Longer Lengths and Bigger Balls

We have been working hard to try to keep up with the demand of our customers wants and needs. We are adding products on a regular basis so you never know what you may see. Just for instance everyone wanted larger gauges, longer lengths, larger diameters, and bigger balls. Now we can fill those demands in many different pieces and in many

Navel Piercings – Common and Easy

The Navel Piercing has become a modern way of life. You see them everywhere in magazines, on celebrities, and all over television. This is one of the most popular piercings around now for women even though some men have it as well. The theory behind the navel piercing is sex appeal especially with a long dangle piece like the ones in our 14k Gold line.

Ring Opening Pliers from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store presents a vast range of Tools and Tapers for your Body Jewelry products.

Ring Opening PliersYou might need Ring Opening Pliers often if you change your jewelry occasionally as these pliers can make things easier for you. Moreover, using these pliers will help in preserving the shape of your precious rings.

What is the big deal??

What is the big deal about getting your nose pierced. Many jobs discriminate this piercing so much just because it is visible. But it is so mainstream now it is about the same as an ear piercing

Peardrop Weight – A Unisex Piece from Body Jewelry from The Chain Gang

Now flaunt your attitude with style whether you are male or female!
Presenting Peardrop Weight – Just one of many of the unisex body jewelry weights from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store.

What is involved in a Lower Lip Piercing?

Have you ever thought about getting your lower lip pierced? Many people are getting this piercing done now. This is when you get the thin tissue right under your lip pierced.

This piercing is normally pierced in 14 Gauge and the length or diameter of the Jewelry is going to depend on the thickness of the tissue, and what type of jewelry you use. For instance, the Captive Bead Ring

Bullet Weight – Body accessories from The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store

Welcome to The Chain Gang Body Jewelry Store where we offer unsurpassed quality and a wide selection in body accessories all available in an affordable shopping range.

Bullet WeightGet ready to replace the beads in your Captive Bead Rings with Surgical Steel Bullet Weights. An old favorite, these Surgical Steel Bullet Weights are available in different sizes and are largely popular among the masses.

What is a Lorum?

A lorum is a male only body piercing only. It is a piercing that is located where the base of the penis meets the scrotum. Its name comes form a combination of two words low and frenum.