How to Move to Larger Toys?

Sex ToysYou may be fascinated with sex toys and enjoy them to the fullest. However, many beginners wonder how to move from smaller, softer adult toys to something larger and more intense. This change is not always easy. While some people can simply switch to bigger sex toys without a problem, others need a bit more preparation.

How to Move to Larger Toys: Basic Tips

There are some basic tips on how to move to larger toys. Generally speaking, you should never rush this process. You need to stay safe during any sexual activity, including sex toy use. For this reason, it is highly advisable to research all the safety guidelines associated with the use of a specific sex toy type. This is vital for ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Please note that moving to larger toys will sometimes depend on the type of the toy. Some toys, such as dildos and vibrators, require your body to get used to the smaller models before attempting to insert something bigger. Other toy types, such as cock rings, ball stretchers and urethral toys, add yet another factor into the mix: in addition to training your body you also need to acquire some skills about how to use these toys properly.

In other words, a lot will depend on the type of the toy you wish to use. Here are some general tips on how to move to larger toys that can work for most types of sex toys:

Use Plenty of Lube

This is one of the most important tips to follow. It goes without saying that lube is an essential for many types of sexual activities. A good lubricant will ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience. It will make the toy glide and produce pleasurable massage to your sensitive spots. This is always a good advice, but it becomes even more vital in the case of larger sex toys. If you wish to transition from smaller models to something bigger, heavier and longer, make sure to use even more lube than before.

Also, don’t forget to use just the right type of the lube. Depending on the sex toy material, some types of lubricants may not be safe to use. For example, silicone-based lubricants are not safe to use with toys made of silicone, so this is something to keep in mind.

Go Slowly

Whatever you do, make sure to go slowly and gently. This is an absolute must to ensure safety. It is understandable that you may be aroused and thus eager to achieve all the sensations and pleasure a sex toy can give. However, it is vital to protect your body and avoid injuries. For this reason, going slowly is the only way to achieve good results.

This is particularly important when you try to move to bigger and heavier toys. It is crucial to be very careful to avoid injuries and other problems. If you go slowly and gently you can avoid overstretching, soreness and other problems associated with larger adult toys.

Gradual Increase

Perhaps the best way to accommodate larger sex toys is to train your body gradually. By gradually increasing the size of the toy you are allowing your body to slowly get used to bigger toys. Furthermore, you are allowing your body to rest between sessions, thus making the process safer and more comfortable.

This is why there are many so-called training and stretching toys made for gradually preparing the body to accommodate bigger and thicker toys. There are, for example, special urethra stretchers made for training your urethra or anal toy kits with several sizes of butt plugs in the set. If you want to transition to larger sex toys it is advisable to use one of these training kits to stretch your body gradually.

Use Smooth Toys

It is best to start with smoother toys. They are more comfortable and much easier to insert. This will make the experience more pleasurable and less problematic. In fact, smooth toys are the best way to go for newbies, especially those who want to move to larger sex toys.

Once you are used to a specific toy size you may try different models, textures toys and other more intense types of toys. During transitioning, however, it is highly advisable to use only smooth sex toys since they are the most comfortable and safer to use.

Patience – It Takes Time

If you wish to transition to bigger toys, keep in mind that patience is the key. You should never rush this process. Sometimes, it takes many sessions, days or even weeks to train your body to accept larger and bigger toys. This is particularly true for more complex types of toys, such as urethral sounds, but it can be true for any type of a toy.

For this reason, it is important to be patient and to prepare yourself that it might take some time before you are ready to accommodate bigger and heavier toys. While you may be lucky enough to go through this process quickly you need to be ready to invest some time into this. Just be patient and with a bit of practice you will be able to move to larger and bigger toys.

How to Choose Your Next Piercing?

How to Choose Your Next Piercing?Are you a piercing enthusiast? Or maybe you are preparing to get your first piercing? Regardless of your experience with piercings in the past, getting a new piercing is always a big decision. It is important to know what you want and where you want your next piercing to be even before you book and appointment with your piercer. While sudden decisions work in some cases piercings do require a certain commitment so it’s always best to think a bit about where you want to have your next piercing done.

For some people, this decision is easy. They have a list of body parts they wish to pierce and they always know where their next piercing is going to be. But what if you are not sure? There are many people who know that they want a piercing, but don’t know how to decide about the location.

Here are some quick tips of how to choose your next piercing:

Think about It

The first thing you can do to ensure you are satisfied with your decision is to think about it. Never rush things out. While it may seem great to be spontaneous and just walk into a piercing studio, this is not the best way to go. Nor is simply deciding to get pierced on the spot while accompanying your friend to the piercing studio. While these decisions don’t always backfire it is highly advisable to think about where you actually want to have a piercing done.

Consult Your Piercer

It is always advisable to consult your piercer before you make a decision. Speaking of which, you need to research potential piercers and piercing studios in the area if you already don’t have a reliable piercer. Finding a professional, knowledgeable piercer and a good studio is a must.

Once you have your piercer, book a consultation. Keep in mind that many piercings depend on the anatomy. Many piercings and placements can be done only if you are anatomically suited for them. It is therefore important to make sure that you are anatomically built to accommodate a certain piercing. Don’t have your heart set on a piercing only to find out on the day of the procedure that you are not suited for it.

