Gifts to give your Lover for Christmas Now!

Here is a handy list of gifts you can give your partner this Christmas. The Chain Gang presents high-quality, durable and beautifully designed adult toys and body jewelry.

Gifts for Her

22mm Thick Vibrator

22mm Thick VibratorThis is a beautiful and elegant metal vibrator perfect for all ladies who like sex toys. The vibrator is made of surgical steel so it’s body-safe, durable and perfectly smooth. The toy is long and slim so it provides perfect comfort even on deep penetration. It’s sturdy and super-hard so it gives that strong, intense stimulation that will make any woman orgasm.

Julian Snelling French Lover Dildo

Julian Snelling French Lover DildoThis excellent metal dildo has 7 inches of smooth surgical steel made for pure pleasure. The toy is specially designed to provide the best vaginal and anal stimulation. It has 4 pleasure bumps and a large, egg-shaped head. This dildo is very sturdy so it provides intense stimulation for all sensitive spots.


Eleven Dildo

Eleven DildoOne of the most beautiful and powerful sex toys on the market, Eleven Dildo is a premium sex toy made for all women who wish to experience mind-blowing orgasms. This large dildo is made of surgical steel so it’s durable, body friendly and incredibly well-crafted. Eleven is a large dildo so it’s best suited for women who prefer their toys to be thick, huge and extra sturdy.

Vaginal Barbell or Kegel Exercise Weight

Vaginal Barbell or Kegel Exercise WeightThis is a nice Kegel exerciser and a handy vaginal toy. Kegels are not particularly fun to perform, so this handy tool will sure make the whole process more exciting and pleasurable. The exerciser is made of surgical steel so it can easily be sterilized after each use. Great for muscle strengthening and some sensual vaginal massage.


British Vaginal Barbell

British Vaginal BarbellThis elegant vaginal barbell is a great dildo and Kegel exerciser, all in one. The toy is made of smooth, solid surgical steel so it’s comfortable and body-friendly. This vaginal barbell has 5 beads made for exercising muscles and massaging all the right vaginal spots. This is a great toy for solo play and passionate moments with a partner. It will help any woman exercise her pelvic floor muscles in the most pleasurable way.



Triple Cock Ring

Triple Cock RingThis is a sturdy, extreme cock ring made for men who enjoy this type of stimulation. The toy consists of three separate surgical steel rings. The largest ring goes over a man’s cock and balls together. The other two rings are made for the cock and balls, respectively. This is a great present for all men who love cock rings and unique sensations these rings can bring.


Teardrop Tickler Cock Ring

Teardrop Tickler Cock RingA beautiful and elegant cock ring made to provide a firm grip and powerful erections. This cock ring comes with a special perineum tickler made for additional stimulation. The toy is very versatile because it can be worn in 4 different ways. It is a great addition to any cock ring collection. The toy is sturdy but comfortable so even less experienced men can use it.


Donut Ball Stretcher Weight   (#1 SELLER !!)

Donut Ball Stretcher WeightThis is a perfect ball stretcher weight made of smooth surgical steel. Ideal for all men who love some nice scrotal stretching or wish to experiment with different types of scrotal stimulation. This is one of the best ball weights on the market. Perfectly designed and carefully crafted, this donut weight is a perfect gift for your man.


“The Original” Penis Plug

"The Original" Penis PlugThis beautiful penis plug is great for making that pierced penis look without actually being pierced. It’s also an excellent penis plug for those who wish to try urethral stimulation. This type of massage provides some unique and very sensual feelings so it’s not surprising more and more men experiment with penis plugs. “The Original” is smooth, sturdy and available with or without a central hole.


Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound Kit

Pratt Urethral Beginners Sound KitA beautiful 8 piece sound kit made for men who wish to try urethral sounding for the first time. This beginner’s set contains eight thin and perfectly crafted Pratt sounds made for sensual and intense urethral stimulation. The sounds are double-ended, with a different size on each end, which means there are 16 different sizes in the kit. The sounds are made of surgical steel.

Penis Chastity Cage

Penis Chastity CageWant to experiment with male chastity? This cage is made of surgical steel so it’s body-safe and comfortable. It’s possible to wear it for the prolonged period of time without any problem. The cage is secured by a hand cuff style lock. Available in two sizes. This is a great penis cage for those who wish to try male chastity for the first time or for more experienced users looking for a new male chastity device.

