Body Piercing Migration or Rejection

If you have body piercings I am sure that you have heard about “piercing migration” or “piercing rejection”. What is it? Piercing migration is when your body keeps pushing out the body jewelry that you have inserted into your body piercing. It will keep pushing it closer and closer to the surface of your skin. The reason is because your body feels that it is a foreign object like a splinter and it wants it out. This can be because of the gauge of the jewelry, or because of an allergy to the metal, or most commonly from using poor quality body jewelry. Sometimes your body is just very picky, and there is not much you can do. If gone unnoticed your body will reject the jewelry by pushing it totally out of your body causing scarring that will remain … read more

The Chain Gang’s Heart Basket Hybrid Fixed Ring – A Dainty Piece of Body Jewelry

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store is always striving to provide customers with the very latest in body jewelry fashion. Keeping the trend on, we bring you a beautiful piece to decorate your piercings with – the Heart Basket Hybrid Fixed Ring. Adorned with a heart shaped gem, this piece is perfect for all in love!

The Heart Basket Hybrid Fixed Ring is made by combining 14k Nickel free Gold and 316LVM Surgical Steel. When you choose to order this sexy piece, you can decide everything from the Gold type to the gem color. Also, you can decide the gauge of the ring. As the gem is attached to the ring, there is no danger of losing it. The heart will adorn the ring forever!

Navel Piercings Look Hotter with The Chain Gang’s Flower Hybrid Curved Barbell with Flower Top!

Navel piercings are all the rage. They look good and are definite head turners. A navel piercing is all the more alluring if decorated with attractive pieces of navel jewelry. The Chain Gang, you trusted source for all body jewelry, has a wide range of designer navel pieces which includes barbells, curved barbells and rings.

One of our most popular pieces is the Flower Hybrid Curved with Flower Top. Made by fusing together the finest 14k nickel free Gold and 316LVM Surgical Steel, this piece promises to keep both fresh and healed piercings safe. There are 7 gems in the top flower, all promising to glitter and grab attention at all times!

Surgical Steel Serpentina – Look Good and Keep Your Piercings Safe!

Every once in a while, there comes a body jewelry piece which is so irresistible that jewelry lovers must own it. At The Chain Gang, we strive towards providing you with such pieces more often than not. The latest addition to our range is the designer Surgical Steel Serpentina. Made from 316LVM Surgical Steel, this piece promises to keep both fresh and healed piercings safe.

The Surgical Steel Serpentina is reasonably priced at $28.99 and backed by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This piece is so unique and attractive that no one will be able to resist looking at it. Adorn your piercings with the Surgical Steel Serpentina and be the center of all attention!

The Chain Gang has an array of other such attractive and designer pieces. When you shop at our online body jewelry store, … read more

Be the Center of All Attention with Our Silver Lightning Eyebrow Barbell

Eyebrow barbells are definite trend setters and sporting one is both stylish and daring. For all those who like to wear their attitude, The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store presents the Silver Lightning Eyebrow Barbell. Adorn your eyebrow piercings with this designer piece and turn heads wherever you go!

Our Lightning Eyebrow Barbell is sure to electrify your piercings. Decorate your piercing with this unusual piece which not only looks amazing but also promises to keep both fresh and healed piercings healthy. The impressive lightning bolt is made of 100% Sterling Silver and the barbell is made from 316LVM Surgical Steel.

Why Parents Say No to Body Piercings and Teens Can’t Get Enough of Them

Piercings and tattoos have been around for the longest time, yet parents frown whenever their kids say the P or T words. When asked, most parents, in fact most elders, give the reason that piercings, except for the accepted one or two ear piercings, make you look out of place, and not in a good way. That doesn’t stop the kids though who keep getting their body parts pierced and decorated with tattoos. Being a kid is tough and it gets tougher when you have to convince your parents to let you do stuff your way.

Why are parent so anti-piercings/tattoos anyway?