A consultation with your piercer will help you not only make sure that you can accommodate a piercing but will also provide alternatives in the case that you can’t get a piercing you originally wanted. Your piercer can give you some great ideas on placements and piercing types that may look great on you, so make sure to listen.

Know Your No-Nos

Speaking of which, you need to know if some piercings are a sure no-no. You may want to get them, but there may be many reasons why you cannot have a specific piercing. One of the reason is mentioned above. You may simply not built to accommodate a specific piercing so it cannot be performed on you. Another reason may be medical. There may be certain reasons why it is dangerous to get a specific piercing or any piercing at all. This is why it is important to also consult your doctor before any piercing decisions.

Finally, keep in mind that sometimes outside factors can influence your decision. For example, you may be forbidden to wear body jewelry at work or to have visible piercings on your face. This is another factor that will influence your decision.

Make a List

When in doubt, make a list. This is the best way to sort things out. Maybe you don’t know what piercing you want to get next, but you might have a list of piercings you absolutely don’t like. Research your options. Look at pictures of various piercings and try to imagine yourself having one.

Making a list will also help you sort out your priorities. You may discover that you prefer some piercings over the others or that you really like one style over the other. All of these things are helpful when it comes to deciding which piercing to get next.

Ask Your Friends

Once you have a list of piercings you wish to get, you may ask your friends for their opinion. Keep in mind that this should not be the first thing to do – it is important to consult your piercer and to make a list of piercings on your own. It is vital to decide about your new piercing on your own.

If you are still undecided after all these steps, however, you may consult your friends and other people. Ask about their opinion and see what they say. Again, this should be your decision, but your friends may offer some helpful advice that will make the decision easier.

Tips for Choosing a Ball Stretcher

Ball WeightWhen choosing a good ball stretcher for your needs, it’s important to take several things into account:

If you wish to stretch your balls and achieve impressive low hangers, you need to use the best ball stretchers. It is vital to choose the right ball stretchers for the job. What does it mean?

It means that you need to know what you wish to achieve and how to choose the best device to get what you want.

Choosing a Ball Stretcher: The Basics

There are many great ball stretching devices to choose from. When choosing a ball stretcher for yourself, it is important to pick the one that is of high-quality, properly designed and made with care.

You should never go after subpar ball stretching devices or random objects instead of specially designed ball stretchers. That is just a recipe for trouble. Always go for specially designed ball stretching devices. They are made for safe and comfortable ball stretching, they are body-friendly and designed for the most effective results. This is why it’s so important to choose only specialized ball stretching devices.

Other than this, however, there is a vast choice. There are many different ball stretching devices you may use, so how to pick the best one for your needs? This is where you should take several important factors into account.

Here are the most important factors to take into account when choosing a ball stretcher for yourself:

Desired Results

Before you choose a ball stretcher, consider the results you wish to achieve. There are many different ways to have stretched balls. Some men want just to gain a bit of a stretch. Others want more impressive and prolonged results. The desired effect and what you wish to achieve through ball stretching will largely influence your choice of a ball stretcher.

Your Anatomy

This is one of the most important things to take into account. Each person is an individual with individual anatomy. For example, some men have more natural stretch than the others, which will influence the choice of a ball stretcher. You cannot simply wear a ball stretcher if you cannot fit it properly. For this reason, it is important to take your own anatomy into account when choosing a ball stretcher. If you already have some experience with stretching you will know what kind of stretchers suit you and what kind of stretchers don’t work for you. Use this knowledge the next time you choose a ball stretcher.

Experience Level

Closely linked to anatomy, your experience level will often dictate the type of a ball stretcher you can use. More experienced men tend to have more of a hang so they can accommodate bigger and heavier stretchers. Beginners, on the other hand, should stick to smaller and lighter ball stretching devices. Of course, this is not a definite rule but you need to match your chosen ball stretcher with your experience level. It is dangerous for beginners to try more extreme and advanced ball stretchers, for example. You need to stay safe during ball stretching, which means you need to choose your ball stretchers carefully.


Finally, you should take your preferences into account. After all, your wishes should play a role when choosing sex toys. Do you want your ball stretchers to provide a super-comfortable experience? Or are you looking for something more extreme? Perhaps you are one of those men who love the feeling of wearing the ball stretcher? All of these things will influence your choice of a stretcher. Make sure to take your desires and preferences into account when choosing a ball stretcher for yourself.

Who Can Wear a Nipple Piercing?

Who Can Wear a Nipple PiercingNipple piercing is a more popular piercing type than many people realize. In fact, it is one of the most popular piercing types in general, and by far the most popular intimate piercing. People often think of genital piercings as intimate piercings, but nipple piercing also fall into this category.

Some people would say that nipple piercings are too extreme to be common and widely popular. However, nothing can be further from the truth. This piercing type is liked by many different people. In fact, nipple piercing doesn’t even have to be considered extreme in any way.

Who Can Wear a Nipple Piercing: Stereotypes

Despite certain stereotypes that exist about nipple piercings and people who wear them, there is no specific type of a person who likes a nipple piercing. People have different tastes and styles, and many different people will like the same piercing type. In other words, it is impossible to tell anything about a person just because they have a nipple piercing.

