How To Clean Organic and Glass Body Jewelry?

Most organic Body Jewelry consist of bone, wood, horn, and stone. Cleaning this jewelry can be very tricky. You never really want to get wood wet in any way so how do you clean it? To remove any imperfections or dents in the wood you can do a little sanding to remove these then take a damp cloth and wipe off the excess that was removed from sanding. Once dry, then polish the wood with Jojoba oil which can be found in a health food store or your local grocery store.

Happy Charm – Captive Bead Ring now available at The Chain Gang

Check out our newly launched body jewelry products this month at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. Introducing “Happy Charm – Captive Bead Ring“, a beautifully crafted captive bead ring that will definitely get the attention of others.

It works in Captive Bead Rings up to 8 gauge size. The “Happy Charm” captive bead ring is made out of Sterling Silver and the ring has been manufactured using Surgical Steel.

Unique Glass Twist from the house of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

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Glass TwistWe carry an exclusive collection of “Organic Body Jewelry”. Now presenting “Glass Twist” – A great add on to your organic body jewelry collection. Glass Twist is a uniquely designed piece commonly worn in the ear. It is light weight and very comfortable to wear.

Jobs and Body Piercings are mixing together better

Are jobs becoming harder for you to get because of your piercings? Things could be looking up for you soon. On the front cover of the December 2006 issue of Government Executive magazine is a female civil servant, appropriately dressed, with both nose and ear piercings. The baby boom generation and older do not seem to like the idea of piercings

Surgical Steel Nostril Screws from The Chain Gang

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Surgical Steel Nostril ScrewsPlanning to buy “Nostril Screws“? Check out “Surgical Steel Nostril Screws” and lots of other Nostril pieces from our “Nostril” section. Like all our other Surgical Steel products, these Nostril Screws are made from 316LVM.

Artistic Titanium Sacred Heart Curved Barbell from The Chain Gang

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store features a wide variety of body piercing jewelry in a collection that consists of straight barbells, curved barbells, segment rings, ear plugs and much more. We have a full range of body piercing jewelry in our online shopping store. You can find the jewelry that best expresses your personal taste, style and elegance from our categorized catalog.

Titanium Sacred Heart Curved BarbellCheck out our latest “Naval Pieces” collection of body jewelry to have a glimpse of “Titanium Sacred Heart Curved Barbell” product pictured to the left. This curved barbell comes with a sterling silver design and a red heart shaped gem setting enhances the beauty of the piece.

Body Piercings for stimulation rather then just decoration

Piercing is not just to decorate you body, there are all so some great side affects of having body jewelry inserted into your body. A feeling of sexually pleasure can come from various piercings, especially the female genital piercings such as the Vertical and Horizontal Clitoral Hood Piercing, the Clitoris Piercing and the Labia Piercing.