Titanium Laser Cut Canister(s) from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

Explore your individuality by wearing these laser cut high quality body piercing plugs now offered to you by The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store. Now presenting an exclusive range of designer “Ear Plugs” at the most affordable prices. These ear plugs are quite hygienic and are easy to maintain.

Titanium Laser Cut Canister(s)Have a look at our “Titanium Laser Cut Canister(s)” – One of the products from our “Ear Plugs” range. Available in high polish, these Titanium Laser Cut Canisters are completely free from Nickel and great for people that have metal allergies.

My Navel is Pierced now what ?

Well you have finally taken the first step and finally got your navel pierced, now what. Well you have a long road ahead of you of cleaning and taking proper care of your piercing as your navel can take 3-4 month or even a year depending on your body and your aftercare.

Beautiful Glass Zebra Plug(s) from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry

Welcome to The Chain Gang – The most popular and trusted body piercing jewelry and accessories store on the web. We at The Chain Gang make sure that you have the best shopping experience with us. It is our commitment to bring real value for the money to our customers by selling our jewelry at the most affordable prices while using the highest materials available.

Glass Zebra Plug(s)We now present a vast range of body jewelry products made up of glass. All our glass body jewelry is manufactured for added strength and life long durability. Besides, all our glass body jewelry products are hypoallergenic.

Beautiful 14K Gold – Bowtie – Curved Barbell from The Chain Gang

Welcome to the house of The Chain Gang Body Jewelry, the most trusted sellers of body piercing and body jewelry products for over 15 years.

14K Gold - Bowtie - Curved BarbellHave you ever tried our Curved Barbells? We now bring to you a comprehensive range of selective curved barbell body jewelry pieces designed by some of the finest body jewelry designers in the world.

Body Piercing and Medical Issues

Body Piercing has become extremely popular in our world today. There is no one age group that is getting these piercing done it is everybody. So now that you are all pierced up and the unexpected comes, like a MRI, Pregnancy, or a Flight.

Spinning Wheel Rings from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Looking for the best quality Segment Rings?
You have landed at the right place. The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store now brings to you a vast range of high quality Segment Rings to choose from.

Spinning RingsWe are proud to unveil high quality Spinner Rings from our vast range of Segment Rings. These Spinner Rings are similar to Circle Rings except the fact that the insert replacing the standard bead spins freely in the case of Spinner Rings.