beading and its influence on sexual pleasure for women. Genital beading involves temporary penile implants under the skin, which can nicely rub against the woman’s vagina during intercourse. However, penis beading is not just for those who want to have sex with women. In fact, this genital modification works amazing for gay men during anal intercourse. Genital beading for gay men is more popular than people think.

Genital Beading for Gay Men: The Advantages

It is undeniable that penile beads can work wonders for gay men. The beads go under the skin of the penis to create a pleasurable texture. These beads rub nicely against the anal walls of the receiving partner during the … read more

Types of Urethral Sounds Infographic

As you probably know, urethral sounds are the most popular urethral toys you can use. Since these are so popular, there are many different types of sounds you can try. Some are ideal for beginners who want to try urethral play for the first time. Others are great for users with more experience who want to go truly deep and have an intense experience. This is why it might be helpful to use a quick infographic on the best types of urethral sounds you can use for your pleasure.

Popular Types of Urethral Sounds

There are many different designs of urethral sounds you can try. Before you choose the best ones for your needs, make sure to know the characteristics, advantages and drawbacks of all the popular sound types. It is crucial to understand what kind of sounds are good … read more

Metal vs Silicone Penis Plug

metal vs silicone penis plug

King Fire Penis Plug

It is undeniable that penis plugs are among the most popular urethral toys you can get. There are so many different penis plugs you can use, from hollow to textured ones. You can also enjoy penis plugs with glans rings. With so many different designs, shapes and sizes, it is possible to choose just the right toy for your needs. However, there is another thing you need to consider: the material. While metal penis plugs are the most popular, there are also excellent silicone penis plugs you can try. This is why it’s important to know which ones are the best for your needs. Metal vs silicone penis plug? It is on you to decide which ones you like better.

Metal vs Silicone Penis Plug: Which is Better?

Metal vs silicone penis plug: it is important … read more

What is the Best Jewelry for Apadravya?

jewelry for apadravya

Surgical Steel Straight Barbell

Out of all male genital piercings, Apadravya is the one that can bring the most pleasure to the man’s sexual partners. This is why Apadravya piercing is so popular among the fans of penis piercings. While Prince Albert (PA) piercing is by far the most common male genital piercing out there, it is undeniable that there is a lot of demand for Apadravya piercings. Since this is a functional piercing that improves sexual pleasure both for the wearer and his partners, it is extremely important to choose the best jewelry for Apadravya piercing.

Jewelry for Apadravya

It is important to understand that each penis piercing type requires specific jewelry. While the same jewelry types can go on several different piercings types, and while most piercings can use many different jewelry styles, it is crucial to know … read more

The Most Popular Strokers and Masturbators

strokers and masturbators

Tom Of Finland Sailor Silicone Stroker

Strokers and masturbators are great masturbation toys. While some men refuse to use them, it is important to note that strokers and masturbators are extremely popular and pleasurable. Of course, it all depends on the design and material of the toy. It is important to choose a proper toy that is safe for the body and that has a proper design that will bring pleasure. Luckily, the new generation of strokers and masturbators are truly pleasurable: they offer comfort, arousal and strong orgasms. A perfect male sex toy you can enjoy alone or even during a sex encounter with your partner.

New Strokers and Masturbators

Here are our newest and powerful strokers and masturbators for your pleasure:

Tom Of Finland Sailor Silicone Stroker

Tom Of Finland Sailor Silicone Stroker is one of the … read more