7 Reasons to Try Ball Stretching Now

Ball Stretching JewelryMany people are intrigued by ball stretching and might want to try it to see how it feels. There are also those who are hardcore stretching enthusiasts and focus on achieving those amazing low-hangers using the best ball stretching devices. On the other hand, there are many people who are confused by this practice completely.

Why do ball stretching at all? What’s the appeal?

Why Testicle Stretching?

In case you are intrigued by ball stretching but unsure about the appeal and benefits, here are some major reasons why so many men choose to stretch their balls. While this practice is not for everyone, it’s important to know it’s much more popular than it may seem. It is simply not a mainstream practice so this is why many people still don’t know enough about it.

However, that doesn’t mean that ball stretching is not popular. If you are intrigued by ball stretching and would love to experiment with it, good news: there are actually numerous great and enjoyable reasons why you might want to try ball stretching.

Here are the most popular reasons for men to stretch their ball sac:

1: It’s Arousing

Ball stretching brings enormous sexual potential. It’s just arousing on itself. The feeling of stretching your balls is one of a kind. The feeling of the tug all day is such a turn on. While it’s not something all men like there are so many men who do appreciate these new sensations. There is no reason not to try it if you wish to experience something new and pleasurable!

Here’s a secret revealed: ball stretching brings pleasure. Testicle Stretching itself can be very arousing just by itself, so this is why men take great care to choose the best stretching device. Results and sensation vary greatly from stretcher to stretcher, depending on the size, shape, and weight, so it’s possible to achieve just the type of arousal you’re looking for.

The pressure on your balls and the tight sensation when you wear a testicle stretcher are truly one of a kind. Nothing can describe this feeling, so you should try it for yourself to see what the fuss is all about!


Scrotum Stretching benefits

Since stretchers tighten around your scrotum they actually bring those unique sensations you experience during high arousal and orgasm. It’s like having those tingling feelings prolonged and lasting for hours. While wearing a stretcher will not make you cum on itself, it will bring many pleasurable moments. Not to mention any masturbation and sexual intercourse become much more intense. Just the fact that you will be thinking and reminded of it all day when it tugs or moves is erotic.

2: Low Hanging Balls Offer More

Probably the best thing about ball stretching is that it brings pleasure in two ways. One, described above, happens any time you wear a ball stretcher, be it a leather one or a metal one. But that’s not all. Ball stretching keeps on giving even when a stretcher is removed.

Since ball stretching produces low hanging balls, it improves sex in so many ways. Low hangers just feel more pleasurable and will enhance sexual pleasure for a man. They are also great for a man’s partner because there’s just more for them to feel during sex. The pleasure of having those low hangers against the skin is incredible. Ball stretching truly keeps on giving.

Also during sex with the metal ball stretchers on, the women rave about having the weight also bump into them in their genitalia causing some of the erotic orgasms of their life.

3: Prolonged Orgasms

One of the best effects of ball stretching is a prolonged orgasm for a man. It’s basic biology: the orgasm lasts as the semen travels through the balls and penis. To do that, your scrotum must contract first. When you have stretched balls, the mechanism is prolonged because there is just more space for semen to travel. Not only that, but a longer scrotum can’t contract easily, which puts a tingling pressure on your whole genitalia. The pressure and tug last for much longer than usual, which leads to very long-lasting orgasms.

4: Better Stamina

Ball stretching and low hanging balls can help you stay hard for longer. This is one of the best ways to improve your stamina, without using any products, pills, or other devices. While it’s not originally designed for making you stay hard for longer like our Glans Rings this is definitely one of the more pronounced effects of ball stretching.

One of the reasons for improved stamina is that ball stretching devices put pressure on your scrotum, which trains your genitalia to respond to pressure and tightness in new ways. This will help you stay hard for longer and prolong your orgasm, leading to more intense and long-lasting lovemaking. It is definitely something both you and your partner will appreciate!

5: The Looks

Many men and women find the looks of low hanging balls aesthetically pleasing. The Surgical Steel Ball Stretchers look amazing by themselves, but added to that area can be a very welcome surprise. Ball stretching makes balls more pronounced, longer and bigger in many ways, which is both sexually stimulating and looks great. This is truly something special so it’s not surprising so many people love the look of stretched balls.

