Lovely 6-Prong Round Hybrid Curved Barbell from The Chain Gang

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store is among one of the few major sellers of body piercing jewelry. At The Chain Gang we believe in presenting our customers with high quality body piercing jewelry at discounted prices.

6-Prong Round Hybrid Curved BarbellWith thousands of body jewelry pieces and body piercing jewelry products online, we are proud to be recognized as one of the major body piercing jewelry suppliers in the world. We are also proud of our Brand new Hybrid line which is a combination of Surgical Steel and 14k Gold. Check out our all exclusive range of “Hybrid Curved Barbells“.

Something New for old Nipple Piercings

To many people still think that Body Piercing is a fad that just took off recently and will probably go away in time. In fact it is just the opposite Body Piercing has been around a long long time and only getting more popular. Many tribes were pierced to signify different things in years past. The Romans pierced their nipples to show signs of Bravery and also for functionally, as that is what they attached their cloaks to when they were not wearing their breast plate and other armor.

Economy Insertion Tapers from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store is proud to offer a full range of unique high quality body jewelry at its online shopping store. Our prices are best in the industry and we never compromise on the quality of our body jewelry or our body jewelry tools.

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Shining Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong Top

At The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store, we have the largest catalog of 100% satisfaction guaranteed body piercing jewelry available. All our body jewelry pieces are made to achieve our high quality of standard while still being very affordable.

Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong TopNow presenting to you a stunning range of “Hybrid Curved Barbells” exclusively crafted for you. Browse the latest product from this range – “Princess Hybrid Curved Barbell with a Prong Top”.

New Male Genital Piercings ?

Male Genital Piercings have been around a very long time. Many guys think that it is something brand new and totally outside the box, when in fact there are confirmed genital piercings long before today. Examples are the tribes in Borneo which implant bones in either the head of the penis, or just the fact that the most popular Male

Unique Hand Carved Cattle Bone Skull Necklace from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

We at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store offer you wholesale organic body jewelry in a range of stunning designs. We have a vast range of latest organic jewelry products such as wood earlets, buffalo crescents and vertebrae necklaces all made in the finest natural materials.

Hand Carved Cattle Bone Skull NecklaceCheck out “Hand Carved Cattle Bone Skull” necklace from our new range of “organic body jewelry” products. This hand made necklace is really unique in its design and shape and comes to you at a price of $288.99 which is worth the labor alone in producing this beautifully crafted piece.

Body Jewelry accessories from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Make an individual style statement by wearing unique and latest body accessories from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

Strip WeightAll our jewelry products are surgically safe and will last a lifetime. Besides, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our body jewelry products backed up by some excellent customer service.

Now presenting to you – Strip Weights, one of the latest body accessories from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. The product is completely hypoallergenic and has been made using 316LVM Surgical Steel.