This also means that nipple piercings are for everyone. That is, for all the people who are physically suited for this piercing. While most people, both men and women, can accommodate nipple piercings without a problem, keep in mind that there is a small percentage of people who are simply not suited for this piercing.

Other than that, anybody can get a nipple piercing. Do not think that you have to have a special personality for this. Also, do not think that only people with exhibitionist tendencies are those who like this piercing type. While many people with nipple piercings do like to attract attention and show their piercing, there are also many of those who don’t reveal their nipple piercings to anyone except for their intimate partners. There are shy people with nipple piercings, professors, doctors, young and old people with nipple piercings. In other words, if you like this piercing type and if you are anatomically suited to have it, go for it.

What if You Can’t Accommodate a Nipple Piercing?

What if you are one of the small percentage of people who can’t accommodate a nipple piercing? Do not despair. There are some choices for those who can’t wear a nipple piercing even if they want.

These people should opt for other piercing types or consult their piercers for an advice about a nipple piercing. This is not really a choice, but keep in mind that there are so many great piercing types so you can find the one you like and can accommodate without a problem.

If you like nipple piercing so much and don’t want to give up, consult your piercer. You might be able to accommodate a specific variant. This is why it’s vital to have a good piercer who can find the best placement and piercing type to accommodate your anatomy. There are some popular nipple piecing variants and you might be able to accommodate a rarer type of a nipple piercing if you can’t accommodate the most popular nipple piercing variant.

Finally, keep in mind that you might be able to get a nipple piercing even though you believe you can’t. Some people just assume they are not anatomically suited for a piercing without even checking. For example, the size of your nipple doesn’t really make a difference, most of the time. This is why both men and women can get nipple piercings without a problem.

Also, did you know that people with inverted nipples can get a nipple piercing? Sometimes, people believe they are unable to get this piercing type just because their nipples are inverted, but the truth is that many people with this nipple shape can accommodate nipple piercings and nipple jewelry without a problem. In fact, the piercing and jewelry can make your nipples stand out and prevent them to go back to their inverted state. This doesn’t always happen but it does happen to many people. Therefore, if you have inverted nipples do not simply assume that you can’t get a nipple piercing – consult your piercer. You might be pleasantly surprised.

This is yet another reason why it is so important to have a good, knowledgeable piercer. It is best to find a piercer who is experienced enough and who will know what kind of piercings will go with your anatomy.

Special Types of Penis Plugs

Special Types of Penis PlugsThere are many different types of penis plugs you can use for your urethral play.

That being said, some of these plugs have a special design made to enhance the sensations and provide additional stimulation during use.

Other types and designs of plugs are made for better comfort for the wearer, and there are those designed to be big, heavy and intense.

Here are some of the special types of penis plugs:

Textured Plugs

Textured penis plugs have a special textured exterior made for increasing pleasure during use. This is best achieved with the “in and out” movements, in which the plug is moved a few inched up and down the urethra.

There are many different textured exteriors so you can choose the one that works best for you. Some plugs have smooth balls and beads that only enhance the feelings a little. These plugs are great for keeping maximum comfort with a bit of additional stimulation. Other plugs have more pronounced texture, such as angled, almost sharp exterior or a ribbed exterior. These plugs are considered to be more intense than those with smooth beads. When choosing a textured penis plug, it’s best to start from the smoothest textures and work your way up to the more extreme and sharper textured plugs.

Recommended products:

Flexible Plugs

Flexible penis plugs are special plugs with a body made of a flexible material. However, since the best urethral toys are made of Surgical Steel, the best flexible plugs are composite urethral toys consisting of both metal and flexible parts. Typically, the middle section of the toy’s shaft (tube) is made of a softer, flexible material, while the tip and the bottom are made of metal, usually Surgical Steel.

This gives some great features and advantages to these plugs. The softer middle section makes the plug more flexible and thus more comfortable to wear. This is a great advantage to beginner users who are only starting to experiment with urethral toys. At the same time, the plug remains intense enough so it’s easy to achieve pleasure and arousal.

Recommended products: Rounded Tip Penis Plug, Flexible Penis Plug, Flexible Cum Through Penis Plug, Flexible Ziro Penis Plug and Glans Ring, Rippled Flex Penis Plug.

Centipede Plugs

Centipede penis plugs are special urethral toys consisting of both metal and flexible parts. The shaft of these toys is designed for both comfort and intensity, and it consists of alternating metal and flexible sections. The flexible sections are typically made of a thinner metal that is flexible enough, but it may be made of a different, softer material.

Centipede plugs tend to be long so they can reach deep into urethra. However, due to their flexible nature, they are rarely uncomfortable. They are great toys for those who wish to try deeper urethral stimulation but to keep the comfort.

Recommended products: Centipede Penis Plug, Diamond Back Centipede Penis Sound and Glans Ring, The Turbine Centipede Penis Sound and Glans Ring, Oval Pearl Centipede Penis Sound with Glans Ring, The Big Apple Centipede Sound with Glans Ring.