10 gifts to give your partner for Christmas: Gay Couples

Looking for a stunning Christmas present for your partner? A perfectly designed sex toy is a great choice. Sex toys emphasize intimacy and are great for exciting moments of all kinds. The Chain Gang offers a wide collection of high-quality, durable toys made of premium, body-safe materials.

P Spot Stimulator

P Spot Stimulator

This unique P Spot Stimulator is made of medical grade surgical steel. It’s specially designed to stimulate all the right spots. It provides excellent anal stimulation and a great feeling of being filled up in the best possible way. The toy’s design is made to reach a man’s P spot easily. The toy is sturdy and provides intense stimulation. This prostate massager is great for powerful orgasms. It’s a perfect toy for a guy who likes some intense P spot massage.

Anal Ball Beaded Toy

Anal Ball Beaded Toy

This is a perfectly crafted anal toy ideal for all men who like powerful anal stimulation. The toy combines the best properties of a sturdy anal probe and anal beads to give the most sensual and satisfying experience. The toy has 5 balls of different sizes so it can provide many different sensations. The handle is large enough for a firm grip and it allows toy to be positioned perfectly. The toy measures 5”, plus handle.

Master Series Jeweled Fisting Butt Plug

Master Series Jeweled Fisting Butt Plug

This unique butt plug makes a perfect gift for an adventurous man who loves to explore some sensual anal fisting. The butt plug is made of surgical steel and its unique shape makes for some special sensations. This toy combines the best features of anal plugs and fisting, so it gives a truly special sensation for the wearer and a unique experience.

Butt Tap

Butt Tap

Butt Tap is a sturdy, powerful anal plug made for those who appreciate powerful stimulation. Perfectly smooth and beautifully designed, this is a luxurious butt plug ideal for true fans of anal stimulation. The toy is firm and made to press all the right spots perfectly. This anal plug has a specially designed large head made for intense stimulation. The toy comes with a large handle so it’s easy to hold during use.

Two Piece Ball Stretcher Weight

Two Piece Ball Stretcher Weight

This is an excellent ball stretcher weight specially designed for male scrotum stretching. All men who love to experiment with ball stretching will appreciate this perfectly crafted two-piece weight made of surgical steel. There are many different sizes to choose from, so it’s possible to find a perfect weight for both beginners and more advanced users.


Cock Lock Intruder

Cock Lock Intruder

This is a perfect toy made for experimentation and experiencing so many different sensations. It combines the best features of a sturdy metal cock ring and a handy butt plug, all in one toy. The Cock Lock Intruder is made of perfectly smooth surgical steel so it’s body safe and comfortable. The cock ring will make the wearer’s penis super-sensitive, with rock hard erections and the butt plug will provide additional anal stimulation – all at once.

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug

This amazing penis plug is made for special, deep orgasms. Men who adore urethral stimulation will sure love this perfectly designed penis plug with ball shapes and grooves made for additional stimulation. The toy includes a ring and even the head hook is grooved so it will stimulate the head during use. This is a perfect penis spine and plug made for all fans of urethral stimulation.


Ribbed Urethral Sound

Ribbed Urethral Sound

This is a beautiful, polished rod made for intense urethral massage. This sound is carefully ribbed to provide additional stimulation. At the same time, the perfect polish makes it easy to insert and it provides excellent comfort. This is a great sound for those who love to experiment with urethral stimulation. Available in different diameters.


Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit

Hegar Urethral Sounds Kit

A stunning, 8 piece set of Hegar urethral sounds. These chrome plated bras sounds are made for deep urethral stimulation. Each sound has two sizes on each end so it’s actually 16 different sizes in one pack. Starting from the thinnest sound made for beginners to super thick, these Hegar sounds are perfect for all those who wish to explore urethral stimulation.


The “Miner” Shower Nozzle Hose Attachment


A perfect addition to any shower, this nozzle hose attachment is ideal for targeted stimulation and cleaning of the most intimate areas. The toy can easily be attached to a shower hose, which makes it easy to position it in the best way. It provides excellent anal stimulation, with perfectly designed beads and 8 inches of length. This one is true gem and it makes shower time so much fun.

