Think Ear Piercings Are Boring? Not When They Are Adorned With The Chain Gang’s Gem Set Skull Circular Barbells

Ear piercings are the most common form of body piercings but that doesn’t mean that they are boring! Nowadays, ear piercing jewelry is available in a wide range of designs and that makes getting ears piercing and shopping for ear pieces as much fun as shopping for eyebrow or navel jewelry.

To adorn your ears and add a dazzle to your already gorgeous piercing, try our Gem Set Skull Circular Barbells. Gem Set Skull Circular Barbells are a great way to enhance those ears as well as many other piercings. You have twelve gem colors to chose from to make the eyes of the skulls glitter or you can leave them as empty hollow sockets like a real skull.

Straight Dice Barbells for Your Tongue Piercings!

So you went ahead and got a tongue piercing? Congratulations! You can now proudly sport one of the coolest and most uncommon piercings. What about the tongue jewelry? Let The Chain Gang take care of it. We have a range of attractive and innovative tongue jewelry which is perfect for both fresh and healed piercings.

Circular Barbells Just Got Innovative! Check Out The Chain Gang’s Titanium Big Balling Circular Barbell

Do you also, like many, many people out there, think that Circular Barbells are plain and boring? Then maybe you would want to look at The Chain Gang’s Titanium Big Balling Circular Barbell. This will definitely change your mind! This piece is colorful, attractive and so very unusual.

Our Titanium Big Balling Circular Barbell is internally threaded for your comfort and you can get the same size or different size balls on each end, Titanium Big Balling Circular Barbelleven as large as 3/4″. Titanium Big Balling Circular Barbell

Tattoos and Piercings – They Go Hand-in-Hand and Complete Your Look

Piercings and tattoos are THE fad and they really go hand-in-hand. A trendy piercing looks even more so if accompanied with a tattoo. These are trends which have been around for centuries and are still as hot as they were when they first came about. Piercings and tattoos complete your look and complement each other.

In earlier times, tattoos and piercings were a mark of royalty and set the royal few apart from the common others. Today, tattoos and body piercings set the daring and cool few apart from the others. Not much has changed, except that tattoos have become permanent and body piercings are now adorned with much more attractive piercing jewelery.

Attractive and Innovative Sterling Silver Nipple Shield from the House of The Chain Gang

Nipple piercings are fast becoming popular and with the growing number of nipple piercings, body jewelry designers are comping up with innovative and never before designs of nipple jewelry. When it comes to body piercing jewelry, The Chain Gang is the best source for quality jewelry crafted from the finest materials by leading designers.

Brighten Up Your Piercings and Your Day With The Chain Gang’s Multi Star Curved Barbell

<!– ckey=”4C4806F5″ –> Curved barbells are a great way of flaunting piercings, especially navel piercings. Navel piercings are one of the most visually appealing and sensual piercings and when adorned with the right kind of jewelry, they are guaranteed to turn heads everywhere.

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store has been providing body jewelry lovers with unique and innovative body jewelry for well over a decade. From our collection, we bring you this alluring Multi Star Curved Barbell which will add “umph” to the already glamorous you.

Priced at $18.99, this piece is a steal! A great gift for a friend or to yourself, the Multi Star Curved Barbell can be made in pink or clear gems. So go ahead, get this glittering piece and add dazzle to your piercings!

Internally Threaded vs. Externally Threaded Jewelry – Which One You Should Prefer and Why

It’s an ongoing dilemma is; should body jewelry be internally or externally threaded? Whenever you choose to purchase from an online body jewelry store, you have the option of picking jewelry which is threaded internally or externally. So which one should you pick? And why? Here is an attempt at making the decision easier.

What is internally threaded jewelry?

Internally threaded body jewelry has a threaded hole inside the barbell and an external thread protruding from the ball. A barbell passes through the piercing and then the ball is inserted and screwed into place.