Stunning Large Flower Hybrid Spiral available now at The Chain Gang

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store has been providing the utmost in high quality body piercing jewelry for over 13 years. See the latest designs in body piercing jewelry first only at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. Our blog section lets you know what’s hip and what’s hot regarding body piercing jewelry.

We are proud to unveil our gorgeous and stunning range of “Hybrid Spirals”. Check out the latest “Large Flower Hybrid Spiral” from this range of ours. The Large Flower Hybrid Spiral is a beautiful piece to wear.

What is Body Piercing and why Should I Worry About Who Pierces me??

Body Piercing is when you add a hole in your body that is not suppose to be there in order to add Jewelry or decoration to your body. You can pierce almost every part of the body including ears, eyebrows, navel, Tongue, Lip, Nipples, and your genitals. The most common piercing would have to be your ears. And most people or parents start piercings with there children at a very young age.

Straight Dice Barbells now available at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. At The Chain Gang Body Jewelry, we offer you the largest catalog of 100% satisfaction guaranteed body piercing jewelry in the world.
Straight Dice BarbellsSearching for tongue piercing jewelry? Well, you have come to the right place. At The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store, we offer you an amazing and unique range of high quality tongue piercing jewelry.

To add to our range of “Tongue Jewelry” we now bring to you “Straight Dice Barbells“. The product has been manufactured using 316LVM implant grade surgical steel and it comes with an acrylic dice to add style to your piercing.

Cool Ear Drum Cannister(s) from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry is one of the leading and most respected manufacturers of body piercing jewelry in the world. We strive to maintain the quality and superior craftsmanship of our body jewelry products.

Ear Drum Cannister(s)Looking for Ear Plugs? Well, check out cool “Ear Drum Cannister(s)” from our “Ear Plugs” section. They come with a hidden compartment that serves as a good hiding spot for your _____.

Cool Celtic Nipple Shield from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

We welcome you to the most popular and trusted body jewelry and accessories store on the web – The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We are committed to offering body jewelry conforming to the highest quality standards, largest variety, affordable prices and the best customer service.

Celtic Nipple ShieldLooking for trendy nipple jewelry? Don’t look any further!
We at The Chain Gang now bring to you an exclusive range of high quality nipple jewelry in amazing designs. Check out “Celtic Nipple Shield” – One of our popular products from this range.