These unique looks are so striking that there are men who like to stretch balls just for achieving those low hangers. They simply love how stretched balls look! A good thing, of course, is that ball stretching comes with numerous other pleasurable benefits, but even the looks alone can be reason enough to stretch.

Also, some people love the look of the scrotum in ball stretching weights and other types of stretchers. Metal ball stretchers are particularly powerful and look amazing. Some men love to pile several metal ball stretchers to achieve the best low-hangers in existence. And yes, balls in stretchers look amazing!

6: The Feel

It’s not just about the sex and arousal itself: low hanging balls bring a unique feeling even outside sexual pleasure. There are many men who simply like the feel of wearing ball stretching devices.

Having your balls so tight in a metal ball stretcher or another device can be very satisfying on its own.

Also, ball stretching makes your skin more sensitive and responsive to touch, which brings additional benefits. It is truly one of a kind experience!

7: It Makes for a Great Fetish

While not all men who choose to stretch their balls have a fetish, some do. In fact, there are many people who appreciate low hanging balls as a fetish, be it because of the looks, feels or the effort needed to achieve those low hangers.

Also, ball stretching devices are great for fetish and kink activities. They are often used in the BDSM community to play various kinky games, from gentle bondage teasing to male chastity and full on ball and cock torture activities. Ball stretching is a great way to make your BDSM games more exciting, so if this is what you’re into, low hangers and stretching devices are truly a great way to go.

… And More

These are just some of the most popular reasons why men decide to try ball stretching. There are many more reasons: for example, some men do it to enhance the size of their genitalia, while others do it because they like the idea of having something like this hidden under their clothes while they are out in public. There are also those who are dedicated to the stretching process and like to test their own limits.

Remember: whatever your personal motives may be, you can benefit from ball stretching. If you’re intrigued by this practice there is no reason to wait: you can start stretching today!

What’s your favorite reason to try ball stretching?

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37 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Try Ball Stretching Now

  1. I discovered ball stretching few year ago .. it has been one of the nicest thing I could have done to my balls .. i can sleep with out it .. and i have a beautiful pair of hanging balls almost permanent..( when it’s cold they will go back up … but the minute u are hot those balls are beautiful I promise u ..

  2. I started ballstretching some 6 years ago. Its an incredible feeling and my sack has lowered so my balls are dagling when my scrotum is warmed up. Its an magnficent sight and a very pleasent feeling. My wife does not now that I am a ballstretcher. Ik will continue to do so because I want my balls hanging some inches lower so that I can play with them. Also to surprise my wife as soon as I achieve that goal.

  3. Jason2you2 … you’ve been stretching for 6 years and still haven’t seen the results you want? Hum…this seems like a lost cause. I don’t think I want to invest so many years to not get the desired results.

  4. Hello,

    I would love start stretchin my balls,
    have a hudge potential, and 23.6 cock,
    somebody from berlin?….


  5. I’ve been stretching my balls for a couple of years. It’s a sensational feeling and they look so great now. I love the feel of them hanging low sitting or walking,it doest matter. During sex is the best though

  6. I have been stretching for at least 10 years, It does take time to get some results! Serious you have to take time because you dont want to hurt yourself. or worse castrate yourself.

    I started with just a leather shoelace and only for a short time as when you start your balls will not like it at all. once you take off your device what ever you chose to start with they will jump up tight and stay there for a while. your scrotum will being very tight .
    When first starting ,while they are in a stretcher use cocoa butter to massage them this will help to calm and heal your scrotum, Don’t stretch every day give yourself time to heal. Each time you wear it keep it on a little longer. When you are able to be loose in your device it is time to graduate to the next size up. I am currently using a 2.5 leather stretcher and hoping to go up to a 3 inch soon.

    Sometimes I wear it all day long however I heave to wear bigger pants as i need more room. In cold weather I am still loose and in warm weather well I am hanging low. It feels great.

    I hope you give it a try I really recommend it. Be patient and remember it takes time.
    Good luck!

