Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set – Curved Barbell


Genuine Diamond Double Prong Set - Curved Barbell

Diamond Double Prong Set – Curved Barbell


This is an unbelievable piece that is absolutely gorgeous. The Diamonds sparkle in these prong settings like sun through crystal. It is because the prong setting allows much more light into the stones then most other settings.

Our Genuine Diamonds come directly from the Diamond Mines of South Africa, and are set into either Solid 14K Nickel Free Yellow or White Gold by our highly experienced Jewelers.

Also we carry a full line of other precious and semi-precious Genuine Stones which can be set into almost any one of our 14K Gold pieces. Even the fancier ones so don’t hesitate to ask us.

Naturally we can provide you with any grade of stone quality that you may want, either higher or lower. Although we do prefer to … read more

Double Captive Curved Barbells

Double Captive Curved Barbells

Double Captive Curved Barbells

These are are internally threaded and as always, they are made from 316LVM Surgical Steel. Most commonly called a double slave curved barbell, it has been a long time requested item especially in the larger gauges, and now we have it. With this piece you can really add some new flair in place of a plain old curved barbell.

This one is hugely popular for the Navel, and the PA (prince albert) piercing, but it can be used any where you can wear a curved barbell. The Rings are also 316LVM Surgical Steel. Being captive you can just pop off one or both, anytime you like, so it is like having 3 pieces of body jewelry in one.

The gauge and size measurements that you choose are for the Curved Barbell that you want. Then we … read more


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Handcarved Skull Necklace from real bone. Check it out, they are 1/2 off of what they used to be.

Handcarved Skull Necklace

Handcarved Skull Necklace


The Handcarved Skull Necklace is truly an eye catcher. It has five skulls carved out of bone and wooden beads add to give it a stylish appearance. It is available in either an 18inch or 22 inch necklace depending on the style you like. Also and most important no animal life was taken to acquire the bone, and no suffering is involved in the acquisition of the bone.