Sprinkler Plugs

Sprinkler penis plugs are specially designed urethral toys with a huge, spherical head. These plugs are typically hollow so all fluids can flow freely. It means you can urinate and cum while wearing these plugs.

These plugs are known under many names, such as shaker plugs or sprinkler plugs. The names are derived from the shape of the plug or the effect the plug makes when the fluids are passed. Since urine and semen are under pressure they exit the plug with much force, which creates a very stunning effect that resembles a sprinkler.

Recommended products: The Sprinkler Penis Plug, Salt Shaker Penis Plug, Albert Penis Plug, Cock Topper, Spear Penis Plug, PS4 Penis Plug.

Smelly Piercings: How to Prevent this Problem?

Ear PiercingPeople generally don’t like to talk about it, but it’s a fact that piercings sometimes smell bad. This can happen to piercings at any stage of healing, though it’s sometimes more alarming than in other situations.

What is characteristic for smelly piercings is that the smell can occur even with healed piercings. In fact, fully healed piercings are sometimes the most affected by this problem.

Keep in mind that this problem can be easily solvable, so if this happens to you, don’t despair! The important thing is to make sure that the smell is not a symptom of another problem.

Why Are Some Piercings Smelly?

Piercings can become smelly at any time, so this isn’t something you can predict. The good news is that the smell is usually not the sign of a bigger problem, but it is important to make sure that there is no infection or another issue producing the smell. Keep in mind that infections and other problems are most common with new piercings that are still in healing. If your piercing develops an infection and if some pus forms inside the piercing, it will smell.

The smell that is a sign of infection will typically be followed by other signs, such as swelling, pain, discomfort, redness and discharge. In fact, the discharge is that causes the bad smell. If you notice these signs make sure to consult your doctor immediately. This is a sign of a developed infection, which means that it’s been there for a while. This is why it’s important to monitor your piercing regularly to notice any changes as soon as they appear. If you miss the signs the infection will develop further, which can cause numerous problems. In some extreme cases piercing infections can affect the whole body, so this is something you need to prevent at all costs. Therefore, if you notice any warning signs, make sure to seek medical help immediately.

However, keep in mind that smelly piercings can occur even if there is no other problem around. No infection and no underlying issues, and still you get a smelly piercing. What is going on?

Keep in mind that your body constantly secretes a substance known as sebum. This substance is secreted by sebaceous glands located in the skin. Sebum can easily be recognized as an oily substance. It is not a harmful thing – it is actually there to lubricate and protect the skin. However, once sebum is mixed with dirt, dead skin cells or bacteria, it can turn smelly pretty quickly. Since piercings are wounds in the skin and even healed ones have dead cells and dirt around them, it is clear how piercings can become smelly in no time.

You will notice sebum mixed with dead cells and dirt as an oily, soft discharge. It may be stinky and smell like cheese. In some extreme cases, the discharge will be almost solid. This is what causes your piercings to become smelly.

How to Get Rid of the Smell?

While it is impossible to prevent sebaceous glands from creating sebum, there are some things you can do to prevent its accumulation and bad smell:

  • Clean your jewelry. It is important to keep your jewelry clean at all times. Dirt, bacteria and dead skin cells can easily accumulate around your jewelry, causing problems. In order to prevent sebum to accumulate, make sure to clean your jewelry regularly.
  • Wash your piercing areas carefully. Make sure to always clean your piercings during showers. Some people forget about cleaning when the piercing is healed, but keep in mind that aftercare is not the only time when you should take care of your piercings. Piercings are best to be cleaned without chemical products, so a wet cloth will do. You may also use salt soaks to clean your piercings.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals around your piercings. Harsh soaps, shampoos and other products can easily accumulate around your piercings, causing irritation and other problems. This can lead to further problems, including smelly piercings. Make sure to always use only gentle products around your piercing and to clean the piercing area fully with water to remove any chemicals from your skin.
  • Take your jewelry off during showers and swimming. If your piercing is healed, consider taking your jewelry off during showers. This will make leaning easier and prevent the accumulation of soap and other products on the jewelry. You may also do this during swimming and other activities involving water, but make sure not to leave your piercing without jewelry for too long or else the hole will start to close. You may use temporary jewelry or piercing retainers for these activities.
  • Use a drop of lavender oil on your piercing. After your piercing is clean and dry, apply a drop of lavender oil to the piercing. This should prevent the smell. Alternatively, you may use a drop of tea tree oil for the same purpose.

Ball Stretching for Nervous First Timers

Ball WeightsBall stretching is more popular than people think.

While it may seem like a rare thing to do or a very extreme activity that only a few people want to try, the truth is that there are many people who choose to stretch their testicles.

While it is true that ball stretching is not the most popular body modification out there, and while it is true that it is still somewhat unknown by general public, the truth is that there are many people who practice this activity to great success and with effective results.

Ball Stretching for Nervous First Timers: Tips and Advice

If you are intrigued by this activity but worry that you will be alone and without any helpful information to guide you, don’t stress. There is actually a whole community of people who are enthusiastic about ball stretching and who will be more than ready to share their experiences and help you with ball stretching. Also, it is possible to find helpful information about ball stretching and ball weights online so you don’t have to worry about that. While this is an activity that requires some practice and while you need to follow safety guidelines to prevent injuries and other problems, it is also true that many men do it without a problem. In short, if you want to try ball stretching you need to know you are not alone.