Plugs and Flesh Tunnels

Straight Amber Plugs

Straight Amber Plugs

Plugs and tunnels are among the most striking pieces of body jewelry. They are usually simple but very effective. These are among the best and most beautiful jewelry styles specially made for stretched piercings. Most often used for ear piercing, these beautiful items can be used for most types of stretched piercings, regardless of body part.

One advantage to plugs and flesh tunnels is that they look very simple and presentable, which makes it easy to wear them in all kinds of situations, including work. As you probably know, professional situations often require special attire and limited types of jewelry. Many times, body piercing and body jewelry are completely forbidden. Yet, plugs and tunnels are often allowed, which makes them very practical and functional. It doesn’t mean they are boring or overly simple: on the contrary, plugs and flesh tunnels are among the most stunning types of body jewelry you can find on the market.

Plugs and Tunnels

A plug is specially designed piece of jewelry made for stretched piercings. Plugs are most often worn in ears, but it’s possible to use them on other body parts. Plugs create a very interesting effect, especially at larger gauges.

One great thing about plugs is that they are made of many different materials not usually used for body piercing. There are many organic materials used, such as wood, glass, precious stone, amber, bone, horn, bamboo, silicone, stone, and other highly effective materials.

A flesh tunnel is a tube shaped, hollow piercing jewelry. The most common flesh tunnels are those used in stretched earlobes but they can be worn in piercings located on other body parts, as long as the piercing itself is stretched to a correct gauge. Other common names for flesh tunnels are earlets, eyelets, spools, fleshy and expanders.

Flesh tunnels are great because they allow you to see through the piercing, which produces unique effects. Another advantage to flesh tunnels is that they are relatively light and they weigh less than plugs, which may be significant at larger gauges. You can wear flesh tunnels with a captive bead ring or another object passed through them.

Choosing the Right Size

Glitter Halo Flesh Tunnel

Glitter Halo Flesh Tunnel

The most important thing when buying plugs and flesh tunnels is to choose the right size. Body jewelry is available in many different diameters, and this is particularly true for plugs, flesh tunnels and other types of jewelry specially made for stretched piercings. It means they are available in many different sizes (gauges), depending on the size of your piercing.

Before making a purchase, it’s vital that you know your size and to order a correct gauge for your piercing. Using only the correct gauge is essential for the best comfort and pain-free experience.

There are many different gauges to choose. Piercings range in size from 20 gauge to 00 and more. Initial piercings are usually done in gauges ranging from 20 to 14 gauge, and it depends on many factors, such as location of the piercing. These initial piercings can be stretched to larger gauges (such as 8 or 0 gauge) using tapers or another stretching method. When choosing plugs or ear tunnels it’s crucial to know your current piercing size and how much stretched your piercing actually is so you can pick the right size.

In case you are not 100% sure about the size, you can order and try a few different sizes to see which one feels the best. The correct gauge will feel the most comfortable and will “sit” well in your piercing. When you find the size that suits you, make sure to remember the gauge so you will know what’s the size of your piercing the next time you decide to purchase plugs or flesh tunnels.

Nipple Clamps for a #Kinky #Christmas

Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps and other types of nipple jewelry provide many different feelings you can experience. They look great, press all the right spots and stimulate your nipples in highly-arousing way.

Nipple play is one of the most sensual and exciting things you can do with your partner. There are many different types of games you can try, from light teasing to heavy play. It all depends on your sensitivities and types of sensations you and your partner want to experience.

Ideal for Nipple Play

Nipple clamps are specially designed to provide intense sensations and they make a great tool for those who enjoy nipple play. They stimulate nipples, leaving your hands free to explore other sensual parts of your lover’s body. Nipples are a very sensual erogenous zone for both men and women and clamps provide unique and highly erotic way to stimulate, arouse and erect nipples and make them super-sensitive. Some people love the sensations so much so they wear nipple clamps in everyday life, under the clothes.

Well-crafted nipple clamps are integral for bondage play and for all those who like some intense nipple stimulation. They apply ideal pressure on the nipple, making it hard, erect and super-sensitive. Unique pinching sensations are irresistible and highly arousing for all those who like their nipples twisted, pinched and manipulated. Taking them off is often even more intense than putting them on, so it makes nipples super sensitive to touch.

