Trendy Nipple Discs from the house of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

We welcome you to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. At The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store we are dedicated to offering the finest merchandise at the lowest prices found anywhere else on the web. We offer only the highest quality body jewelry products made from surgical grade stainless steel, sterling silver and 14k gold.

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5 pack of Saw Blade O-Ring’s now available at The Chain Gang

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry. At The Chain Gang, we have set out to discover the world’s best and most unique piercing jewelry at the very best prices. We are proud to offer some of the highest quality body jewelry that you will find online.

5 pack of Saw Blade O-Ring'sCheck out our “5 pack of Saw Blade O-Ring’s” from our body accessories range. It is a wild alternative to the plain O rings for Plugs, Earlets, and Claws, along with a few other pieces. The product has been made out of implantation silicone and is currently available in only black color.

The product is priced at $12.99 and is available for a limited period, so grab yours while we have it!. To buy this product, just go to “5 pack of Saw Blade O-Ring’s” present under “Body Accessories” section of our body jewelry range.

Stylish Star burst Fancy Earlets now available at The Chain Gang

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry strive to bring you the most unique collection of body jewelry. Our line of body jewelry comprises of a huge variety of curved barbells, ear plugs, charms and lots of other body piercing accessories.

We sell only the highest quality body piercing jewelry to guarantee customer’s safety and protection. All our steel body jewelry products are made from the finest 316LVM surgical grade stainless steel. Moreover, many of our body jewelry products are completely non-allergenic. Titanium is wonderful for this, and we only use implant grade for our body jewelry pieces. Continue reading

Beware! Does your Piercing Jewelry come from China?

In this day and time one can not be too careful where they purchase anything anymore. Whether it be toys, Jewelry, or even your dinner plates there are hazardous things everywhere. And if you notice it seems that the majority is coming from China and other Asian countries. Well guess where 70% of the body piercing jewelry is from? If you see a piece of jewelry that is too cheap to be real then it probably is. Do you really think that “Made in The US” body jewelry could sell for $4.99 or even less? The US makes it good, but not usually cheap. China has really brought our attention to a lot more things that effect our everyday life and even our safety.

So now in Body Piercings, you know that you should only wear Titanium, Niobium, Surgical Steel, 14k Gold, or 18k Gold. The most important reason is that there are not to Continue reading