How to Clean Your Body Jewelry

Have you ever looked at your piercings and discovered your Jewelry is just nasty? Well that is because like all Jewelry, body piercing jewelry needs to be cleaned too. You get a build up of dead skin cells, drainage, lint, and anything else that can make your jewelry dull. Most metal jewelry cleans up best with an ultra sonic cleaner and it will make jewelry look as good as new. Please keep in mind that this does not sterilize your jewelry just cleans it to make it look pretty and new once again. If you decided to get a sonic cleaning done on your jewelry most shops and jewelers charge a fee and expect at least a 20 minute wait so that the Jewelry get the proper time need to clean.

10 Dumb Questions to ask your Body Piercer

You might have heard the saying, ‘There are no dumb questions’, Well, it is time to revisit that statement and come to terms with the fact that there actually are questions which can be defined in no better way than dumb. If piercing is painful for the person getting a piercing, then what is it that pains the Professional Piercer? No points for guessing, it is obviously Dumb Questions that people ask before, during and after the procedure of body piercing. Asking questions is a very good habit and should be encouraged in order to get proper information, especially about the aftercare. However, asking dumb questions is kind of well dumb!, and more than you actually learning something useful, it can really just piss off the piercer in whose hands lies your ‘flesh’ to be pierced.

Getting Ready for A Piercing? Here Are 5 Important Pre-Piercing Preparations

Piercings have become an important part of our lives. It is very uncommon to come across someone who does not sport them. In fact, today’s population believes in sporting more than the common two or three piercings, and in all places imaginable!

We all know about taking care of a fresh piercing, but there are some pre-piercing preparations as well, and these require as much attention and care. If you are thinking about getting a piercing, do not forget the precautions which have to be taken before there is actually any punching of the skin or insertion of jewelry.