For example, adjustable nipple clamps allow you to experiment and apply the pressure exactly how you want it. The best nipple clamps of this type are made of surgical steel. They can be used on both men and women. These clamps have special screws with a ball on each end made for fine adjustment. They fit any nipple size and shape so it’s easy to adjust them just the way you like it. Ideal for various types of kinky play, these nipple clamps provide a great alternative to typical, non-adjustable nipple clamps.

Another interesting type of nipple clamps are spring loaded clamps. They are specially designed for bondage play and they provide very unique sensations. These nipple clamps have a special mechanism that locks around a nipple using springs. Another advantage to these clamps is that they look very stylish and different than many other types of clamps.

The Aesthetics

Simply put, nipple clamps are beautiful and unique. Perfectly shaped and made of surgical steel, these nipple toys are specially designed to heighten both sensation and aesthetics. The best of all: they make your nipples all erect and super-sensitive. As clamps tighten, the nipple pops out. It makes a special visual effect, especially if the nipple is pierced.

Pierced or Non-Pierced?

There are various types of nipple clamps to choose from. Most of them don’t require a nipple to be pierced, so everybody can use them. However, the effect is heightened with pierced nipples so those who enjoy nipple piercing will sure not be disappointed!

Are you Naughty or Nice?

Naughty Xmas  Penis Plug

Naughty Xmas
Penis Plug

Santa is coming to town so have you been naughty or nice. If you’ve been a good boy maybe you can have a Naughty Penis Plug for Christmas. After all, it is shaped like a Christmas Tree. So get ready to HO,HO, HO, or should I say oh, Oh, OHH!

The Naughty Penis Plug is made for just that, naughty boys, looking for a naughty good time or naughty sex. This little penis treasure is sure to provide hours of urethral stimulation and pleasure. The surgical steel is beautifully polished and perfectly molded to get any man off to a good start or an amazing finish.

It starts out at 5mm at works its way through 6 humps to almost 12mm. You can have a little or a lot. Once you have reached the widest part you will be ready to reach climax. You will have to work your way to wearing it as jewelry for hours at a time, you will be able to hold your cum a little longer too. And what man doesn’t want longer, more intense #orgasms. No one wants to blow his wad early.  But the truth is with the Naughty #Penisplug you can tease yourself, your partner can tease you, or you can tease your partner to sustain your hard on and make that oh so good feeling last.

If you are thinking there is no way you would ever stick something steel up the head of your dick, you probably are not alone. It sounds crazy as hell doesn’t it? Guess what? If it didn’t feeling so fucking good, there wouldn’t be thousands sold everyday. Cum on baby, don’t be chicken, get to stickin’. You won’t be disappointed. Looking for the Naughty Penis Plug? Try They have it, plus hundreds more in stock and ready to cum to you.

Stretching Your Piercing

Mysterium Halo Tunnel

Mysterium Halo Tunnel

Stretching (also known as gauging) is a popular form of body modification in which a healed piercing is slowly stretched to accommodate larger jewelry. Earlobes are the most popular piercings people stretch, though it’s possible to stretch piercings on most of the other parts of the body with equal success.

Stretching offers certain benefits, so it’s not surprising it’s very popular among many people. Some of the reasons why you might want to stretch:

• Body modification. Many people like the modification itself, such as the appearance of stretched earlobes.
• More varied jewelry. Stretching allows you to try new, different types of jewelry and to wear jewelry in different sizes.
• New sensations. Stretching allows for new sensations. This is particularly important for genital piercings, where larger jewelry contributes to pleasure and enhances sex for both partners.
• Exciting process. Some people enjoy the process of stretching itself and they love to see the effect of the each new size.

Stretching Tips

Proper stretching requires patience and time. This is the only way to ensure you won’t get hurt and that you will be able to continue stretching to the desired size. When stretching, it’s important not to skip sizes, especially if it’s a one digit size.

Most piercings start at the sizes 20g, 18g, 16g or, in some cases, 14g. It’s important to know what is the size you were pierced at, so you will know the next size you should achieve by stretching. You should start stretching at one size larger than the original size.
When stretching, it’s important to start with a healed piercing. It means waiting the amount of time appropriate for said piercing. It usually takes at least 4 months before you can start stretching. It’s also important to wait at least a month (or several weeks) between stretching, often even longer. It’s important to give your piercing the time to heal and rest between stretching.

