Beautiful Spirals from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. We offer you a unique selection of high quality body jewelry. We carry and manufacture only the best in body piercing jewelry from the leading body jewelry manufacturers in the world.

Spirals & ClawsWe now bring to you a stunning range of beautiful spiral designs. The spiral is an interesting piece and we are pretty sure you will enjoy wearing it. Give your body piercing a little twist with this unique spiral.

Fake Body Jewelry

Some people often wonder why people would go through all the pain to get a real body piercings when they could wear the fake jewelry that can be found just about anywhere. Most people do not put a lot of thought as to what the fake Body Jewelry is made out of or what danger it can cause.

A lot of the fake Body Jewelry may contain magnets or nickel. Just because it is not put directly in your body does not mean it can not harm you. You can swallow them or have a

Lucite Eyebrow Retainers from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

At The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store we have got the most comprehensive range of 100% satisfaction guaranteed body piercing jewelry. At our online shopping store you will find exactly everything you are looking for at the most affordable price with an assurance of high quality.

Lucite Eyebrow RetainersFind best selection of piercing jewelry at The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store at the lowest ever prices. Presenting “Lucite Eyebrow Retainers” for you from our range of “body piercing jewelry“.

Dazzling Titanium Carousel Cylinders with Captive Rings from The Chain Gang

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. Huge selection of latest body jewelry available at lowest prices backed up by fast shipping and an excellent customer service. All our body jewelry products are made from the finest high quality metals and materials.

Titanium Carousel Cylinders with RingWe have now added beautiful “Titanium Carousel Cylinders with Rings” from our “Charms” range of body jewelry products. These Carousel Cylinders are made up of high grade Titanium and come in a wide array of vibrant colors.

Play Piercing

What is play piercing? Play piercing is done by temporarily piercing your skin with a sharp object for fun or pleasure. Needles are normally the puncture tool of choice for this fun. Many who do this are doing it for self expression, sexual pleasure, and entertainment, and sometimes it is part of a tribal culture. This should only be done with one time use only sterile needles to prevent the spread of blood borne diseases or infection. So please be very careful if you do enjoy this pleasure.