5 Questions to Ask Your Genital Piercer

~ Buck McGee

I would like to know how to find a professional [genital] piercing practitioner and what questions to ask before I get the ‘job’ done. Thank You.

Questions to Ask Your Genital PiercerFinding a good genital piercer is just part of the job. To ensure your safety and satisfaction, it is important to make sure that this person is indeed the right one for you. These questions to ask your genital piercer go hand in hand with finding a good genital piercer in the first place. It’s all part of the same process that will ensure your full satisfaction with a piercing.

Important Questions to Ask Your Genital Piercer

There are several important questions to ask your genital piercer and many of them are part of the search for the right piercer for your needs. Asking around, following specialized online communities, listening to the word of mouth and reading reviews are incredibly important for making a list of good genital piercers you might want to hire.

However, to actually choose the exact person, it is very important to make sure that this is the right piercer for you. Of course, if you do your research you will find a good genital piercer who is a reliable professional. Before you actually hire them to do your male genital piercing you need to make sure that this person is a good match for you.

Here are the most important questions to ask your genital piercer before you hire them: 

  1. Experience With a Specific Piercing Type

The first thing you need to ask your genital piercer is about their experience with specific piercing types. Ideally, you should have one (or more) piercings in mind and you need a genital piercer who has plenty of experience with that specific piercing. For example, if you want a Prince Albert (PA) piercing, you want a piercer who is famous for doing great PA piercings.

This is particularly important if you want to get a rarer male genital piercing type, such as Dolphin or something even rarer. In these cases, it is extremely important to ensure that your piercer has plenty of knowledge and experience with a specific piercing that you want to get.

Always ask your piercer to show you their portfolio and to prove their experience. This is a necessary step before choosing someone to be your genital piercer. Also, make sure to check word of mouth and reviews about this person to confirm that they are good at the type of piercing you want to get.

  1. What is a Good Placement for Me?

We are all different so it is important to find a good placement for your male genital piercing that will suit your anatomy. One of the most important questions to ask your genital piercer is about the best placement for your anatomy.

A reliable piercer will first make sure that a piercing you wish to get is good for your anatomy. While most people can accommodate most of the piercings, there are certain exceptions so you need to know about it. In case you can accommodate a certain piercing, your piercer should tell you the best placement for your anatomy and preferences. This is very important for many piercings, particularly for genital ones, since they can affect sexual stimulation and pleasure in many ways.

  1. How Will it Affect Sex?

Since genital piercings are those around very sensitive body parts, it is important to ask how your new piercing will affect sex. This is an important question because many genital piercings are functional piercings. That is, they can enhance the sensations and pleasure for the wearer and his partners. It is very important to ask your piercer what you might expect in that department. If you want a piercing to enhance sex, ask your piercer for the best piercing type or the best placement.

Another question you need to ask is how long you will have to wait with sex after getting your piercing. Typically, you will need to refrain from sexual activities for some time but this time varies from piercing to piercing. Your piercer should inform you about this and all the precautionary measures that you need to take. Also, you will probably need to use protection at first to keep yourself and your partners safe. Your genital piercer should explain all of this to you.

  1. Possible Problems

Genital piercings are generally considered sensitive and maybe even extreme. While many of the male genital piercings are not as extreme as they look, it is still important to ask about all the possible problems you may encounter.

A good genital piercer will be open about these things. They will detail all the possible problems and warn you about any risks. This is the only way to make an informed decision.

Also, a good piercer will also help you identify any warning signs and tell you how to reach in case of a trouble. This will help you stay safe and it can also save your piercing in case a problem occurs.

  1. What Are the Best Jewelry Choices?

Genital piercings come in touch with sensitive body parts so jewelry needs to be safe for the body. Your male genital jewelry should not cause any injuries or even discomfort. This  is an important thing to discuss with your piercer.

Your genital jewelry should be smooth and made of materials that are safe for the body. It should also be of the specific shape that will not harm your sensitive body parts. This is something your piercer should recommend.

During the piercing procedure you will get your initial jewelry. This should stay inside for a certain period of time. You will receive the exact details about it from your piercer. You should also ask your piercer about other jewelry you want to use with your piercing once it is healed. Your piercer should inform you about the appropriate jewelry types so you know how to choose genital jewelry.

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