It’s always best to stretch after a bath and it’s advisable to use a bit of lubricant to make it easier. This process should not cause serious discomfort or bleeding, so it’s important to go slowly and take your time.


Stretching a lobe piercing

Using tapers is probably the most popular stretching method. Tapers are handy and easy to use, and they come in many sizes so you will always be able to use them for stretching. When choosing a taper, it’s best to use steel tapers because they are smooth, non-porous and can go in and out relatively easily. They are very reliable and make stretching easy. The one downside of tapers is that they are not always suitable for stretching at very large sizes.

When stretching with a taper, it’s important to take it slowly. Massage some lubricant and slowly start pushing the taper through the hole. Make sure to push the small end first – that’s the whole point of using a taper for stretching.

Prepare your jewelry and make sure it’s in the same size as the one you’re stretching to. Align the jewelry with the large end of the taper and push slowly. As the taper goes through the hole you can gently push the jewelry in.

This is all you need to do. The aftercare is minimal if you stretch properly: there should be no blood and no damage to your skin. You may wish to use a saline solution to treat the newly-stretched #piercings.

Some people think it would look great to wear stretchers as a jewelry, but this should not be done. It’s always best to use specialized jewelry made for stretched piercing and gauges.

New Jewelry

Stretches piercings can accommodate new #gauges and styles of jewelry. However, general considerations still apply: it’s important to choose jewelry made of safe materials. There are many cheap products you can buy, made of inferior, unsafe materials. It’s vital that you use quality jewelry made of body safe materials.

Good materials for healing stretched piercings include titanium, surgical steel, Teflon and glass. For healed stretched piercing, you may use some other materials, such as gold, silver, stone, bone, ivory, horn and certain wood materials.

There are many unique jewelry types you can wear on your stretched piercings. Flesh tunnels and plugs are the most popular types.

Cleaning Your Metal Toys

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug

One of a Kind Penis Spine and Plug

Keeping your sex toys and other tools clean and properly sanitized is important. It’s not just an issue of proper hygiene but also health: to prevent STDs, it’s vital to always sanitize your toys after use, especially if you wish to share them with your partner. Properly cleaned toys are safe, hygienic and good to use.

In order to prevent infections and to keep your toys clean, it’s important to apply a good cleaning routine.

Metal Toys

Metal toys are a popular choice with many users, and for a reason. These toys offer numerous advantages no other toy material can bring. Almost all types of adult toys can be made of metal, such as dildos, butt plugs and nipple teasers. Some types of toys are predominately made of metal, such as penis plugs and urethral sounds. There are many popular metal materials for sex toys: surgical steel, aluminum, even precious metals.

Metal toys are typically very smooth so they are easy to insert and use. The smooth exterior requires very little lube to be used in order to feel comfortable. Because of the polished, smooth exterior, metal toys feel comfortable despite their hard surface.

Another good thing about metal toys is that they are very sturdy, which means they provide strong, intense stimulation. They can press all the right spots and you are guaranteed to feel it. If a toy is textured deep, intense stimulation is guaranteed.

Metal toys are very durable, so it’s another advantage. They can’t be broken easily and they don’t tear up. They can be used over and over again for very intense penetration and they will stay as good as new.

Finally, metal toys are easy to clean and sanitize. Not only that, but you will always know that your toys are fully sanitized and that no bacteria and harmful agents are left because this material can be fully sanitized even in home conditions.

How to Sanitize Metal Toys

A great thing about metal is that it’s non-porous, so it’s easy to clean. There are some things to consider, though. First of all, avoid strong rinse agents because many of them are bad for some metals. Also, don’t use jewelry cleansers for sanitizing your metal toys.
Also, remember never to use any sharp object to clean your metal toys because they can damage the metal exterior.

The best and safest way to clean your metal toys is to boil them in water. It is a quick, safe solution for sanitizing your toys. Keep them in boiled water for about 5 minutes, then take them out. Wipe them out and they are ready to use. For maximum effect, you may also clean them with alcohol just before the use.