  7. I’ve been stretching my scrotum by hand for several years.

    I only recently discovered stretching rings, WOW! What a blast.
    I started by wearing two, now because I’ve been stretching for years, I found that I needed to increase.
    Now I’m using four, but wait that is not the end I need at least one to two more, to match what I achieved by hand stretching.
    If what I have written hasn’t given you that extra push you needed, then good friend your missing out on something truly wonderful.

  8. great feeling with the stretcher pulling makes you feel very horny,feels like your balls are being sucked all day ,its a fantastic feeling .

  9. I have just gotten into this, as my bf loves to stretch and play with my balls. My ass is pretty loose, and he loves to shove my balls into my ass once he has stretched them. I have not done any “training” but will start now with a metal weight. I love the feeling of wearing a butt plug in public, and I have the feeling this will also be very hot. I can’t wait till my bf sees results…

  10. Great article. I hadn’t considered it before but I’ve recently met some guys who are into it as a hobby of sorts. I’ve recently embraced masturbation as a hobby and this could really make it more interesting. Thx.

  11. I absolutely love stretching my balls … 10 years now .. I went straight into Metal stretchers.. awesome rings.. I sleep every night with them on .. maybe once a week I don’t .. u will get few issues as u go along .. but nothing that a good Shia cacao butter won’t resolve .. great cream to use .. I promise u .. balls stretching is simply awesome
    My balls are defo low hangers ..? They will go back up when cold .. but only when cold I promise u ..
    I does work contrary to what some guys says .. I love my large long scrotum .. great sensation..

  12. I started using ball stretchers because when I would ejaculate, one or both of my testicles would retract, causing painful squeezing. I used to have to hold my balls down when I would cum to prevent this from happening. Wearing a stretcher keeps my balls from retracting, and after wearing a weight for a while, they’ve stopped fighting so much to retract. I can ejaculate without painful retraction now, but it feels so good with them stretched out, I much prefer sex while wearing a stretcher. Snug jeans makes it difficult to wear a weight all day, but I love sleeping with it on. It’s like a gentle tug to help me sleep deeper.

  13. Never heard of ball stretching. But it looks like something i am willing to try. I masturbate a lot and looks like it will help me cum sooner and better. Can you advice me. Where do you get these devices.

  14. I have long been a very sexually active guy right from my pubescent days when I enjoyed a very sexual relationship with another boy which consisted mostly of mutual masturbation (naked whenever possible). Now in my more senior days following a heterosexual life I have begun to enjoy the wearing of genital fitments, the practice of which has reinvigorated my masturbation. As I sit here typing this I am wearing a sturdy cock and ball ring around my – yes – cock and balls which is something I often do, together with a urethral insert which is hollow so I can cum through it which is something else I like to do.quite often. Right now I have come across this website (no pun intended) and am typing this on impulse. Perhaps I will interest a like minded guy out there…….

  15. Now I love stretching my balls very much.
    I started 2 years agou, when I bought my first 33 mm diameter Stainless Steel Ball Ring Stretcher weight 180 grams and hight 15 mm. I streched my balls sometime.
    In May 2019 I bought my second 33mm Stainless Steel Ball Ring and used them bouth several times week.
    In July I had to buy Stainless Steel Magnetic Ball Stretcher 545 grams hight 36mm because my scrotum was streched over 30 mm.
    In August I bought third 33mm Stainless Steel.
    In October I bought my last Heavy Stainless Steel Ring height 40 mm and weight 565 grams.
    This spring i again started with intensive ball streching with three 33 mm rings and added magnetic stretcher and end heavy ring.
    After two years I am using all my rings together it means 120 mm hight and over 1 600 grams.
    Now I sleep sometime night with 33 mm Ring, it’s pleasure, when during night my cook is standing and balls is tigh. I plan sleep with two 33 mm rings.
    My bals will go back up when I pull of rings.
    In sommer it is great sensation to have low hangt balls !

  16. Sziasztok ,én csak négy hónapja használom a here súlyt de isteni érzés ,már egy kis lácatya van ,a 2cm már kicsi át kell állnom 3 cm re de sajnos nem találok 3 és 4 cm aminek a bels? átmer?je 40.40 mm, Tudna valaki segíteni hol találok ?

