Before the Body Jewelry is Installed – Pre-Piercing Preparation

Pre body piercing preparation is much easier than this tongue-twister-of-a-phrase. All it requires is a little bit of alertness, care and clear-cut know-how on part of the girl or guy deciding to take the pinch of the needle.

So what should you do to get your body piercing-ready? Follow the steps below and get all set for the sparkles 🙂

  1. Binging on alcohol is definitely a no no. Not even if the binge was 48 hours before  the piercing appointment.
  2. Go to the piercing parlor well hydrated and avoid taking blood thinning medication  or other such foods. That means aspirin, Advil or Aleve.
  3. Stop taking caffeine several days before the actual piercing happens. Take Vitamin K as much you can. It’s needed for optimal piercing.
  4. Get enough rest the night before your piercing appointment. Nervousness won’t really help you much.
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14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell(s)

14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell(s)

Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell


The 14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell is a sexy addition for any nipple piercing. It is made from solid 14k nickel free gold. It is available in either white and yellow gold. The 16 Gauge will have 3.5 mm Bezels and 14 gauge and larger will have 5 mm Bezels.