Some people wash your toys with gentle anti-bacterial soap and water. You may also use specialized sex toy cleaners, but make sure that they are suitable to be used on metal.

Male Genital Piercing Considerations


Surgical Steel Curved Barbells

Male genital piercing can be done in many different ways. It looks great both on flaccid and erect penis and the best of all, it feels so good during sex. While some guys love the way their genital jewelry looks and some even love the thrill of getting pierced, the number one advantage to getting this type of piercing is to increase sensitivity during sex.

Does it work? You bet!

The only thing you should pay attention to is to choose a reliable piercer. If done by knowledgeable staff, genital piercing will bring you and your partners lots of enjoyable moments.

What to Get?

The choice is yours, and it depends on what you like and what you want to achieve, visually and functionally. Basically every type of a male genital piercing can be used to increase arousal during sex and make additional stimulation for both you and your partners.

You will discover that you can use your jewelry to increase sensitivity and that there are many pleasurable ways to play with your jewelry during sex and masturbation. Piercing will make different spots on your penis and genitalia more sensitive and you can also experience new types of stimulation, such as urethral massage or internal stimulation of the glans.

Piercing also feels great for your partners and it can enhance your performance. There are women and men who just can’t resist a guy with a genital piercing and what it can do to make them super horny and aroused.

Female partners can enjoy the feeling of barbells rubbing against their vaginal walls. The curves and edges of your jewelry will provide pleasurable stimulation and massage their most sensitive spots, like G spot or vaginal opening. Depending on the position of your jewelry, you may also stimulate her clitoris curing sex.

Male partners will love your piercings during anal sex because a nice Prince Albert or apadravya jewelry can massage his prostate and provide additional stimulation. Think of it as a personal, life prostate stimulator. Your jewelry can also stimulate his scrotum or perineum and give you both extra arousal.

Different Sensations

Different piercings will give you and your partners different type of stimulation, so it’s one thing you should think about when deciding what part of genitalia to pierce. It all depends on what you and your partners like. There is always an issue of personal preferences; what one guy likes might not be good for another guy or his partners.

Generally speaking, though, each type of genital piercing provides certain sensations and targets certain spots for you and your partners.

Guys who enjoy urethral stimulation should go for the Prince Albert piercing. It is a great one for stimulating various spots at once. Plus, it works great for your female partners. The jewelry is perfectly positioned to massage her G spot during sex. Nothing feels better than having an intense G spot stimulation during wild sex, so you’ll definitely make her satisfied. If you have sex with men, PA and reverse PA are great for prostate stimulation during anal sex. Your jewelry will hit all the right spots and bring him intense orgasms.

If you want to experience totally new feeling, apadravya and ampallang are the way to go: they will make your penis sensitive in new ways. Apadravya (vertical glans piercing) is probably more comfortable for your female partner. Like PA, the jewelry can rub against her G spot, which is very stimulating. It is also one of the most arousing piercings for the wearer. It stimulates your sensitive spots internally and provides amazing feeling during sex.

The ampallang (horizontal glans piercing) may be too intense for some women because the barbells rub directly on her vaginal walls and stretch her more, but this can also be a great thing, especially for guys who wish to expand their girth. Another great advantage to this piercing is that it makes your head really hard, which makes the feeling for both you and your partners very intense.

The guiche is great for external prostate stimulation. Circular barbells look and feel great there. They will massage your perineum and press all the right spots. Depending on the size of the jewelry and pressure, this piercing can stimulate both your perineum and prostate.

There are many other types of genital piercings for men, but these some of the most popular ones when it comes to increasing sexual pleasure. As usual, you just need to be adventurous and use your imagination. Experiment with your partners and discover the best ways to use your genital piercing to enhance your sexual experiences.

bathmate Waterbuddy Penis Pump Gives Excellent Results

Penis Pump

Only $69.99Get it Now Though !

Penis pumps are popular penis enlargement devices. When choosing a pump for yourself, it’s important to pick an effective one. Water pumps give excellent results when it comes to penis enlargement, which is one of the reasons for their great popularity among users.

This type of Bathmate Waterbuddy Penis Pump is an effective device specially designed for penis enlargement. It’s made to be used in the shower or a bath tub. The pump is made to use the power of water for penis enlargement.