Warning: Before you attempt ball stretching or any similar activity it is highly advisable to consult your doctor. It is vital to make sure you are allowed to perform ball stretching and that it is a safe activity for you. The only way to know this is if you get a professional medical opinion. Reading about ball stretching online or listening to other people’s experiences is not a substitute for a medical advice. It is therefore highly advisable to consult your doctor. It is best to choose a kink friendly doctor who will understand your wishes and who can guide you. Take your doctor’s advice seriously because this is the only way to stay safe during this activity.

Interested in Ball Stretching but Nervous?

Many people are interested in ball stretching but are also scared of this activity. Being scared of the unknown is normal, and it is actually good to be careful when it comes to things you are not experienced with.

In fact, many seasoned users of ball stretching devices admit that they were once nervous or even scared to try this activity. While there are always those who didn’t mind, many men do get a bit nervous by the prospect of attaching metal devices around their scrotum. After all, this is a natural reaction. If you are nervous, it is important to know that it’s a normal reaction (though it is perfectly ok if you are not nervous). Being a bit nervous actually offers some advantages to those who are carefree. For starters, being nervous tends to make you more careful, and this is vital for keeping you safe and for preventing injuries and other problems during ball stretching. In other words, if you are nervous, this is ok. You are in a good company because many men who engage in ball stretching share this sentiment or were nervous newbies once.

That being said, ball stretching is practiced by so many people all over the world so you are definitely not the only person intrigued about this.

Here are some frequently asked questions for the nervous first timers:

Does Ball Stretching Hurt?

No, ball stretching doesn’t hurt, unless you want it to. Now, before you ask why would anyone want to experience pain, keep in mind that there are some people who find pain erotically stimulating. Those people like painful pleasures, especially as a part of an erotic game between couples. If you are one of those people, remember that it is possible to use ball stretching for painful sensation or as part of cock and ball torture (CBT).

However, these are the more extreme ways to use a ball stretcher. Keep in mind that ball stretching is typically not painful at all. What you are stretching are not your testicles but the scrotum ans spermatic cords. Testicles are safely kept outside of ball stretching devices so they are not harmed or pressed during ball stretching. Ball stretching is not a painful activity if done right and if you use special ball weights and other devices designed for ball stretching. It may cause slight discomfort until you are used to the sensation, but that’s all. In fact, pain is a sign that you are doing something wrong so if you ever experience sharp pain, prolonged discomfort, burning or swelling, make sure to remove the stretcher immediately. If the problem persists, consult your doctor. These are not things that should happen normally during ball stretching.

Why Do Ball Stretching?

There are many reasons why people choose to do ball stretching. Each person is individual, but some common reasons include visual and sexual aspects. Some men just love the looks of low hanging balls. There is something truly special about big balls and long scrotum. There are also many women who love low hanging balls on their partners. Ball stretching sure makes the balls more pronounced and bigger. It is sure your partner won’t be able to miss your testicles when you wear a ball stretcher!

On the other hand, it is undeniable that ball stretching is typically done because it enhances sexual pleasure, usually for both partners. Ball stretching can be very arousing on itself. Indeed, there are many men who claim that they find the whole stretching process very stimulating. The feeling of balls being stretched is one of a kind and many men just love the experience of their scrotum being put inside a tight ball stretcher. Other men love the effect ball stretchers have on their orgasms. Low hanging balls are more sensitive and they make the semen go longer during orgasm before it can be ejaculated, simply because the spermatic cords are elongated as a result of ball stretching. This makes the orgasm longer and more intense.

Also, wearing a ball stretched during orgasm is very arousing on itself and makes the orgasm more powerful. Since the ball stretcher prevents testicles to go up during orgasm, the feeling is enhanced and the orgasm lasts longer. Some men also report that ball stretching improves their stamina and makes them last longer in bed, which is a great thing for both the wearer of ball stretchers and for their partners.

What if I Don’t Like It?

Ball StretchingWhat if you try ball stretching and you don’t like it? After all, there is a possibility to be intrigued by something and interested in a sexual activity, only to find out that it is not for you. That is okay. Generally speaking, ball stretching, especially when done only for a few times, does not leave any consequences.

However, to make sure, it is important to visit your doctor before and after you try ball stretching. Keep in mind that this is an activity that carries certain risks of injuries and other problems so you need to seek medical advice to make sure you are fine. That being said, it is perfectly okay to change your mind or not to like ball stretching. After all, this is not an activity for everyone.

What if I Injure Myself?

It is vital to be careful while practicing ball stretching. You need to go slowly and follow all safety instructions, as well as your doctor’s guidelines. This is vital for preventing injuries and other problems.

If you do encounter a problem, the first step is to recognize it. It is vital to know all the warning signs and to never ignore it. The main warning signs for ball stretching are sharp pain, burning, swelling, prolonged discomfort, numbness or blood in urine or ejaculate. If you notice any of these problems, remove the stretcher immediately. Seek medical help straight away. Many injuries can be healed properly but it is important to act quickly. Never hesitate to visit a doctor if you experience any injury or another problem during ball stretching. This is absolutely crucial for keeping you safe during ball stretching.

