14k Gold Double Prong Set Round Curved Barbell

14k Gold Double Prong Set Round Curved Barbell

This simple, yet elegant piece of Body Jewelry looks fabulous for everyday wear in your piercing. The bottom gem is 6mm and the top round gem is 3mm in size nested nicely in a prong setting.

The Gold used in this Piece is Totally Nickel Free, and available in either; solid 14K Yellow Gold, or solid 14K White Gold.
The Gems used are Genuine Swarovski Cubic Zircons. They are all hand set, Not just glued in as with most companies.
Naturally we can replace the Cubic Zircons for any Genuine Precious Stones you would like, as you can see on our Genuine Gem Page. Just email us if we can help with anything.



Blogging, RSS and Feed Readers Made Easy!

We have learned from a recent poll that we did that many people were unaware of our blog at all, and especially were not sure how to use a blog so here is a little help for that. If you like our blog (which you can find here https://www.thechaingang.com/blog/ ) then you want to subscribe to our blog feed, so that every time we post something new, you will know it instantly. To do this most all browsers such as Firefox can have the Feedreader built right in, but may need a “Feed Reader” depending on your platform and browser in order to read it and organize all of your other feeds that you are sure to add once you get started with this.

Free RSS Feed Readers
Whether you prefer an “Internet Web Based” solution to avoid the download, or you want to have a “Program Application” on your PC so that you do not have to login to a website, there is a free solution for you.

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Just pick the one that you would like to use, and then make sure that you subscribe to our blog feed by adding it to the program you choose; https://www.thechaingang.com/blog/

With this, we hope that the whole RSS, blogging and feed reader concepts have been made a little easier!

Titanium Tropical Carousel Circular Barbell

Titanium Tropical Carousel Circular Barbell

The Titanium Tropical Carousel Circular Barbell is a vibrant way to start off the summer with all the colors these pieces has to offer. It is also made from titanium for those of you who may have metal allergies.

The Blog is Staying

Well the results are in and the blog is overwelmingly staying. At a vote of about 650 to 2, we will be keeping the blog. We do hope that more of you will post your comments though. There are no requirements, you can post long stories or short one line comments, there is no right or wrong, just please comment when you think something to yourself, or think that you can add something. Also let us know when you have ideas, or when there are other features for the site or stories that you would like to see. We want to hear what you have to say.

Just in this vote on whether to keep the blog or not we learned several things. One of which was that a few of you did not like to have to create an account to comment. Well we have already changed that, and you can comment immediately no account needed.

We will also add more jewelry posts as many liked getting to see the items that way.

Have a great week /weekend

Should we continue this blog?

Hi All,

We are considering no longer bothering with blog since it seems that most of you do not care. We hope that you will tell us that we are wrong, but we have only gotten a couple comments from all of you in the 2-1/2 years that we have been posting. Tell us simply to keep it or ditch it.

Either comment to this article, or email us at blog@thechaingang.com


Belly Button Jewelry – To Dangle or Not to Dangle

Belly button jewelry may be the most popular of all the body jewelry women wear today. Women of all ages enjoy the new clothing styles that show off their belly button from short tops to hip hugger jeans, so why not add a bit of mystery, or enhance the beauty of your midriff with a stunning belly button ring?

There are all kinds of naval rings that are sure to get the attention you desire and deserve, however, you must first consider what type of belly button jewelry you want to wear and even the risks involved with certain styles.

The dangling navel rings are some of the most popular; however, you need to be careful as the rings can catch on your clothing, which can cause them to be pulled along with your skin. This can cause damage not only to your piercing but to your skin as well. Continue reading