Dare to be Different With The Chain Gang’s Karma Sutra Jewelry Charms

Welcome to the wonderful world of body jewelry, the world of The Chain Gang. We have been providing high quality body piercing jewelry for well over a decade. We offer designer jewelry made from the finest materials and crafted by experts.

For all body jewelry lovers who are looking to add a zing to their existing collection, The Chain Gang presents jewelry charms which are available in a wide range of designs and promise to add a never-before appeal to the jewelry pieces you own.

What does Titanium mean to Body Jewelry?

Titanium Curved BarbellTitanium is one of the best metals to uses in your body piercing, if you have allergies to metals. It has virtually no alloys in it, therefore causing no reaction with you body and less rejection and infection from your piercing. Titanium is used in many implant surgeries that doctors perform daily for these very same reasons. It also is very light weight, at about 45% of the weight of Surgical Steel. So if you have large Gauges piercings you and want to lighten up some, you can do so with Titanium body jewelry because of it being so light.

Exclusive Labret Body Jewelry from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to the largest body jewelry store on the web – The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We have a massive collection of high quality body piercing jewelry where each piece of body jewelry is unique in its design and structure. Moreover, we update our site with new products almost every day to keep you updated with the latest jewelry designs on our store.

Blackline Spiked LabretLooking for Labret Studs? Check out our Blackline Spiked Labret which comes to you medically treated and with a permanent coating which can never wear off. The labret is placed over medical grade titanium jewelry without any use of alloys.

The Body Jewelry News

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Exclusive Nipple Shield Style 9 at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We offer high quality body piercing jewelry in lots of eye-catching and contemporary designs. Our body jewelry pieces have been magnificently crafted to give you a sensuous look.

Nipple Shield Style 9Now presenting to you gorgeous and stunning nipple shields made out of sterling silver designed in different styles and alluring charms.

To Wear or not to Wear Gold Body Jewelry

Many people still have misconceptions about gold body jewelry. Many people still even purchase cheap plated gold body jewelry which can be found at just about any mall and in stores like Spencers. Plated Jewelry can cause major infections due to the plating wearing off and the high nickel content in the Jewelry. Some people feel that the true solid gold body jewelry should be stamped 14k or 18k gold. However having this stamp does not mean a whole lot anymore since first of all, anyone can purchase the hammer stamps and put it on plated crap, and secondly having your body jewelry stamped just makes for a great place for bacteria to breed causing an infection. Usually this will only be done by the overseas companies and then it is very questionable what you are getting anymore based on … read more