Will Ball Stretching Prevent Me from Fathering Children?

As mentioned above, ball stretching is still a somewhat unknown activity among general public. It means that there are no proper studies done to test weather ball stretching affects the man’s ability to have children. There is no research done to confirm whether ball stretching has any influence on quality of sperm and the man’s ability to father children.

If you choose to try ball stretching you need to be aware of this fact. If you decide to proceed with ball stretching you need to do that at your own risk. If is advisable to consult your doctor if you have concerns about this but chances are that your doctor will not be able to give you a straight answer because there are no concluding studies done about this matter.

What Kind of Stretching Devices Should I Choose? How to Know that a Ball Stretcher is Bad?

It is important to always choose ball stretchers that fit you and that are ideal for the type of stretching you want to do. We recommend metal ball stretcher because they are the most effective types of ball stretchers. Despite being sturdy and heavy, these stretchers are surprisingly comfortable so even beginners can use them. Other common ball stretcher type is leather ball stretcher. These stretchers are not as effective and heavy, so they are ideal for those who only wish to get a bit of a hang. On the other hand, these stretchers may be difficult to put on by beginners who still don’t have enough of a hang.

Whatever you choose to do, keep in mind that while there are many different types of ball stretchers that might be suitable for you, there are certainly some ball stretchers that are bad for you. This refers, first and foremost, to stretchers made of random household objects. Keep in mind that these devices are not specially designed for the purpose of ball stretching and can be very dangerous to use. In order to prevent injuries and stay safe during ball stretching you need to use only specialized ball stretching devices.

I Don’t Want Low Hangers. I Just Want a Bit of a Stretch. Is that Possible?

Yes, it is possible. Keep in mind that ball stretching is a process and it requires time. It is not possible to get those impressive low hangers overnight. Those who want to have low-hanging balls and to get really effective results with ball stretchers will need to dedicate a lot of time and care into it. It is possible to do it, but it takes time.

On the other hand, it is possible to simply stretch your balls a little and stop there. Not everyone want truly low-hanging balls. Perhaps all you want is a bit of a stretch or maybe you just want to experience the feeling of enhanced orgasms with a ball stretcher on without much effect on the size of your balls. If this is your goal it’s important to know that it’s possible to achieve it. You can stretch your balls only a little or use ball stretchers only as sex enhancement device.

That being said, if you wish to use ball stretchers in this way, keep in mind that ball stretching results will not be permanent or even long-term. Chances are that your balls will return to their original size when the stretcher is removed. In fact,t hose who wish to have permanent results will need to work hard for it, so this isn’t something that can be easily achieved. It is possible to get more long-term results, but you need to work for them. However, if your goal is to only try ball stretching to enhance the feeling or to see if you like it chances are that you will only experience short-term results. It depends on you whether you will be satisfied with that or if you want to go for more permanent ball stretching results.

The Most Popular Male Urethra Pleasure Probe

Plugs & SoundsA male urethral pleasure probe is a specially designed toy that is inserted inside the urethra. These toys are known under many different names: urethral sounds (or simply “sounds”), urethral toys, sounding rods, urethral rods, and more.

While inserting rods inside the urethra is not something all men enjoy, there are many men who do find this kind of stimulation very arousing. It is therefore not surprising that there are so many types of male urethra pleasure probes and that so many people like to experiment with this type of stimulation.

Warning: If you are interested in this type of stimulation keep in mind that there are certain risks that come with this activity. Urinary tract infections and injuries (tears, false passages and other damages to the urethra) are among the most common problems associated with using pleasure probes. This is why it’s vital to go slowly and to be informed about all aspects of urethral play. Ideally, you should have another person perform sounding for you and show you how to do it. Also, make sure to visit a kink-friendly doctor before you start so you can learn more about the risks associated with this activity.

Before you can learn about the most popular male urethra pleasure probe, it is important to understand how these toys work and how to use them. You will learn that there isn’t one good probe that will suit all men equally, so the best urethral toy will be the one that suits your anatomy and your preferences the best.

Let’s start with the basics: pleasure probes and how they work.

Male Urethra Pleasure Probe: How it Works

Before you start using a pleasure probe or any type of a urethral toy, it’s useful to know a bit of anatomy. This is vital for understanding how the toy is inserted and where it stays during urethral play.

Keep in mind that there are many different pleasure probes. Some are longer than the others. While all are inserted into the urethra, not all can reach equally deep.

The urethral opening (also known as the “pee hole”) is sensitive but it can be gently stretched to accommodate toys. This is only the end of the longer passage, known as the male urethra. Urethra goes all the way from the bladder, into the prostate and then through the base of the penis and all the way up through the penis to the pee hole.

When the toy is inserted into the urethra, it starts this journey in reverse, from the end of the urethra (pee hole). Depending on the length of the toy, the persons preferences and experience level, the toy can be inserted only a little or very deeply.

For example, the shortest urethral toys, known as penis stoppers, only get inside a little. They pass the pee hole and are inserted only an inch inside the urethra or even less. Short urethral toys (typically penis plugs and other shorter toys) reach a few inches into the urethra.

