PA Stretching Advice subbmitted by Wolf

Concerning PA stretching, especially for larger gauge (00 and beyond), – a painful pleasure as it simply is-, the utmost sensitive skin in the PA piercing will likely be irritated and possibly somewhat inflamed upon successful
insertion of the new, heavy jewelry.

The day after the stretching could become uncomfortable with sometimes extremely slow progress for less pain in days to come when jewelry moves or is bumped.
With heavy PA jewelry, wearing a jock strap with the jewelry nested down at the balls (rather than up) also helps manage less movement.
It is important to shower/bath jewelry morning and evening, for some type of tiny crust could develop and cause serious pain upon movement.

I also elected to use anti-inflammatory Ibuprofen 200mg 2x a day, and may be another one later in the night.

This does help amazingly … read more

Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell

Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell


The Genuine Pearl Prong Set Curved Barbell is a very remarkable piece that will look wonderful in your piercing jewelry collection. The pearl is 5mm in size and would accent any piercing wonderfully. The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free, and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold, or solid 14K White Gold. The Pearls used are Genuine. They are all hand set, Not just glued in as with most companies.