How to Correctly Measure Body Jewelry

As soon as the healing period is over, we cannot wait to sport all types of beautiful body jewelry, right? Of course! After all, what is the point of getting a body piercing is you cannot adorn it with eye catching pieces and turn some heads? Most of us shop for body jewelry online. In such a scenario, it is very important to know how to correctly measure body jewelry.

Whether a piercing is fresh or healed, a wrong sized jewelry piece can irritate and infect it. Let’s look at how to correctly measure some of the common types of body jewelry pieces.

Straight Barbells – One of the most common and easy to measure body jewelry pieces, straight barbells are measured along the shaft between the two balls. Used most commonly for tongue and industrial piercings, straight … read more

Titanium Ball Nostril Piercing Jewelry


Titanium Ball Nostril Piercing Jewelry

Titanium Ball Nostril Screws are available in literally a rainbow of colors. You can also chose between the popular Nose Bones, the Standard Nostril Screws, or if you want to bend it yourself a Fishtail. The ball is 3/32″ in size.

Gem Set Star Flesh Tunnels(s)

Gem Set Star Flesh Tunnel

The Gem Set Star Flesh Tunnels are 316LVM Surgical Steel with a Sterling Silver front to set the clear gem into. These are really nice pieces and would look great in your ear piercings.