  17. i have just started stretching & i feel i will enjoy it. But when will i fell any benefit. I use a silicone stretcher but have just bought a metal stretcher, I need to buy the heavier stretchers in this group to get max stretching benefits. I would like balls to dangle near kneecaps if that is possible.

  18. Hey guys I love stretching my balls

    It’s truly a great a experience. It makes me feel so good and my wife…well she doesn’t know but man does she love my balls. They hang low, down to my feet…and I want them to touch the ground. I bought several stretchers but the main one I use is the double link chain mail double weight dragon balls z vegeta piccolo themed dragon ball stretcher. It’s my favorite. If you need one tell me and I’ll send you one free of charge! (470) 839-5061

    I’m excited…to get to know all my fellow ball stretchers! We have such a great community and I’m just so happy to be here. I’m wearing my ball stretcher now as I type this in a Burger King parking lot

    • Happy to meet you fellow stretcher! are you serious?? All the way down to your feet? that sounds soo hot, do you have a picture, would you mind sending it? johndeveen88@gmail.com Would love to try out that weight you’re talking about… just started stretching, already on two 33mm heavy weights and 2 small rings, it feels sooo good..

  19. I’ve been stretching my ball for over 7 years now. I have only one because of an accident some years before but I won’t go into this. I sleep with my ball stretched right down to my knees and wake up smiling every day sometimes it is inside my anus…a nice place to keep it don’t you think? When I walk or run the feeling of it hanging and banging on my thighs is divine. I highly recommend it to anyone.

  20. Hi all. I’m a bit new to stretching, but have been using a couple of Oxballs rings on/off. I like them, but get chafed a lot and have to take it off (dang). Main problem is getting a magnetic surgical steel weight to fit me. I’m rather high & tight, even warmed up. I tried a 36 x 30mm , but no way could I get it around myself, far too small. I’m not a horse, though! My best measurement seems to show I need 48-50mm x maybe 20-30mm tall to comfortably fit me due to my tight sack. I can get an Oxballs ring on, but it’s VERY snug. I don’t like the screw-together rings, order a SS magnetic, but haven’t seen any as large as I may need. Any advice? I’m sure after some time I may loosen up as things and gravity go to work.

    • Hey Gary. I suggest using bean sack, normally used for putting on injured muscles. Pop it in the micro for 2 minutes and warm up your sack while stretching just above the balls with your hand. Also get a high quality water based lube when fitting your Oxballs. Bought one on Monday and is do nice to ware.

  21. Been stretching for a couple of months now and is absolutely amazing, specially when having sex. I ware the smallest one permanently and have sessions during the day adding more rings for a fixed period of time. Over the coming months will extend the time and eventually go for maximum.

  22. Hi, I used to have very tight balls 99% time. Over the last 6 months I have used the Oxyball Squeeze Ball Stretcher and a metal weighted locking ring. I have some smaller rings also that can add a little bit more stretch to both. The metal locking ring is great for weight and will not come off. I wear a few hours a day and mix up what wearing. Sometimes I keep on overnight. The body seems to get used to the ball stretching over time and just need to be gradual. The metal locking ring becomes easier to put on as the skin stretches over time. I used to have to put a small silicon ring around before could put on the metal locking ring. I have tried the leather ball stretcher but was too difficult to put on when don’t have any extra stretch- the metal locking ring is much better plus the parachute leather version is bulky and as a newbie with tight balls any leather with snaps will be extremely difficult. Over the last 6 months my balls noticeably hang down and love the feeling of my balls swinging and the way it looks. My balls look so much bigger hanging down. I am just about at my goal now. I look forward to walking around at the nude beach….

  23. Fairly new to ball stretching, and enjoying the look and feel of it.
    Started with a rubber stretcher then changed up to a metal stretcher for extra weight not long after.
    Love going for a walk wearing the stretcher in a loose pair of shorts, the swing is awesome!!

  24. What about risks of unintentional injuries? The whole enterprise could backfire. By the way, it is demeaning to call these reproductive parts by this vulgar slang term.

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