Penis Burning after Urethral Play: What to Do?

I really enjoy urethral play. My favorite tool is a smooth vibrating urethral sound that I purchased from the Chain Gang, though I do have to withdraw it before I cum because I read that it is not good to not let the cum shoot out when it wants to. I think I would enjoy the cum more if I could keep it inserted. I have tried some penis plugs with holes in them, but I keep coming back to the smooth vibrating sound- it just feels so good. Sometimes I put my E-Stim rubber loop around the top of the smooth vibrating sound for extra stimulation (and one loop around my balls and penis). Here is my problem: whenever I use the urethral sound, it burns to urinate for several days thereafter. (Penis burning after urethral play).The burning is right near the top of my penis. 

I use high quality surgical lube, so I do not believe it is an infection. I have read something about the cells inside your penis are only used to one way flow, and when you insert something down in the penis it irritates these cells. Because of this, I do not do urethral play often. Does anyone else have this problem, and is there a solution, or does it eventually go away if I do it more often? Thanks for the advice. 

~ Richard

Penis burning after urethral play is a relatively common problem. If this happens only after sounding and if it doesn’t cause further problems, chances are that there is nothing serious going on.

However, it is important to understand that urethra is very sensitive and that you can hurt it easily. If you damage the urethra through vigorous urethral play it will become even more sensitive and prone to problems, such as injuries, infections, and other issues. For this reason, it is always important to be careful during urethral play. It is crucial to make as little damage as possible when you use urethral toys.

Penis Burning after Urethral Play: A Sign of Trouble

Penis Burning after Urethral PlayThe good news is that penis burning after urethral play is not necessarily a sign of trouble. In fact, it is a relatively normal thing. Keep in mind that you are rubbing an object against sensitive urethral walls and that your urethra is simply not made for that sort of stimulation.

This is why many people experience penis burning after urethral play. This typically happens during urination but it can occur during the play or when you take your sound or a penis plug out. Again, this burning is somewhat normal but if it gets worse or if you experience constant burning, you might want to consult a kink-friendly doctor.

Other than that, burning is just a reality of urethral play for some people. While many men are able to minimize or eliminate burning after getting used to regular urethral play, others keep experiencing some burning. This can simply be because of your anatomy and personal style of sounding.

Tips for Reducing Burning

If you want to reduce penis burning after urethral play, here are some things you can do:

  • Use more lube. The smoother it gets, the less irritating it will be. This is a great way to increase your comfort. Just make sure to use sterile lube that is safe for urethral stimulation!
  • Try different urethral toys. Perhaps your current urethral toys are not the best for your anatomy. Experiment with slightly shorter urethral sounds and penis plugs to see if things improve. Instead of toys with a strong texture, try smoother urethral toys. Experiment until you find toys that feel comfortable.
  • Train your urethra. One of the reasons for burning might be that your urethra is not fully trained or stretched. Use urethral trainers to slowly and gradually stretch your urethra. This will make it a bit wider so you will be able to use urethral toys with more comfort.
  • Take a break. One of the best ways to minimize discomfort is to always allow your body some time to rest between sounding sessions. This can help minimizing the burning sensations after urethral stimulation.
  • Be gentle. Do not push or force your toys inside of the urethra. Also, while vigorous play is common at the height of the passion, try to go a bit gentler in the future. This can help you minimize discomfort and penis burning after urethral play.

Happy sounding!

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