Smile & Shine with Smiley Piercing

This ain’t no emoticon but instead a new body piercing style!  Want to add a little sparkle to your smile? Then the smiley piercing is for you. Also known as upper lip frenulum piercing, this piercing is one of the easiest to heal and involves minimum pain. The piercing is done on the inside of the upper lip (the webbing) and hence shows only when you smile.

Smiley piercing has surfaced recently and even has an antagonist to it – the Frowny piercing! Gaining popularity by the minute, many people are getting attracted towards smiley piercing due to a virtually painless procedure and obviously the shine it adds to your smile.

Captive bead ring is the most commonly used jewelry option for smiley piercing. Curved barbells have been known to be used as well.

Smiley Piercing – Smile your way out of the parlor

Since it does not really hurt much and heals quickly, smiley piercing may be the best way to get initiated into body piercing (just may be, rest depends on your choice). The piercing jewelry will fall below gum line and hence keeping gums and teeth clean (especially after meals) is very important.

Take care that there are no gum infections or damage to teeth. Touching/ playing with the jewelry is a total no no. This not only because your oral health is threatened but also the piercing jewelry may tear out!

Smiley piercing sure has a lot of takers lately yet its still rare overall. It’s body modification at it’s innovative best.

14K Double Heart Medium Curved Barbell

14K Double Heart Medium Curved Barbell

Double Heart Medium Curved Barbell


This piece is sexy and is a wonderful addition to be added to your wardrobe. You can customize the gem colors that you want to make it your own. The hearts are both 4x4mm in size.

The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free, and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold, or solid 14K White Gold.
The Gems used are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons. They are all hand set, Not just glued in as with most companies.
Naturally we can replace the Cubic Zircons for any Genuine Precious Stones you would like, as you can see on our Genuine Gem Page. Just email us if we can help with anything.

14k Gold Graduating Gem Dangle Fixed Bead Ring

14k Gold Graduating Gem Dangle Fixed Bead Ring

Gold Graduating Gem Dangle Fixed Bead Ring


The 14k Gold Graduating Prong Set Gem Dangle Fixed Bead Ring is a very sexy piece that will add a lot of sparkle to your piercings. The gems go from the largest to the smallest and it can be made in either 14k White or Yellow Nickel Free Gold. You can customize this piece to either be set for a horizontal piercing or a vertical piercing, that choice is up to you. This piece would be a must have for any girls piercing jewelry collection.

Last Ones – Pop Can Plug(s)

Last Ones - Pop Can Plug(s)

Last Ones – Pop Can Plug(s)


The name says it all for this one. The top of this plug looks like an open soda can. This plug is saddled so it eliminates the need for o-rings.

These are sold Individually if you need 2 please order 2.