A bit longer toys are made to reach all the way inside the penis, but not further. These are longer penis plugs and shorter urethral sounds, also known as shorter male urethra pleasure probes. As long as the toy is inserted only inside the penis and doesn’t go deeper than the base of the penis, urethral play is not considered “deep”. It means that the toy stays inside the penis only and doesn’t go further inside the body, to prostate and bladder.

Pleasure probes that are made for penis stimulation only will typically be relatively short and straight. You can use them to stimulate the urethra inside the penis. You may choose to insert these toys only a few inches or to go a bit deeper, but they will never reach past the base of the penis. These pleasure probes are simply too short to do that.

The Roman CandleFinally, there are very long urethral sounds and other pleasure probes that are made to reach deep into the urethra. They are designed to go past the base of the penis and further inside the body, all the way to prostate or even bladder. This is what is known as deep urethral stimulation. This sort of stimulation requires special toys that are not only long enough to reach deep inside the urethra but are also anatomically shaped to accommodate for all curves in the urethra. These toys have a curve in the end made for comfortable and easy insertion past the base of the penis.

Keep in mind that this is an advanced activity that is reserved for those who are already experienced with urethral stimulation and male urethra pleasure probes. This is not something a beginner should try!

Different Types of Pleasure Probes

Now that you know about different types of urethral stimulation, it’s easy to see that there are many different types of male urethra pleasure probes people use for stimulation. These toys come in many different shapes, sizes and designs, so everyone can choose the best toy for their needs, preferences and experience level.

What are the most popular types of pleasure probes? Keep in mind that a “pleasure probe” can mean many different things. For some people, any urethral toy can be considered a pleasure probe. Others consider only urethral sounds to be pleasure probes. If you consider all urethral toys to be pleasure probes, even the penis plugs, here are some popular choices to consider:

So, What’s the Most Popular Male Urethra Pleasure Probe?

It is difficult to answer this question. As you can see above, there are many different types of urethral toys, and each is made to provide specific sensations. One’s choice of a urethral toy will largely depend on several factors, such as: experience level, anatomy, preferences, desired effect, and more.

For example, beginners and those who like shallow insertion will choose shorter urethral toys. Many men who prefer to wear their urethral toys on a daily basis will also opt for shorter toys, typically comfortable, hollow penis plugs that can be worn for long periods of time. These plugs allow fluids to pass freely, so they don’t have to be removed during urination or sex.

Those who like a bit longer toys but don’t want to go as deep as prostate will choose urethra pleasure probes that fill up the penis. These probes are good both for beginners and more experienced users who like this type of stimulation. Ideally, choose longer penis plugs or shorter, straight urethral sounds made for sensual penis stimulation.

Finally, the most experienced users might want to go as deep as the prostate or even bladder. They will use extra long pleasure probes, the ones that are made for deep urethral stimulation. As mentioned above, these toys are reserved only for more experienced users who are very familiar with urethral stimulation.

In other words, there is no one good pleasure probe that can fulfill all of these requirements or suit all men equally. As such, there is no one great probe or one most popular probe that most men use or should use.

Igors RevengeHowever, certain urethral toys are better than the others, and this is something you need to keep in mind. The most popular and the best-quality pleasure probes are those made of Surgical Steel. Generally speaking, metal probes are the best because they are smooth, powerful and provide the best sensation. When choosing a urethral pleasure probe for yourself, it’s best to go with the one made of Surgical Steel. This is a body-friendly material that can be safely sterilized and easily cleaned. Keep in mind that sterilization is one of the most important things about urethral play. You need to use a toy that can be sterilized and cleaned properly so you can avoid infections and other problems during use.

Another great thing about Surgical Steel probes is that they are smooth and highly polished. It makes them easy to insert. Of course, you should use plenty of lube to make the experience even smoother and safer, but the material itself helps a lot. Also, Surgical Steel probes are very comfortable so they make for a great experience.

These probes are specially designed for safe and comfortable urethral stimulation so this is why they are so popular. Men enjoy them and use them on a regular basis. As you can see, the type of the probe will depend on preferences and other factors, but certain things, such as the material, design and quality of craftsmanship are a must-have. This is why the most popular male pleasure probe is not a specific toy but a toy designed, crafted and produced in a certain way.

On the other hand, make sure to stay away from probes made of unsafe materials or, worse, random objects that are not designed to be used as urethral toys. Never try to insert any random object into the urethra! Also, make sure to stay away from toys designed for other purposes – these are not good to be used for urethral stimulation and can hurt you badly and cause other problems. These objects and toys should be avoided at all costs!

If you wish to get a good urethral toy for yourself, make sure to choose a high-quality metal urethra probe, preferably one made of Surgical Steel. The exact type, model and size will depend on your unique circumstances but you should never go for an inferior product. The most popular male urethra pleasure probe is the one that is made of a high-quality material and manufactured following the highest standards, so make sure to get one of those. This is the best way to ensure safety and comfort during urethral play.

Transurethral Piercings

Dolphin piercingTransurethral piercings are piercings that pass through the urethra.