The Results

A good bathmate penis pump can help you gain about 2 inches in length and 1 inch in girth and the Waterbuddy will do that for sure. The results may vary and they depend on the individual, so you might experience different results, but that is the common average. What is important to know is that the results are visible instantly. You won’t have to wait weeks and months to experience improvements. And the flagship in the line is the Waterbuddy Bathmate which we have sold thousands of to some very happy men.

The pump will also make your erections super hard and long-lasting, which means you will become a better lover, with an increased stamina in bed. This is a great way to improve your sex life for both you and your partners.

The pump will seal at the base of your pelvis and it will engorge your whole penis. This will result in super-hard erections beyond your normal size. This is how the pump exercises your whole penis. Special mechanism allows the pump to be pumped up in stages. It enables the maximum blood flow to the penis. This is very beneficial for maximizing the results.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the pump makes your penis more sensitive and thus more responsive to every touch. This makes for great bedroom games.

How to Use It

It’s very easy to use a Waterbuddy Penis Pump. A bathmate penis pump can be used during a shower or a bath. What is important is to use water. You should fill the pump with water and place it over your penis. After this, pump for a few seconds.

Leave the pump on your penis during the whole shower (no longer than 20 minutes). You should re-pump it every 5 minutes or so. Remove the pump after the shower.
This is a simple user guide for a water pump so that you will be able to use it without any problems.

The pump uses the power of water to make your penis hard and to increase its length and girth. You can apply it in a matter of seconds and it’s much more effective than the other pumps. You can use the Bathmate Waterbuddy Penis Pump alone, or in addition to other penis enhancement methods, such as exercise.

A water-based pumping ensures a better fit, absolute comfort and more effective results. You will be pleasantly surprised to see instant changes. Usually, the first changes you’ll notice will be in the girth department and hardness of erections.

Something else that i noticed while writing this article was the variation in prices. There seems to be a few retailers that are really trying to take advantage and cash in on someone else needs. There was price variations from one company at $69.99 to another all the way up to $189.99. That is just extreme. To verify this claim just do a search on Google For Bathmate then click on the shopping button and use the sort function to sort them from the low to high prices.

This pump is carefully designed to be both effective and safe for use. It ensures handy pumping mechanism and improved comfort, compared to the other pumps. Not to mention that the companies Flagship design, the Waterbuddy Penis Pump gives much better results.

Tuning Forks for Perfect Sensory Play

Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Forks are not just for playing music! A carefully-designed set of tuning forks makes a great addition to any sensory play. These forks are specially made to vibrate at a specific frequency when they are struck against another object or a hard surface.

You can imagine all the different sensations you can experience using these forks. Vibrations are sensual, deep and intense and you can use them to heighten pleasure and arousal for you and your partner.

How to Use Forks

There are many different ways to use tuning forks, and the only limit is your imagination. You can simply bang your hand against one to produce vibrations. Then you can place the vibrating fork against your lover’s sensitive spots and watch them enjoy the sensations.

Another great way to use tuning forks is to place them against another metal object that’s inserted into your partner’s body. For example, you can use them to vibrate metal dildos and anal plugs, ball stretchers, cock and ball toys, urethral sounds and penis plugs. You can even use tuning forks to vibrate piercing jewelry.

What to Look For

When choosing a tuning fork for your kinky sessions, pay attention to the way it’s crafted. A good tuning fork is not just made of a sturdy metal material that’s polished to perfection, although that’s definitely something you should look for. It’s also important that a fork is well-tuned.

Even if you want to use it for sensory plan and not music, a tuning fork has to be made in such a way that it vibrates at a specific frequency. This way, it’s possible to achieve many different sensations. A set of well-tuned forks will produce different vibrations and therefore, different feelings during sensory play.

A Tuning Fork Set

When choosing tuning forks for sensual play, it’s best to go with a set. This way, you and your partner will be able to experience many different sensations and vibrations. A good tuning fork set will include at least 4-5 pieces, each with a different vibrating frequency. Typically, largest forks have the smallest vibrating frequency (around 128 hertz) while the smallest ones have the biggest vibrating frequency (around 2084 hertz).

Another good thing to look for are adjustable tuner heads. They are typically used for larger tuning forks. This way, you can easily produce many additional vibrational frequencies by simply positioning the tuner heads.