Unique Borneo Snake from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. Browse our latest collection of body piercing jewelry designed in unique styles and combined with glittering stones and dazzling ornaments.

The Borneo SnakeWe now offer you unique body jewelry pieces from our “Organic Jewelry” range of body jewelry products. These pieces come to you in eye-catching and contemporary designs. We encourage you to have a look at “Borneo Snake” – one of the amazing products from The Chain Gang range of “Organic Body Jewelry”.

Heart Basket Hybrid Fixed Ring from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry. We offer you a wide selection of exquisite body jewelry at wholesale prices. Browse our online shopping store to see our vast range of body piercing jewelry including barbells, hybrid rings, ear plugs, charms and much much more.

Heart Basket Hybrid Fixed RingWe are the largest and most respected supplier of the latest high quality body jewelry for all type of body piercings and all at affordable prices. We feel pride on providing the best possible service to our customers.

Body Piercing in history and the future

The art of body piercing has been around for many years. It can be dated back to the to ancient times and even the Bible. So why would so many people have a problem with body piercings? I think it the lack of understanding about the piercings and also just being prejudice.

There are several different piercings that can be found a in history such as Ear Lobe Piercing that were stretched, Nose Piercings, and even Nipple Piercings. Some of these piercings can

Flesh Tube(s) from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We sell body jewelry as unique as the people wearing it. Every piece of body jewelry you find on our store is one-of-a-kind high quality product specially crafted for you. The Chain Gang is your source for quality body piercing jewelry. Would you like to wear the same body jewelry products as everybody else wear? Us neither.
Flesh Tube(s)We now bring to you “Flesh Tube(s)” from our alluring range of “Earlets and Tunnels“. The Flesh Tubes are very simple to insert and wear. You just need to slide the tube through your body piercing and put on the O-Rings. Thats it and you are done! Its as quick and easy to do. Kindly note that these Flesh Tubes do not have the grooves for the O-Rings so you … read more

The Intimate Button for males from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store brings to you yet another piece of male body jewelry with the The Intimate Button.

The Intimate ButtonThis button can be used for different types of piercings ranging from the ear to the labret and many others. As evident from its name, this button was originally designed for the most intimate locations on both men and women.