These are genital piercings with a special placement made in such a way that part of the piercing hole (or passage) goes through the urethra. This is what “transurethral” means: “through the urethra”.

While the name “transurethral” may sound unusual, it is important to know that some of the most popular genital piercings are, in fact, transurethral. For example, Prince Albert (PA) piercing, the most common genital piercing in the world, is transurethral piercing.

Advantages of Transurethral Piercings

While it may seem extreme to do a piercing through the urethra, there are actually some advantages to these piercings. It is therefore not surprising to learn that many genital piercings, particularly male genital piercings, are, in fact, transurethral piercings.

The three main advantages to transurethral piercings are:

  1. Performing a piercing through urethra can actually help with healing and safety. The urine can help a lot with cleaning of the piercing, so this is why it’s useful to perform a piercing through the urethra.
  2. Easier piercing procedure. Since the urethra is a natural passage in the body, performing a piercing through it means less tissue to be actually pierced. It makes for a less painful and easier piercing experience.
  3. Enhanced sexual pleasure. Many people report that transurethral piercings and the jewelry help increasing sexual pleasure. Keep in mind that urethra is very sensitive and that its stimulation can be very arousing. Therefore, it is not surprising that transurethral piercings are often considered functional piercings, that is, they can increase sexual pleasure and make the experience more arousing.

Please note that while many transurethral piercings come with these advantages not all will provide the benefits. Some benefits also depend on the person. For example, one person might find a transurethral piercing arousing while the other person might not notice any increase in sexual pleasure. Keep in mind that these things are always individual.

Also, another advantage to transurethral piercings is that it can be used in a combination with some urethral toys. For example, Prince’s Wands toys typically use the hole made for a transurethral piercing. This is a great way to keep the urethral toy securely inside while you enjoy some arousing urethral play.

Types of Transurethral Piercings

There are many different types of transurethral piercings. Most of them are done on men, which is not surprising, since men have a longer and wider urethra.

The most popular transurethral piercings are:

Keep in mind that some of these piercings are always transurethral, such as PA piercing, while some of these piercing types have special placements that do not go through the urethra. For example, Ampallang and Apadravya piercings are not always done through the urethra.

Women have a much shorter urethra and are at more risk of urinary tract infections. For these reasons, transurethral piercings for women are rare. The only relatively popular transurethral piercing type for women is Princess Albertina. This is a female genital piercing made as an equivalent to male Prince Albert piercing.

Guide to Hank Sounds

Guide to Hank SoundsHank or Henk sounds are urethral toys made for pleasurable yet comfortable stimulation. Perhaps the best thing about these sounds is that they are suitable for both beginners and more experienced users.

This way, people of all experience levels and various preferences can enjoy these urethral toys to the fullest.

It also means that you will be able to stick to the same sounding kit even when you gain more experience.

This is good news for those who prefer to use one sounding kit for all their urethral stimulation instead of going after many different types of toys.

Hank Sounds: The Design

Hank sounds (also known as Henk sounds) have a unique shape that makes them easily recognizable among other urethral toys. These are double-ended urethral sounds that have a gentle curve on the each end. The ends of the sounds are positioned at a slight angle, which makes for easier use and a more exciting experience.

Hank sounds are true medical toys because they are modeled after real urethral sounds used by doctors to perform examinations. As such, they are ideal for people who wish to engage in a medical fetish.

Since they have the same design as real urethral sounds used in medicine, Hank sounds are made for easy and comfortable use. They are practical and can be enjoyed by people of all experience levels.

The Ribs

The main difference between Hank sounds and urethral sounds used by doctors is that Hank sounds have a pair of special ribs located near the tips of the sound. One rib is placed on the each side, a few inches from the tip.

Why are these ribs so important? They serve a double purpose. On one hand, these ribs serve as a good stopper that prevents the sound to be inserted too deeply. As such, they are a good safety measure. This is particularly important for beginner users who are still not used to urethral stimulation and who might insert a sound too deeply.

Hank sounds can be inserted about 3-4 inches before the rib, which makes them great for first timers. The rib serves as a stopper that will keep you safe during urethral sounding.

On the other hand, it is possible to insert the sound deeper if you pass the rib. In case your urethra is wider and properly stretched you won’t have any problems inserting your Hank sound deeper into the urethra. This way, more experienced users are not limited by the position of the rib and can use the whole length of the sound.

For more experienced users who wish to insert Hank sounds deeper into the urethra, the ribs serve as special features that provide additional stimulation during use. This way, ribs serve as pleasurable bumps that will make the experience even more exciting.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Be careful when inserting Hank sounds, especially if you are a beginner user. Do not force the sound past the rib. If it’s too tight or uncomfortable to proceed, stop. You will be able to insert the sound deeper once you train your urethra a bit.
  • Hank sounds are great for users of all experience levels, but it doesn’t mean that all users will enjoy them equally. It’s best to try a Hank sound first to see if this type of urethral toys is something you find arousing.
  • While Hank sounds are good for experienced users, keep in mind that they are not designed for deep urethral stimulation. They are not made for prostate and bladder stimulation. If you wish to go that deep, make sure to use toys specially made for deep urethral stimulation (such as Van Buren sounds).