Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell

Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell


The Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell is a very remarkable piece that will look wonderful in your piercing jewelry collection. The pearl is 5mm in size and would accent any piercing wonderfully. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free, and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold, or solid 14K White Gold. The Pearls used are Genuine. They are all hand set, Not just glued in as with most companies.

Before the Body Jewelry is Installed – Pre-Piercing Preparation

Pre body piercing preparation is much easier than this tongue-twister-of-a-phrase. All it requires is a little bit of alertness, care and clear-cut know-how on part of the girl or guy deciding to take the pinch of the needle.

So what should you do to get your body piercing-ready? Follow the steps below and get all set for the sparkles 🙂

  1. Binging on alcohol is definitely a no no. Not even if the binge was 48 hours before  the piercing appointment.
  2. Go to the piercing parlor well hydrated and avoid taking blood thinning medication  or other such foods. That means aspirin, Advil or Aleve.
  3. Stop taking caffeine several days before the actual piercing happens. Take Vitamin K as much you can. It’s needed for optimal piercing.
  4. Get enough rest the night before your piercing appointment. Nervousness won’t really help you much.
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14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell(s)

14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell(s)

Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell


The 14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell is a sexy addition for any nipple piercing. It is made from solid 14k nickel free gold. It is available in either white and yellow gold. The 16 Gauge will have 3.5 mm Bezels and 14 gauge and larger will have 5 mm Bezels.

Blood Jade Stone Ear Plug in Gauges

Blood Jade Plug

Blood Jade Plug


Blood Jade plugs are one of the rarest jades in the world. These are from Tibet and all hand carved and polished by local artists. Blood Jade Plugs will vary in color intensity and is populated by vein patterns. These are really a breathtaking plug.

14k Gold Industrial Barbell


14k Gold Road Test Industrial Barbell

Gold Industrial Barbell

Specifically for the Industrial Piercing. Shaft unscrews from the top and the bottom so that you can insert into the Industrial Piercing, and the design will be in the center of your ear.

The 14k Gold Road Test Industrial Barbell is really cool. These pieces are threaded and come apart on both sides of the center piece for easy insertion, which also makes the centers interchangeable.

Because of the complexity of this piece and the center sizes the length can be off as much as a 1/16″, but not more then that. The 14k Solid Gold is great for adding a look of class and sophistication to any piercing.

The Road Test’s center is 11/16″ tall. As with all of our 14k Gold pieces, the Gold used in this piece is Totally Nickel … read more

Cock Wrapper

Cock Wrapper

Cock Wrapper


The Cock Wrapper is made out of 316LVM Surgical Steel and will wrap around your member. With the steel naturally it will be stiffer then usual and also you will have small spiral speed bumps to share with your partner. It is sure to bring both you and your partner tons of pleasure with the spirals that will constantly hug you. The Wrapper is made from 10 gauge 316LVM Surgical Steel. Be sure to measure before ordering so that you get a good snug size.

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Belly Button Piercing – Feminine Fashion Alone?

A strange thing about belly button piercing is that it has more women takers than men. Ever wondered why? Also the men who get their navel pierced have to battle off strange stares and even stranger notions about them. Somehow, getting one’s navel pierced isn’t considered that manly.

Let’s look into the reasons of such a trend.

  • Navel piercing seems to be  women’s territory since the beginning. Everyone from top models to actresses, social butterflies and not to forget the trend setters – belly dancers have had their navel pierced. Perhaps it has something to with having a curvy waistline?
  • There’s another generalization that works against men having a navel piercing. It’s always been beer bellies when it comes to men and belly buttons when it comes to women! 🙂
  • Does hair make a difference? Women’s stomach’s aren’t hairy so
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Brand New Item – Vibrating Penis Plug

Vibrating sceptre Penis Plug

Vibrating Penis Plug


The Vibrating sceptre Penis Plug is about 2 Inches in insertable length and is about 3/8″ wide at its largest insertable point. This plug is made out of 316LVM Surgical Steel and has a textured end for you to hold securely.

It is battery operated and the battery is included with the plug.

This is a sure way to bring you an incredible amount of pleasure because your urethra is endowed with a ton of nerve endings and the vibration will wake them all up.

Intimate Dome Curved Barbell

Intimate Dome Curved Barbell

Dome Curved Barbell


We only use quality 316LVM Surgical Steel in our pieces for your protection. This custom made piece is one of the most requested custom body jewelry pieces of all time, and are very comfortable in your piercing, and super popular for genital piercings.

When inserted, if the complete barbell is in the piercing then it will seem to dome studs.

Curved Barbells are great because they are easily removed and inserted into your piercing just by unscrewing the ball.

Spinning Wheel Ring

Spinning Wheel Ring

Spinning Wheel Ring


Another innovation that we have to offer is the Spinner Rings. They are similar to the Circle Rings, except that the insert that replaces the standard bead spins freely. Like the Circle Ring, the Spinner Ring is also made from the same high grade 316LVM Surgical Steel, and they have a side setting screw which secures the closure tight. This is a really awesome addition. Unfortunately though they are only available in limited gauges.